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  1. Captain Dug

    Ship Log Books

  2. Captain Dug

    Add rivers/lakes

    Adding rivers/lakes will add more scenery/ports and trade routes/possibly new trade items and shallow water ships. This would be similar to the port of Guataca but on a larger scale throughout large land masses.
  3. Captain Dug

    Grinding 2 long

    Make grinding easier pl0x devs pl0x it takes 2 much time to do anything to do pvps on pvps server. pls
  4. Captain Dug

    Server merge

    No because euro ping no bueno
  5. Captain Dug

    New computer questions

    Everything is stored on their servers so no.
  6. Captain Dug

    Combat mark income/admiralty costs

    PvP reward is already great because you can obtain ships with upgrades/whatever is in the hull PLUS combat marks.
  7. Captain Dug

    Make grinding EASIER

    Everything needs to be buffed
  8. Captain Dug

    Make grinding EASIER

    Drops from AI suck/nobody wants to spend days killing AI for combat marks just to build one ship that will eventually be sunk. Buff the drops and increase combat marks so people can actually start pvping or global will become pve 2 pretty soon.
  9. Captain Dug

    Perk reset

    Revert to old officer system.
  10. Captain Dug

    A complete fix to RVR

    ERROR - Developers ignored you
  11. A few people were wondering if paints would be added back in the new Unity V update and I have a few suggestions about obtaining paint. I say paint should be somewhat easy to obtain as it does not provide any benefit towards sailing. If it is not easy to obtain maybe certain perks could be added to different paints so players participate in some type of mini-game that gives out paint rewards otherwise players will not bother attending.
  12. Captain Dug

    Town Management (After Patch)

    I like this idea but whats the point of having the tax then?
  13. Captain Dug


    Keep them in the game