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  1. what will happen to fleet composition? new BR Balance? because as i see it now there is no more reasons to bring 3rd rate and 4th rate to a 20k pb. I think you either have to increase the br on the 1st and 2nd rates so they are the Aircraft Carriers of the age of sails as they should be or increase the HP on the lower tiered sols to be right underneath the 1st and 2nd rate in terms of HP wise. You could compensate with increasing the damage of the 42pd and 36pd cannons
  2. I can comprehend getting ganked all the time, i understand people sail in squadrons, my personal problem with your mechanic is the time warped keep players in battle leave and then gank, where people are encouraged to do this because there are no mechanics against it (meaning the invis timer and speed boost is doesent really help that much)
  3. @admin will it be the standard square fort and round tower to start with we can build? and do you have plans for other shore battery models?
  4. im abit on both sides here, the clan that owns the port actually has to make sure the port is defended and probably has to pay expensive timers to prevent nightflips so in that case im in favor that the clan should be able to have some kind of port management. For a solo player maybe it would be an option if the clan could approve players by name to be able to borrow these artistans to craft ships having some sort of agreement, and if something happens its nothing worse then removing that player from the list.
  5. its sadly to prevent alt exploits, but if you're a solo player what kind of RvR are you going to do anyway? Its like in wow you cant expect to beat the last boss on the hardest difficulity solo and expect it to get nerfed because you want to accomplish it
  6. maybe we should have OW ranks for players, higher ranked player killed yields more combat marks, and maybe balance cost on certain rewards
  7. some kind of enter fort while a port battle is on or something. Imo the forts should be much stronger hp wise and either have mortars to counter mortar brigs. sorry for going abit OT, but it would balance out perfectly if the flag system came back with a bit of rework, making like 10 people being able to defend a port from 25 players or something if the enemy fleet manage to enter the port area unnoticed and defending clan unable to respond quick enough
  8. the cherubim frigate would be perfect dlc, its a standard frigate which is neither the best nor the worst
  9. effects on this could be that people that have a good reputation cant see what a bad reputation player writes in global, nation or all chat in combat.
  10. Hello? @admin
  11. @admin THANK YOU! Now i dont have any problems if you add DLC ships, if they are available to get somehow ingame without spending real currency its good and it doesent really matter that they have the option to choose from whatever woods you want my only concern is L'ocean and Victory without permit? How are you planning to play around the first rate spam? people would save their woods to craft a 1st rate instead of a 3rd rate or bucentaure
  12. No it doesent fit a war server! It fits a server with 300 people online where a player can reinforce a battle which realistically would be days away, considering also that it wasnt direct communication over distance in the era of Age of Sail it makes it highly unrealistic. I could stay behind a join timer longer for the side that owns the port in the vicinity of the battle because that would make sense, ships would actually sail out and help because firstly they would see the engagement from a far and they would probably have ships available.
  13. i saw what dron wrote, i dont support it, but its like nothing matters in the game because you can report whatever you like but in the end only a warning or chat ban will be applied. Holding people in battle just to gank with 10x more ships later is exploiting an obvious flaw in the game, it can be solved and solutions has been promoted many times, but i guess the devs are busy doing other things atm instead of fixing broken mechanics
  14. you mean the just enough to bait outside of LT and jump in at 2:59 timer? ahh yeah that one, really balanced besides if you sail in a group, stick closer then and it wouldnt make sense to be on the edge of cuba reaching a battle over at hispaniola in time The reason you didnt find more battles or players with 2 min timer is because of the player population, imagine 400 players sailing around in only Bahamas, there would be plenty. The map is mad for 2k players and if we had that the 2 min timer would be perfect. I've been on both sides of the 20 min timer, its annoying because you cant really tell if a player will show up or not 19 mins into your battle, its like they have hyper jumped from one place to another to reinforce. Allthough having 20 min join timer inside a certain range from a county capital or something and 2 min join timer elsewhere would be interesting.
  15. there is a reason people use exploits and flaws in the game its because they know they can do it without penalty, a player hoped me and my whole familiy will die of cancer, i reported it nothing happened. No wonder the community is so toxic
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