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  1. cairnsy44

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    Looking forward to this one as it becomes finalized! Thank you for working on it.
  2. cairnsy44

    Brock Road Union

    My most successful attempt at this one was when I swung the majority of my force on the Confederate left, attacking through the trees, overlapping a bit so I could flank/rear flank them. I had a sturdy force anchoring my left flank, pretty much to keep their attention and to prepare for any reinforcements and to protect the objective points. my right was the hammer and my left was the anvil.
  3. cairnsy44

    No historical battle of Wilderness planned?

    Assuming these were all before the added patches, since Brock Road is Wilderness and Mule Shoe is Spotsylvania and Fort Griffin is Early's raid.
  4. cairnsy44

    Legendary Union Campaign

    Perfect! Thank you!
  5. cairnsy44

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    I'm still hoping to have the double John Gibbons fixed. There are some other notable Union Generals they could use to replace one of them. (Kearny...cough cough....)
  6. cairnsy44

    Legendary Union Campaign

    Really enjoy the thread. I am not always able to view video and I like the description from the text and photo format. My attempt at MG level stalls when I get to the Shiloh campaign. I am constantly massively outnumbered and cannot compete, even though what small force I have fights well. I whittle away a huge chunk of their forces, but am left with nothing to achieve the win. The most I can muster are 2 divisions in 2 corps of 4 brigades. So River Crossing, I only have the 8 brigades and while my tactic was on the same line as yours, I just didn't have enough men to do the job. I can get a draw at best there. And Shiloh? Ha....it's like a Rebel tsunami. They all have 2900 men in their 2 and 3 star brigades. I have 4 with 1500 if I am lucky.
  7. cairnsy44

    Unit Naming

    I try to give the brigades names from history: Irish Brigade, Vermont Brigade, Orphan Brigade, etc. But I also tend to go with College Sports names as I get further along: Michigan Wolverines, Kansas Jayhawks, Virginia Cavaliers....
  8. cairnsy44

    Double A. P. Hill

    This happens on the Union side with John Gibbon as well. You have him early and then, after Antietam, you get him with the Iron Brigade.
  9. cairnsy44

    Double Gibbons? Bug.

    First, thank you for making a great game. Absolutely love playing it. The main reason I am emailing you is to ask if you could fix a bug that appears in Union Campaign mode. One of the early generals you can purchase through political points is John Gibbon. Then you get another John gibbon when you are awarded the Iron Brigade. It’s just a little annoying having two General John Gibbons running around! Somewhat confusing too. Any chance you could change the first one? Early war, a good one to replace him with would be Philip Kearny. I have never seen him in the game and until his untimely demise at Chantilly, he was one of the best Union Corps commanders. I feel he should really be in the game anyway! This would be the perfect solution!