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  1. Playing a battle yesterday I went out of the battlezone, returned within the timeframe to the battlezone but the last remaining opponent (human) couldnt damage my inner structure anymore. I could strip his outer modules but couldnt damage the inner structure after that. Sent a report and hopefully my opponent did the same. Boarding was still possible. It were 2 humans opponents after returning from outside the battlezone, 1 I boarded with the other I tried the damage on the inner sturcture. Anybody else got this experience?
  2. Could be only me, but the circles are quite irritating (optic) if you sail a ship with the point of view close to the water during aiming. White top of the waves, white circles ... Maybe the circles could be a little more subtle. If its only me ingore it
  3. OlFson

    A complete fix to RVR

    Nope, for SRSLY I was leading battles for quite a while. But I still remember Rainbowdash etc .
  4. oh the good memories of BF FH 1942 , 24 hour around the clock organised battles (some 20 years ago ) to win some land on a risklike map (not included in the game).
  5. OlFson

    Combat mark income/admiralty costs

    Why? Wouldn't that reduce imaginary entrance barrier for PVP?
  6. Ok, interesting. I didn't start immediatly playing after the last whipe. The distribution of players 3/4 EU and 1/4 Global is interesting since I read a lot about the advantages of a global server here on the forum advertised before the split. What I still dont understand, and ppl already mentioned it in this thread, if you merge the servers the timespecific pop will be the same. So not a real change in the experience received regarding population. Except on the weekends.
  7. OlFson

    A complete fix to RVR

    That is my question, what if they never have a chance due to a large population mismatch?
  8. Reading all this I assume the pop on global dropped compared to the pop on EU after the wipe. My question: Why is one server loosing more players than the other?
  9. OlFson

    A complete fix to RVR

    Looks good, my only issue is that the tonnage war, even though we have a timeframe, might lead to attrition wars aka the bigger zerg wins.
  10. OlFson

    Hall of Infamy

    Yeah go PVE as most of the Global server have already done by the looks of it. If your sarcasm detectors are not working on this post please contact your vendor.
  11. OlFson

    So kann's nicht bleiben

  12. OlFson

    It's Time to Merge the Servers!!

    No merge.
  13. April, April? Sry wg. Troll, musste nur bei dem Datum schmunzeln. GL
  14. Guys, the problem is pretty easy to spot. We have only 1 Nation that appeals to the American based players the most. The US (guessing you can prove me wrong I would love the chart added with origin of player in context with nation they play for as Christendom already asked for) For the european you have a few nations to choose from. Can we think of any nation that was situated in the US prime time that would appeal as much to US (American) based players as the US? Cause nobody can blame ppl for playing for their "nation" we just need more alternatives for them to choose from. Instead of concentrating players of 1 timezone in 1 block. Im kind of twisted with the switching idea. Would be great, could result in an endless circle.