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  1. Wyy

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    @Grundgemunkey imo you should have an anchor option in OW, if you anchored down like x m from coast (could be increased if depending on the ship and the amount of time it takes) you would start to repair x% repair each ingame hour or simply follow the 10 minutes mark, this would simulate carpenters chopping down trees and repairing hull and rigging. To balance it so people wouldnt be able to quick repair with start and stopping it would take 20 seconds to lower/pull up anchor, enough time to escape if an enemy is seen at the horizon.
  2. @admin the problem is we cant really test it properly without economy and resource wipe because when people sits with mountains of resources and infinite amount of reals they dont care about the cost of stuff, you can see in LT shop people are setting up buy contracts for 50k + for only modules, allthough really good one they still dont sell, because other players know that 1. the module is insane and a one of a kind and 2. they know people have more to offer. This would also escalate to the insurance for the ship, people dont care about the ships themselves, but its the goddamn expensive mods on the ships You can test the new economy mechanics all you want, but it wont be a "realistic" test before you do the resource wipe or maybe
  3. seriously.. we engage and fire at each other for a long time and when we see more of you guys are joining in so it turns into a gank BF dont want to participate in this and decides to disengage, whats your problem about this? Are you mad that BF didnt help you out with a gank?
  4. abit ot, but I would love this to be towards all ships so a player is shown as "indefatigable" instead of "enemy player"
  5. yes, a lo/wo floating battery and all negative to speed mods with full hold would outrun a fir fir very fast full speed requin with 10 sail reps downwind any day 100 days a week
  6. what build, upgrades and ship knowledge's did you test with? Also if just the trinc cant get turned into wind by the requin, the requin can still kill the trinc by side hugging and since the trinc cannons are so far above the waterline it wouldnt be able to shoot down at the requin
  7. ^ this, and to add to that the renommé that tagged banished screened us into battle with the intention to have us unavailabe to help our friend in a british gank. Thats the reason we left the 17vs18 battle at first after half the british fleet had left, so we didnt want to make that battle more uneven in the first place..
  8. imo they should remove LH and instead have crafting time, e.g. 1 week for a 1st rate, 4 days for a 2nd rate and 1 day for a third rate, 4th would take x hours and 5th and down would be instant. Limit use of alts, make them rarer and "expensive" to loose. The labour contracts could be used as extra "labour force" like it is today, but the crafting time would be reduced by x hours
  9. Wyy

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    not really what I ment. What i ment is for example if they add shallows graphics and physics more then there is today fleets would rather sail shallower ships then for instance a l'ocean which would get stuck and wouldnt be able to get that close to the objective. See the "Battle of Copenhagen" where you see the ships with deeper drafts sit abit further out. Yes the picture is for ants, but the heavier lineships of the british fleet is further away to avoid the shallows close to the Copenhagen port
  10. Wyy

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    could you for example increase the shallow area in the port battle instance different places, so for instance a snow or niagara can sail and fight at an important area but a surprise or renomme would get stuck?
  11. Wyy

    We want outlaw battles!

    Remove friendly fire aswell then if your reason to remove outlaw battles was because people could sink each other Also you need to make up your mind, you’re now saying all nations are hardcore but you added russia, poland and prussia because you needed hardcore nation. Whats the deal really?
  12. Wyy

    We want outlaw battles!

    But they can do that today as well, tag an ai and sink each other, also if people want to gank players making it an outlaw battle they could just spawn atop of them and chain them.. if you actually make pirates hardcore faction with outlaw mechanic it wont be disney pirates like you want it and i would believe players would come back.
  13. Wyy

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    carronades vs crewspace, what would win, pick one..
  14. Wyy

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    no problem if you have 2+ monitors, 1 for series and 1 for naval action
  15. people rather use 1st and 2nd rates in pbs because of thickness meta, so there is no point going with 3x 3rd rates with 32 and 18pd for 900br then 2x bucentaures for 920 br where you have 42 and 24pd guns