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  1. I agree. Of all the things we needed, ship paints werent at the top. While i do imagine it was fairly easy to add them to the game, it could have waited.
  2. Now that we have ship paints, maybe we could get "paint schemes" for our sails.
  3. I havent even tried using brace due to the fact it disables the crew. Currently the only time i see it being useful would be while running from a fight, such as in a trader, which if thats the case you dont stand much of a chance anyway.
  4. sadly i was never able to play POTBS, i went into the real navy a few months after it came out, and by the time i was able to try it the servers were dead. It seems the golden age of sails is a hard niche to properly reconstruct in a manner that is fun for everyone. I would like to see this game succeed, which is why i post things that stand out to me personally. I like to hear every side, whether i agree or not. With Sea of Thieves coming out this year, the need for additions that will bring in new players is needed, and fast.
  5. The bonuses wouldnt be about increasing firepower to make the ship a floating fortress, it would be about increasing the efficiency at which ones ship operates at sea. It also wouldnt take away from the need for a person to be skillful in sailing. If you want it to be all about the skill of the player than no ship should have any upgrades, regional bonuses, or quality ratings.
  6. The officer we can purchase and level up is, basically, the same dude for everyone albeit a different name. Maybe we could have different grades of officer (basic->exceptional) that comes with their own "built in perks". Lets say the officer is a cannon master. At the basic level, he has no built in perks, so he wouldnt have a classification. As you get better grade, reload speed (or dispersion) can increase similar to powder monkeys or pellews sights. With how hard it is to find exceptional, non-craftable upgrades, it would help mix things up. Firstly, it would give additional bonuses that
  7. It would be. Both players choose an amount to bet, or dont, then accept and winner takes all. That way there is the option to lose/win something, without it being an officer life or ship dura.
  8. How about adding an option to place a bet vs your opponent.
  9. Realistically speaking, every age of sail captain had their own way of doing things. Specifically the way their crew was trained, how often, and how hard. All the captain skills would do is be an "enhancement" to a single person play style, that will evolve as the player progresses through the ranks. Captains that saw a lot of combat may run reloading or rigging drills, just like a merchant trader would seek out new connections wherever they would conduct business. While i do understand that the game may be a bit unbalanced, the captains skills would not be easily maxed out. If a person chose
  10. My Fellow Sailors: A few ideas i have thought about, and talked about on global, have finally been written down. A few of these have been brewing for awhile, and a few came up while writing. Im sure most of these have been talked about, and may be in the forums. No, i didn't search the forum for these topics. No, i don't really care if there are other threads covering these. These are my thought, basically as they came to me, either through reading notes or remembering conversations. Lets help the devs bring out the potential of Naval Action.
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