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  1. I just bought this game and am very lost already. Apparently there isn't a tutorial. I decided to start in the PvE server until I learn the game, but can't figure the game out. I have spent a couple hours watching Youtube videos and they don't seem to answer my question; how do I add items to my hold to deliver them? For instance, I started as the United States and am in Turtle Cay. I accepted a mission that has me deliver 476 Walnut Oil to Walter Cay. When I go to the warehouse it says deliveries can only be made in a Free Town. I am confused on this. If I picked up the mission in Turtle Cay shouldn't I get the supplies there? I scoured the map and can't find Free Town anywhere; not sure if that is even a place. I keep losing when I fight pirates so I was hoping to do missions to get stronger, but I can't even do those. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Amber
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