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  1. For example, Stone Rivers would provide a great pvp experience and create numerous out comes that could be over came in co-op or even pvp. Co-Op even for the same example would be even more thrilling, two general attempting to capture Nashville. How does that not sound fun? Also, can develop new strategies that would require both of you to work together. Again, another area of play to develop strategies. Things are always more fun with friends.
  2. Own both. Played the original. I think the game has more potential given the growth of sphere to have a better pvp experience. Also, all the maps were centralized on Gettysburg, while here you have many. That is a key difference.
  3. Played pvp forever and like the fast pace of it. It would be fun playing the battle of Gettysburg with your friend in Co-op or fight it against real people trying to accomplish the same objectives.
  4. Had the game for a while and been playing since beta early buy in. I was hoping by this point news of either pvp or co-op for the game. I have a lot of friends that would pick up the game if it had a way we all good join together to play the game. Check the updates and wondering what the status of the game would be or what they are working on next. Thanks.
  5. I use 1250 because I have found the small brigades fit into cover better and take less damage over-all. Also it conserves resources for later in the campaign, generally they are also vet 2 or 3 squads. I have also found, this may be how I use my skirms, to run around the rear picking off artillery groups so the extra men to allow them to stay in the field longer doing the most damage is optimal. Also if Calv try to get on them they can normally fight them off and have enough men left over to shoot them in back while they run away. Just to name a few circumstances. That might wor
  6. My normal Corps are general made up of 2 500man Skirms w/scoped Whits, 2 Calv, 4 artillery and the rest 1250 inf brigades with 4 jumbos 1800 or more men as reserves. Also playing on hard mode, the one before legendary.
  7. I came back to the game after some updates happened... Gettysburg after the updates does not work like it did. Use to it give some extra time if you were about to win on day 1 and now it is almost impossible. Course day 2 and 3 are a blood bath and are lucky if you dont lose your entire army in short order. So if anyone can give me a guide on how to win on day 1 on Gettysberg it would be great, if not then in the long term it will be difficult to have the forces needed to win Washington later down the road. So thanks in advance. What I have been doing or tried rather. Using 3 brigades an
  8. Things that must be improved on in my opinion: I) The new smaller battles and the Washington Campaign need some serious adjustments in numbers and how fortifications work. I-A) Fortifications need a massive re-think, because the absurdity, namely when you have 10-24 gun artillery pieces shooting ONE brigade behind a emplacement and does not move for 2.15 game minutes is beyond balance. I-B) Continuing with the emplacements, to charge one unit with five of your own brigades that equate to 10x of that number is a issue. And push 10,000 men with 2,000... sense makes none. II)
  9. Been busy and have not had time the last several days to be on the forum. But that said, yes calv lived much longer than infantry, but it not because they did not see action or were not targeted. They were mainly a recon, skirmish, or run down routing units. Those roles are typical regardless of the combat setting would sustain less causalities. Also as for frontal charges of any kind were a poor investment, this era in my view is essentially a pre-lude to world war I, this is more prevalent from 1864 on. Especially if one analyzes the Wilderness Campaign and the only time Grant has ever
  10. Ok the only clause in the entire part of that article that needs to be addressed that would give Lincoln that kind of power to over-rule constitutional rights. " [congress]To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof. " But the power lays in congress which is the law making body of government, and the point of what makes all of this controversial is the Lincoln's view " I see the South in rebellion of its nati
  11. That why I was quick to say that the original post that was not entirely accurate, when I teach my classrooms I make a clear distinction between mythos, history, and facts. The reason for that facts tell you when and where and the basic essentials, the history of of people involved, notable things that happened (that are not biased), etc. Then the mythos which is not factual but gives flavor towards the passions on each side, the passions are what excite the imagination and gets people to dig into history.
  12. Not constitutional rights it does not, that is why the view that Lincoln held is problematic he viewed the South as being still citizens of the United States just in rebellion. Also Article 1 section 8 deals with the powers of Congress not the executive. Since you keep bringing that up.
  13. It was not a point to disprove but for you to turn what is being said into more consideration remarks other than full on trying to win points. You taling in a way and writting in a way to be precieved as superior, i was stating it as purely advisor and the history of the war is not clear cut in so many ways. But yes I do have a doctorate in Military History, my specialty is Prussian Military History 1314 to 1945. The sign of is my initial.
  14. It is not within the presidential powers to detain people without due process, presidential powers are to enforce the law which was not a law at the time or even close that would allow the detainment of citizens without due process. This is very apparent in Maryland in 1860,61,62. What I mean is what I said, Lincoln can be litterally anything you want him to be, hence he is controversial and shrouded by mystery. Because a lot of his intentions are not very clear and a lot of it is Post-Hoc. I would not say he was transparent, but that that a discussion for another time. Militarily that can be
  15. Not really a Social Order but more of aristocracy in South is more precise. You can still find this practice in many parts of Kentucky, East Tennessee, and Arkansas territories. Also was a series of attempts not once. Not a disappointment to me, it was based off what I have read.
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