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    Everyone should be able to play on its own since he paid for this game (it's not a free to play kind of, remember?). The prices of the in-game items are insanely high and require a ton of grind to acquire. Also, you have to fix the ships' durability because it's no fun to try HOURS AND HOURS to buy or craft one and then lose it in a matter of minutes.
  2. My idea was about to add another gamemode seperately to the open world similar to what the game was like at Beta, because most of us are only interested in battle. What do I mean? Like when you enter the PVP2 server you will get to have two choises: campaign and battle. Campaign will be the open world as it is but battle will be the new system -no open world- and ranks but this won't be working by unlocking more crew space but by unlocking new SHIPS which you no more can lose! You won't can use those unlocked ships in the OW only in this seperate mode. Also you WILL(or will not) get some points which would be used in the campaign mode i.e. for money or exp but at just a little amount. I suggest to keep the same battle system without any perks or even upgrades for the raw strategy experience. Of course battles and duels will be removed from the campaign mode. The players will choose if they want a small or large battle and after that when a number of players is reached they will begin to vote quickly if they want an open sea battle or port battle(a random port will be chosen and the players will be given two minutes to plan their defence or attack). I recommend Trafalgar to remain the same(Including the time at which players can join). Moreover, players will join a lobby with criteria their ship's Battle Rating AND rank so it will be unlikely for newbies to face off a legend-troll and battles will be more interesting. I forgot to mention that levels will have a limit(the largest ship in game). I think this is a great idea for casual players to get back into the game, including me, and for battle-focused captains. Also this will solve the grind lots of guys are complaining for and it won't require the time of a full job.
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