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  1. It would be a little funky, but it could be cool to have each corps commanded by a different player? Give the same progression tree and whatnot, but now you just command a corps, with a friend or two or three combining to create the full army. Some battles that limit you to a single corps would be weird though, that is true.
  2. I know its far off in the development cycle, and I'm not asking for it anytime soon, as I realize the singleplayer campaign is eating most of the dev time currently. That being said, have the devs said anything about their intent for a multiplayer system? Co-op campaigns or PvP or something along those lines? If this has been answered before, just let me know where please.
  3. Want to give props to the Dev team on Chickamauga! I really enjoy this sort of widespread battle, as it gives you lots of opportunities to flank or punch holes in the line at certain places. Keep up the good work
  4. Does anybody know how to move save files between computers? I would love this game to have a cloud save system, but in the meantime is there any work around? I have mostly been playing on my desktop, but I want to port the save files over to use on my desktop for a weekend. Thanks for the help!
  5. Great idea! I think they need to keep working to improve the day-to-day options available on these bigger battles.
  6. Agreed 100%. Devs, I know the community can be pushy. Hell, I've made a few pushy comments myself. But we would all rather see the game be more dynamic and in better shape, even if its a month later, rather than something shallow and buggy. Keep up the good work!
  7. Hey PITA, any tentative timeline on the next patch? I know you all probably don't want to release your dev schedule or anything, but I feel like a fiend over here, I need the next battles to get my fix!!
  8. Amen to both. I understand the need for a slider due to the mobile/tablet development goal, but they could definitely accomplish both. For example, just make the numbers above the slider a text box if you click on it. This way, it displays the number of troops if you are using the slider, or it allows more precise input when wanted. The officers thing is another piece that, as you mentioned, needs some tweaking.
  9. For the love of god, if I could just type in 2000 instead of adjusting a slider, I would save hours of my life. It cant be all that hard to add in, please just add this small QoL change. This game is amazing otherwise.
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