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  1. Hi just been resuming my Union campaign and fought Chancellorsville, got a victory screen saying i won the battle but didn't take me to camp screen, just straight into another battle with Sickles attacking Salem Church, is this right, i must admit, Chancellorsville is one of those battles i am not as familiar with as i should be lol.....also now a little disclaimer here, my machine is old, a HP 2009, with dual core processor, but during Jacksons flank attack the lag was quite bad, not bad enough to negate me playing but, really had probs moving some units to begin with not clicking on units pr
  2. Hi just wanted to say don't necessarily rule out re-bored farmers yes their stats aren't great but they can be very effective if used in the right situation.....for example equiping a 2 chevron unit with them...and then in battle using them to flank that extra damage right up close on the flank can rip enemy brigades twice their size to shreds you don't need many just a couple used when the situation is right...and watch the carnage lol
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