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  1. when you can achieve everything in a mmo during 1 week of playing there is a problem
  2. this is the most up to date one, https://naction.info/index.php/Overview#Naval_Action
  3. true, looking back at it GL would earn much more if they took 10$ or something for each nation transfer, and it would be much more healthier for the game
  4. do you think its more fun having everything handed to you for no reason?
  5. you mean this? i would also prefer that a blueprint might drop considering what ship you're crafting
  6. i agree with this, i thought the no dura would make the game better, but when i've now played it i must agree, multiple durability was good for the player population. Now you have like a ship for a few thousand reals and upgrades worth many millions on them
  7. Poland: Pro; low population, makes you able to attack more people. Con; low population, makes it impossible to do rvr
  8. the aiming sector of the cannons are to big and the horizontal aim of the cannons are moving way to fast imo, this makes it really easy to last second choose where to fire instead of having to turn the ship in the right direction where the cannons are aiming. Imagine if the cannons were locked 90* off the side and the only thing you could do was aiming up and down, you could aim left/right while reloading (simulating pushing cannon forward) aswell as changing between locked/unlocked/100m/250m only when the cannon was loading and when loaded could only fire, aim up/down and choose between bow/stern to stern/bow, random. This would get things more interesting
  9. i think it would be perfect if you have the map as a big "whiteboard" where you have the logbooks, compass, logs of trade goods etc which you could open, it would bring more life to only the map and would imo feel much better
  10. you cant rely on players playing fair, because us humans are all alike, we want the best for ourselves, and want good entertainment for ourselves. Therefore players that know about game flaws would use them to full extent and use every possible way to gain an upper hand. I agree reduced BR on ports will improve the RvR, BUT what happens when the offensive pb fleet will only get screened out by 1st rates? im willing to test it, because it worked for 6 months before they went nuts again on the BR. Im in fair belief that the only chance to balance it is to limit the amout of permits available for the biggest ships on the server, and not giving the players any choice.
  11. the problem with all of this is screening, the 1st rates thats not in the PB will screen out the offensive pb fleet.. Only way i see it is making 1st and 2nd rates permits harder to obtain, meaning dynamically drop rate depending on how many of those two rates are afloat on the server.
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