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  1. LOL DICKWAD where's the gold ore MORON!
  2. Ok I missed the mines being wiped. But gold and silver ore are not mentioned. Why don't the devs simply tell us the plan? It is because some players with that knowlegde will be at an advantage? What not tell everyone what is going to happen? We are cannon fodder, PVP prey and testers in an Early Release Alpha game right? Well I WILL NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN PARTICIPATE IN AN EARLY RELEASE SCAM. Two years of early release! I am a professional software developer and the most difficult project I have ever worked on was a cash management system for POS - real time updates of terminals, 500K transactions per minute and it took 18 months. This game should be flying missions to Mars by now.
  3. I have seen nothing from the devs saying that gold and silver mines or ore will be removed. In fact, they were mentioning a new building; a mint. I'll bet it's not going to make coinage out of fir or oak logs. "It's not weird if you assume" they don't want to hand players resources for the mint either. Pity we are all left 'assuming' when they could just tell us what the plan is (presuming they know).
  4. Ho hum. I can keep harvesting Gold and Silver Ore I suppose. But will they be wiped out and my effort wasted and uncompensated - who knows? If the devs do they're not telling us.
  5. Once more an update takes too long. I have used all the materials I can, my docks are full. No point building more since there insufficient detail has been provided and it looks like making anything other than ships or upgrades is wasted effort but it is impossible to guess what to do - so do nothing. Just waiting now. Opening slots in ships. Not trading. not fighting. Just waiting. It's not worth playing since there is insufficient detail coming from the devs to plan any course of action and grinding slots is less interesting than doing the housework. Come on devs - the game is dead until the update.
  6. Your thinking is flawed. It's not a 'present'. Labor hours are just as much a constituent of components as any other materials. In fact by wiping them out the devs are removing a substantial part of the economy. The labor hours I put into my materials are ones that I paid for mostly so they represent in game gold at a minimum - and that gold equivalent is being withdrawn from the economy. Think about it.
  7. Admin, With computers and programming these days it is possible to do wonders. I expected the materials wipe to result in the reconversion of each item back into it's base materials and labor hours - AND LABOUR HOURS. This is not a difficult programming task. You can even work out in advance what quanitiy of the base material each type of item being wiped would be. Please remember that the materials you are wiping represent real world hours spent collecting them and in game labour hours spent creating them. Please do not sell us short with a 'quick fix', amateurish conversion, be the professionals we expect. On the other hand, I think this is a dumb change. The crafting added to the game for me. Making intermediate items is a way for new players to rank up their crafting without needing a shipyard or workshop. I have no faith you will pay more the the slightest attention to my suggestion. Probably instantly dismiss it, is my guess. And then I can expect the usual responses from your sycophants supporting this poor decision to reduce the game conent and make the game more one dimensional, as being a good thing. God help us. The complaint that crafting took to long, may have some merit. But there are smart ways to solve it. How about creating a 'Bellona Shop Order' - all the materials required to create a Bellona are listed just as they are now when you craft one. You present the 'shop order' to the warehouse and it fills it as best it can from the materials in the warehouse. If all the materials are available you have assembed the constituents of a Bellona in one click! If not, this then leaves the player to create only the missing materials. This suggestion would solve the 'too many clicks to craft' problem, keep the existing materials and provide new players with tasks - give them a 'shop order' for 30 furnishings. Good idea eh. Such a pity where this game is going... Wynkyn de Woerde
  8. Why do we not get patch notes when the patch is actually deployed?
  9. Wynkyn de Worde

    Sinking Ships Should List

    I would like to see One Eye replace Admin as the voice of the devs. He is a deep thinker who can see a positve future for this game.
  10. Thanks for the opportunity to take a month break from your game. Positive feedback is not a stable. I'll dump yet another bad review on you for yet another poor decison. Wake up to your astouding ignorance of what players want from this game. WAKE UP.
  11. But it is stupid to do it this way. We can all figure out exactly what quantities of which materials are required to build the Level 1, Level 2 plus Level 3 shipyard so surely it is simpler to give those materials in those quantities to us as redeemables. How on earth would you figure out the cash value? Labour Contracts required etc. A decision like this just makes the devs look either stupid or just plain nasty to players.
  12. We should be able to simply redeem a Level 3 Ship Yard. Costs won't do it. 2000 Iron Fittings plus the labour costs to make them plus time gathering the resources - won't work.
  13. Give us the details of how the redeemables will work. Will each ship be redeemable with its specific build, with each of its specific permanent upgrades, with each of its specific cannon deployments and with each explicit hold content? Will each comodity or resource be a specific redeemable for that resource or commodity in the exact same quantity? Moderated: I don't like the high ping time to EU and it makes me sad and angry.
  14. Wynkyn de Worde

    Im getting close to quitting this game.

    Perhaps you will be shown to be right. The devs better act quickly on the triple by-pass the game needs. But I think once players have moved on they won't be back and new ones can't play the present game. Sure not quite dead yet but I'd be asking the relatives if they'd discussed organ donation with the patient.
  15. Wynkyn de Worde

    Im getting close to quitting this game.

    Changes since the wipe have destroyed the game. The devs would need to back out all the changes since the wipe to get players back now and they won't do that. The hard core PvPers got what they wanted now they can tear each other to pieces until no one is left. Why would I play for hours just to be prey for better players? Such a shame. Navel noAction. RIP.