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  1. nice my favorite type ship where did you find the information on the masting or the interior? I want to do one in 1/24th scale for r/c but cant seem to find what the proper length was or info on interior or masting
  2. awesome ship would love to do an R/C of her at 1/24th scale but too bad the drawings dont show interior or any details abt the masts
  3. ok thanks sry taking so long to respond been working out of town a lot lately
  4. Preferably an East Indiaman but any HD will work as I am new to ships so it is hard for me to try and read the low quality plans and make sense of them
  5. that is some nice 3D work my problem is finding large clear drawings as I use solidworks and want to do a ship in solidworks full blown every little part and detail interior and exterior at full scale for something like a 32 gun frigate. so far I find drawings at like 1200 x whatever and they are too small I need something closer to 7-10k x whatever
  6. Guys I been following for a while and checking out some drawings but most seem small and lower quality which I know is usually because of forum needs. However I am wanting to do an east Indiaman in full scale with solidworks and was wondering if anyone has any HD good clear drawings of one. I had found an excellent set at large scale dimensions on the image 10000 but cant seem to find it after a major computer crash forcing me to get new system. So does anyone have a really nice set they could share with me to replace the ones I lost?
  7. I Know this is an older topic but does anyone have any better body plans of either of these ships
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