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  1. I play with my Hard campaign. 50K in my army Union outnumbered me this time but it played aggressively against my first corps who take many losses, but the counter-attack of my second corps totally annihilate them
  2. To win this battle witthout many losses, i put 3 good brigade + one sniper unit in the wood in the north, near the river. You can slaughter union cavalry when they arrive. After that, i lead one brigade in the north of the map to reache the forest who cut the map on a north-south axis. This place allow you to protect your counter-attack on the depot. 2 two others brigades stay in wood waiting for reinforcement. With my new troops, i go to the small wood near the farm to push the skirmisher unit. After i launch a massive counter-attack on the VP and when i retake it, i go back to avoid free kill from snipers. With this technique, i sustain +-2k-2k5 losses. I hope i will help you. But i'm agree with you, this battle is really not funny and very frustrating
  3. I have 39k man who enter in the battlefield. This is my battle plan.
  4. I played Gettysburg for the first time. The victory day one is very easy ( too easy?) I engage my best corps of vets ( 6 3* units) and a small corps of green units. I played on normal difficutlies without save How it's possible to not win in the first day?
  5. I have no merit. It's a perfect battle because i use save during this one. I hate to loose 300 men because i made a bad move in front of an ennemy artillery. I think my ratio would be 10-12k losses in a one-try battle
  6. This battle can be a great victory for CSA. But we need to attack slowly and be focus in surronding and destroying completely the first Corps you encounter during the flanking attack. Rushing the farm is unnecessary and very bloody for your army. You have to be methodical. I win 7k5 vs 55k in medium and 9k5 vs 44k in hard.
  7. Or only Spotsylvania and cold Harbor? Like Gaines's Mill et Mavern Hill as CSA
  8. I see that the battle of Cold Harbor will be implemented later, but Wilderness and Spotsylvania not. There is a reason for that? Playing at the Bloody Angle would be nice.
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