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  1. Wyy

    Your first hour in NA

    Dont remember my first hour, but i remember my first PvP. >Started in GB, ensign rank, bought a navy brig (Yes undercrewed), sailed out and got attacked by two players after a while, tried to run away, got sunk and they told me i shouldnt sail undercrewed ships
  2. Wyy

    too many nations?

    quite hard to move it to a more general world location though, because the last time i heard it the earth was round
  3. funny how everything in the game will eventually be a DLC instead of a reward. IMO the flag dlc should never have been implemented and should have been used as a reward for actually doing something in the game.
  4. well if i have 50 days played time in WoW during their best years 2005-2010 on 1 character it doesent mean i would recommend it how the game is today
  5. Wyy

    too many nations?

    maybe let the player have a chance to join any clan from any nation asswell? flagged as neutral player or something and be able to try out RVR in either frigates for bigger battles, mortar brig or shallow ships
  6. Wyy

    too many nations?

    i know exactly what would happen if you removed the disney pirates and added the actual hardcore pirate faction
  7. i feel if they link up sail hp to mast hp that would simulate rigging ropes tearing which would destabilize the masts if not fixed urgently
  8. any plans on adding dynamic aim when the ship is affected by waves in the middle of a broadside?
  9. i tried, i dont consider myselft an elite pvp player, but i pvp for the most of the time, but the same player did the same mistake for 1 hour while i was still telling him what he should do instead so i gave up
  10. cannons were actually not that inaccurate as you would believe on a stable platform and a static target that is, the problem is when the ship is moving the heel and waves has nothing to do where the cannonballs go. Example: you start rolling frontfire, a wave hits the ships which makes it heel abit more, the aim at the end of the broadside isnt affected. Same if a broadside is started, the ships that fires crashes into an other ship, the aim section is still the same but in real life the cannons would aim all over the place because of the sudden stop
  11. what is the problem with the 2 min join timer? i think its great that players cant sit in docks and undock when one of their friends are baiting others into battle.
  12. Wyy

    Account Wipe

    although it only occured to the ones that let the government know that they survived the storm.. Salute to all the ones that didnt make it o7
  13. The Corn regrows after some time. ohh wait..
  14. @admin fix the griefing by adding longer invis timer for the target side, add 60 seconds attack cooldown for anyone that leaves and if the target side wants to the player can turn of the invis timer the same way you can turn of control
  15. So your solution doesent fix it, the problem is still that the player is static in OW for 10 mins while his friends is catching up and this is the thing thats needs to be fixed. If you escape, you escape
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