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  1. Dear devs is it normal that more then 1 LOKI can be able to enter in battle against IA? I will be sunk, because 2 of 3 ships are LOKI. It should not possible that more then 1 be Loki, no more! Can you verify this? Player will level up shipknowledge against IA and not do PVP in this battles! IF PVP THEN OF REAL PLAYERS IN Open World, NOT IN LOKIS!
  2. Same here, receive email with key, but can not install the game.
  3. The russian faction doing exploit since the game is released, but no one dares to report them. Dear DEVS, stops immeadiately russians dictatorship. This game need a practicable and functioning diplomatic-alliance system, otherwise this game will die out.
  4. Stuck on loading screen again. So DEVS can we get a Gift as compensation, for not gaming?
  5. Steam or PC Restart don't Change anything. Can't loading game. Yesterday 1h waiting to get in game to Play. this more then frustrating. Please DEVS solve this problem quickly thx
  6. Stuck on loading screen again. Same like yesterday.
  7. Thanks for the nice battle (fight) and for your honorable offer to leave Campeche. Hope to see you in other battles. Respectfull Maverick
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