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  1. Stop pointing fingers! This thread is for constructive purposes - for the better enjoyment of everyone on the server. Please limit your comments to that objective. Let us discuss this idea of the "thunderdome" and see if we can work out some of the particulars to making it work.
  2. I loved the highlights of the Sydney harbor; great work on your Letter to the King!
  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the Tower and the harbor. Way to go on the anniversary and surviving a kids birthday! That is an accomplishment not to be overlooked. We all wait with bated breath for the next installment of a Letter to the King!
  4. Thank you for another good Letter to the King, Jeheil. That was a tough week to be a Brit. I have every confidence you will all bounce back. I did see some Dutch doing some PVP / screening near the Port Battle for Santa Marta this week. Edited for spelling.
  5. Yup that's what happened to me; I was there too.
  6. Can cannons be sent to the clan warehouse now?
  7. This was a good week for me. With the help of Sink or Swim, I leveled up to Chef d'Escadre and crafting level 50, and got a L'Ocean - all in the same week. If you're looking to join this active clan, ask for us in the nation chat. We will be ready to help you after the migration to the global server. Happy sailing, and have fun out there. -Gilbert Lafayette
  8. A little off topic, but indulge me.... The worst thing about the wipe for me will be losing the Bucentaure you (Sir Texas Sir) crafted with pirate refit and speed. That ship took me to the highest rank this week. Thank you for your good work!
  9. Wilfer, we're glad to have you aboard! Yesterday was a good day for me. With the help of Sink or Swim, I leveled up to Chef de Division, crafting level 35, and got a Bucentaure - all the same day. If you're looking to join this active clan, ask for us in the nation chat. Happy sailing, and have fun out there. -Gilbert Lafayette
  10. There definitely are some rounding errors in the last activity listing! I'll check later to see if the rank of the newest members has updated, but there are several standing members without this info too.
  11. It seems haphazard. It applies to several of the old hands as well as some of the new folk.
  12. When you are a member of a clan you can click on the clan button attached to the chat window. Does anyone know why some characters ranks are visible on the clan page that lists the members of a clan, and other character's levels are not?
  13. I got to meet 11 and 12 yesterday and they were fun to play with. If you like clans that have fun, think about SINK.
  14. A couple of ideas.... Problem: night flips. (also known as port battles fought during someone else's prime time.) Solution: 1) add incintives to play as a nation with a lower Active population. Maybe the incintives take the form of extra experience, gold, or even some new currency like valor points. Solution: 2) Allow players to maintain multiple characters of different nations on the same server. Solution: 3) Mercenaries. Allow players to be "hired" to fight for nations with low population or those fighting port battles at off peak times. (Perhaps the nation doing the hiring has to provide the ship or something?) Problem: low server population. Naval Action is an in depth game that is still in development! There is no manual - it takes time and research to play this game. We need more returning and new players. Proposed solution: Perhaps if we spent more of our time helping people learn to play, some of the current challenges we face would be alleviated. From my limited observation (200 ish hours in game) two thirds of the active players are among the highest levels of the game . I propose an in game option on the home screen or missions page that would allow players of any nationally to help players who request assistance. How disheartening is it for a new player to go to the open world in the beginner area, flounder around until you finally find a mission/ battle only to be sunk. It's a hard introduction to the game. Let's ask the game developers for a new, in game, mechanic to help new players learn the game and level up. Thank you to all the players who are working to improve a game we all love.
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