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  1. i thought it was Ingame Days as you could see your days at sea, would be cool to remake them to that even if you extend the delivery due abit, would make that small but cool detail relevant aswell
  2. but before you could see fleets of 4 indiamans with escorts carrying thousands of goods for huge profit to a port, now you see only small traders doing the same thing because there is a limit of how many missions you can take (not bad, but maybe the cargo weighs to low?) and they are much more profitable then doing trade runs with goods. I remember the times when i played in GB and we did Seville Musket bombs to generate millions of gold in 1 day
  3. Wyy

    AI Angles

    just like an AI in ALL games they are predictable, its the same in Naval Action, you need to learn when the AI turns, why it tacks, when it will fire broadside at bad angle etc. Bosses in Dark Souls do the same, they do the same mechanics followed by an other mechanic depending what you do on your own
  4. not if you slap that spanish rig on the herc though
  5. imo the carronades do still do way to much HP damage and should be the go to armament for kiling crew, what we usually see now are fully decked up carro frigates because we all know since the battles are mostly close quarters there are no reason to carry other stuff then carros, because on a further range, you wont pen with longs and you can still initial D most shots by turning while a broadside is incoming. Also have you considered adding swivel guns as secondary armament? i can personally test it on the testbed, this would make the swivel guns feel more natural as there was no commander that ordered full broadside on those since they were single handly manned and could shoot at much higher arcs, just like the AI does today this would also make the pandora better considering the amount of swivel guns it has dunno if its bug actually, think it only adjust so if you aim 500 m with longs the caronades adjust to land at the same spot, my experience atleast
  6. i disagree with these two, i see ai ships all the time, its just if you kill all the ai in the area new ai has to sail from one port and pass your way. for your second one i've got 3 sealed bottles in 4 days
  7. my thought is that the old crafting should still have a place where you have to collect all the ship parts and assemble it, but maybe you should also be able to obtain the raw resources then click craft ship so you skip the inbetween part if you have all the needed raw resources
  8. When you launch the prototype into the navy
  9. It is actually true though, its a mmo game where you're supposed to interact with more players, if you dont want to craft ships you can always kill epic npc and get ship notes. Allthough i dont craft myself i still believe the old crafting system was better where you had to collect ship parts instead of raw materials
  10. - The uss frigates hp are imo based on wrong therms, lineships were built in a way to be much more able to fight line battles, uss frigates has the thickness to play around which i think is fair, but should be in no way have more hp then the 4th rate sols. Also the 4th rate sols have really low hp, their fighting capabilities should suffer in armament not as much in the HP itself. - being able to create up to 10 clan ranks and name them to whatever you want. - group assist and if the leader leaves the group the, group leader is handed over to another random group member
  11. Muskets and swivel guns as secondary armament as in wows.
  12. fix the 160 degrees firing arch on the Ai cannons
  13. Cosmetic rewards for pvp/rvr/pve leaderboard, timed reward. Outlaw mechanic back ( you removed R zone), actual hardcore pirate nation, attack friendly = become pirate etc
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