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  1. This is true but two of those parties had the following of today's Green party. So they were not of consequence.
  2. srgoens

    Using the road system

    You can click and drag your units down the road.
  3. srgoens

    So, I was wondering... What's next?

    Maybe some Fredrick the Great? Or maybe select battles of the Hundred Year War?
  4. srgoens


    I assume you are speaking of deployed Skirmisher units. Skirmisher units are used to slow down enemy advances. Covered brigade retreats. Provided scouting in the immediate vicinity of the brigade. Provided screening action to your Armies immediate flanks. They do not take as much damage as regular brigades do because of their nature in using terrian in their benefit. They Excel at flanking engaged enemy brigades. Do yourself a favor and look at the killed and dead stats of your Skirmisher unit. Specialized Skirmisher brigades are different. They must be micro managed but used in the same Manor for the most part. Also using a mass of deployed Skirmishers can stop enemy brigades from advancing especially when using cover.
  5. Hit the left flank but hold in the woods. When reinforcements arrive send them on the right flank up and on top of the hill. (Two or three Brigades.) Bring artillery in behind your right flank and hit them with cannister. They will break and cede the victory point.
  6. srgoens

    Accuracy of Gettysburg map

    ∆∆∆ This. As I was just there in September of 2016. It would not be an obstacle what so ever.
  7. So I have not spent a point on recon. Instead I've been pumping points into training and medical to try and build a veteran base. But I have noticed the stock of officers is completely void of any officers and I find I am forced with more than a handful of captains. This cuts into the effeciency of my units greatly. Are they related or is this something the patch has changed the dynamics?
  8. srgoens

    Tips for new players

    Sixty percent of my Corp are infantry. Twenty percent artillery. The rest is Cavalry. Only one in twenty is a Skirmisher brigade. Skirmisher brigades have too many drawbacks. I mainly use them as the tip on the spear for clearing the way for my infantry through woods. As also for flank holding with a Cavalry unit in close support. Cavalry and Skirmisher units hold my extreme flanks. Once my flanks are clear of the enemy I roll behind the enemy with the Cavalry striking enemy Artillery and enemy skirmishers at will from behind. The AI will divert its own Cavalry or infantry units to that threat. Then you simply over power the enemy Cavalry with greater numbers till all the enemy has left to respond with are infantry units. I should add that the only Cavalry unit I have are melee units. If your infantry brigade is in a melee with another enemy infantry unit charge your Cavalry unit in to turn the tide. Cavalry units are perfect for rolling up an enemy flank.
  9. srgoens

    Tips for new players

    Not confusing really. How many total brigades do you have in your Corp? Multiply that number by the unit type multiplier to find how many units should be of that type. So with the 12 brigades you end up with 7 infantry, 3 artillery and 2 Cavalry...No skirmishers.
  10. srgoens

    Tips for new players

    As far as determining how many Infantry brigades vs Artillery and Cavalry when making up your Army I have come up with a formula that I use. Wether it's 8, 12, or 15 brigades use this formula. Infantry = .6, Artillery= .2, Cavalry= .16, and Skirmisher= .04. This is your multiplier. So if you have let's say 12 brigades and your wondering how many Infantry just simply multiply by .6 for your answer of 7.2. Rounded down 7 brigades of infantry. The Cavalry and Skirmisher numbers can be skewed to your liking but I never go heavy with Skirmishers as I detach them when I need them usually. Have fun!
  11. srgoens


    I can relate to Waldo on this one. I get to the next day and deploy my forces and see 3 strong Confederate Cavalry on my right flank. I March my right flank out to pin them against the boarder of the map and march my 5 Cavalry Brigades in to finish them. Once I did the victory screen pops up!