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  1. Because this in general wont feel doing stuff rewarding, it become a requirement, and when something becomes a requirement to do something it becomes a grind, not a reward, but a grind and this is the trap that we're in. If you dont have the best best admirality books for rvr you stand theoretically small Chance of succes, if you dont have a lo|wo 1st rate with good port bonuses you wont win a port battle. This is the trap we're in were again the rewards we get are requirement for further events which pushes players out of the game and it becomes stale, which then escalates to a declining player base and eventually a dead game
  2. @admin Please if adding asian nations to the game to try balance it out will solve stuff, why arent the majority of spanish speaking players playing for Spain, the german speaking players playing for prussia, and the polish speaking players playing for poland? Adding asian nations wont change anything, just more waste of time for you devs to try to figure this shithousery out. You need to sort out some kind of alliance mechanic between nations so we can DIRECTLY help each other in big fleet engagements or rvr for each other. And for the love of god dont come with the BS about going to peace server if you dont want to fight everyone because I do, and you have a faction ingame that was made for that purposes and you goddamn know which one I mean by that
  3. Its ok if you want the nations in the game, make some kind of alliance system between them. But seriously though the problem is that people choose to switxh nations for the ones winning instead of fighting back, just because there are no true alliance system
  4. The teleport seem to happen just when Potemkin joins the battle
  5. This would actually solve alot of tribunals instead of the tribunal threads the players are dealt with ingame and flagged as pirate. Also to get back to to the nation you came from if you dont have the forger papers so you can get a "new" identification maybe you can do ingame stuff for that nation to get a royal pardon by the king so you can sail under their flag again.
  6. the port bonuses however how unbalanced they are because of other woods is ok if they stay, maybe you should only be able to specialize within one route. But i think some kind of alliance system would be much more succesful
  7. they say it is, but its far from historical based
  8. its griefing yes, but havent been through this several times? dont hate the player, hate the game(devs)
  9. tbh i wouldnt advice to stack more then 100 cannons in one pile, because it may cause structural damage to your warehouse maybe thats the reason?
  10. he obviously know how the roe works, he just wants to learn how to pvp, and get better at the game
  11. you might have sailed away at his best point of sail compared to yours, also the snow is a though ship to beat in general if that person know how to play
  12. @Dread2005 It seems like a player in a Snow joined? First off. The players ai are useless, they will always sail downwind and get into strange positions, also they dont repair their ships so its REALLY easy to disable them (rigging etc). My best advice is to reflect on the battle, try to understand which decisions were fatal for the battle and what your opponent did to trick you. Also capture alot of ai ships and dont be afraid to lose it
  13. You cant rely on that ink is gonna administrate so much tribunals towards toxic gameplay, it can only be done by adding ingame mechanics that wont allow it. the stealing loot mechanic which has been a problem since you got the loot when the battle was over is a great example on what happens. It could be solved by giving loot at the end of the battle which we had, or that the player that is alive with the highest % damage gets a loot option no matter where he is. Unrealistic - yes, good for the game - probably yes, disarms possibility of loot griefing - yes. Combat RoE, RvR etc. This game needs some kind of alliance system, where a fleet of polish, french and swedish players can alliance up and cooperate to take out a bigger nation, or even do group missions together. The historical and logical solution for those that dont want those boundaries would be to turn pirate, which imo SHOULD be an outlaw nation where a pirate actually can do pirate stuff. Even in disney pirate movies pirates attacked other pirates so why not in this game. The R zone that was the reason outlaw battles got removed are now gone, so why not re add them. I would think this would be really good for the game, because as a pirate you should never be safe. This would also make it able to solve internal conflicts with other players IF it becomes a problem Just my honest on the topic about fair behavior and toxic players
  14. the best would be to have polls on the login page, have a rating after a battle or something or mission "How much did you enjoy the battle" "Rate this battle from 1-5 stars" . This would include everyone, not only the guys hanging around on the forums, but everything from a vet that played 5k hours to a new players with 5 hours played. But this has also been suggested several times.
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