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  1. Not a bug, you're simply beyond reproach
  2. Johnnies are way too soft. I've asked many times to decrease the veterancy gap. I'm sure it'll come to pass eventually.
  3. Seems about right for a quick day one victory before reinforcements arrive.
  4. In a side by side with Fays and Henrys it's no contest. Given their similar availability and price it's an easy choice. Henrys fire too slowly and Fayettevilles are deadly accurate. There truly aren't enough Spencers for me to make this comparison. I tend to play CSA lately.
  5. Continuous fire might be realistic but will alter tactics hugely. It's all about getting off your volley first.
  6. Agreed, I shouldn't be facing 500 James cannons at Chancellorsville. I think there were maybe 60 in the entire rebel arsenal, they were variable in their form, and were discontinued after a few years. This is me playing as CSA so the Union had all those James guns...so it's doubly odd. Napoleons should be more prevalent, those were the bread and butter. I mostly have parrots, amazingly I only have 1 full 10pdr ordnance battery by Gburg. I've destroyed every single enemy artillery battery and bought every single cannon from the armory before every grand battle, 650 is the max you ca
  7. I continuously rail on darth about this. AI weapons need to be diversified and the upper limit needs adjustment (otherwise you fight 6k scoped snipers at Rio Hill f.x.) WIP
  8. Strange that as a rifled cannon they are not rated by bore. Rating by weight is for smooth bores. I've heard all the arguments that 20pdrs weren't a very good cannon but they're still far too weak in this game, even worse than 6pdr field guns. They're okay if you have a three star battery, but there are better gun options. Being that we capture hundreds of these cannons they need a boost.
  9. Nope, still junk. Don't bother with 20 pdrs for now if avoidable. They're all I capture on hard mode as CSA too, exception is Chancellorsville where I captured lots of James.
  10. I'd suggest that the missions all end exactly 30 minutes after the timer runs out, that way you don't lose simply because a VP is being contested. Timers were adjusted in this patch. Let us know if you see any odd inconsistencies.
  11. It's a persistent bug, not sure why fixes aren't holding and the issue is intermittent. Thanks for reporting.
  12. Yes I think this is the most reasonable solution. At least Battle of Salem Church is an easy one.
  13. 39k men isn't a lot, most people will enter the battle with closer to 60-70k. I played with 100k men on hard as CSA. Your small army changes the battle tactically. It's easier to win if you play with a smaller army because the enemy scales accordingly and must hold the same amount of ground that the historically larger army had to hold. If you play the historical battle you'll see a day one victory is much easier than on campaign mode with a large force. I had iron brigade regiments of 1400 oppose me on campaign mode, but they were only 400 men strong in the historical battle.
  14. Maj Gen Reynolds died at Gburg, highest ranking officer of the war to die on either side. Basically died right at the start of battle as he sent reinforcements to Buford.
  15. I had four KIA @ Gburg as CSA on hard and I verrrry rarely lose officers. Doesn't help that the approach to seminary ridge is open ground.
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