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  1. Aetius, how is it that Lincoln wasn't even on the ballot in some southern states? I wouldn't rely on approval ratings data from 150 years ago. Gallup polls predicted a shattering Trump defeat and look where we are now...and that's with modern methods, the internet, etc. Polls are notoriously inaccurate.
  2. The first ten amendments are better known as the Bill of Rights, all were ratified in 1791. The 12th amendment had to do with presidential elections. The 13th amendment freed the slaves. The 11th amendment was about states rights, so you're on the right track.
  3. I was born on the west coast and stationed in the bible belt for three years. Let's just say I'm glad I'm in California. Andre, where do you hail from?
  4. Might I interject that Mercanto's post about Lee (albeit thoughtful and authored by himself) was copy & pasted. I'm 86ing ctrl+v for this thread.
  5. There were also abolitionist minded officers that fought for the south, such as Mr. Lee. To fight for your home state, or civil rights...tough choice.
  6. One: Nobody pays a bill if innovation allows slave labor to be replaced. Complacency and status quo are the culprits here. Bottom line is plantation owners didn't have much incentive to innovate. Two: Good question, since bipartisanship doesn't sound like their bag. Three: Machinery of some sort, which nobody bothered to R&D cuz they had so many slaves available. Four: Give them factory jobs, create service industries, start a foreign war and draft the poor. You pick.
  7. Such a fair and equitable solution...and you say the fireaters responded with a demand that slavery be made constitutional? That's just childish, but you see the same crap today. I wonder if this petulant response reflected the majority view of their constituents? Who are fireaters anyway? A clade?
  8. Here's one for you...why such political austerity from the north? Yes, slavery was abhorrent, but it was the lynch pin of the southern economy. Wouldn't it have made more sense to industrialize the south instead? It's analogous to having oil outlawed tomorrow and forcing us all to buy cold fusion. Nobody likes fossil fuels unless you're an oil barron, but we need a transition period. In that spirit, I've thought of the Gettysburg Address as less of a unifying speech for unionists, and more of a radicalizing motivator for the confederates. In other words, I wonder if it would've been feasi
  9. You have 8k three star veterans? Three star brigades aren't really worth the effort to maintain. I spread out the experience to make as many two star brigades as possible. It literally takes 10x as much experience to get to 3 stars vs 2 stars. .
  10. Putting your best men in the west woods is not a bad call at all. There's some variability in the way the AI attacks and your battle lines probably didn't look identical to mine. I've never exceeded 6k sniper kills, so you've got me there.
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