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  1. Hey guys. First off, I don't want this to turn in to an extremity measuring contest. Let me address straightaway that I have no doubt both of you guys would sink me when it comes to an even fight. I've read both posts and you guys have fair points, some of which I myself agree with. That said, both of you posted what could be considered confrontational messages on a clan page. A more appropriate route would be to either begin a different thread or contact SMS in-game. I want to be clear that this page was made to showcase SMS and it's goals, and it wasn't any of our intentions to try to aggravate you guys by stating our clan goals on this thread. If you don't like what you see, you don't have to stay on this page. No one here is trying begin an argument over in-game politics, and I would ask you to refrain from posting rants that don't concern SMS. There are other places you can do that where you can initiate a constructive dialog. Velhelm was not trying to draw you guys into a debate, but rather update SMS and people that are considering joining SMS on the clan goals, so they know beforehand what we intend to accomplish.