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    I also totally agree with Bearwall. In real life, crafting parts would increase knowledge of how to make the whole - and so it should generate some xp, although at a lower rate than crafting ships. I also think that Labor Contracts need to be rethought. LCs are a vital mechanism for non-crafters to trade their labour hours to crafters and so reduce the cost of player produced items. If LCs are scarce then prices of ships, etc will inevitably rise as crafters exhaust their own hours and look to buy them. It does not make much sense that LCs can only be crafted from labour hours using a special building in a very few number of ports. I know that LCs can be made via the Admiralty using Conquest Marks (20 CMs each!), but perhaps this should be changed to just 500 labour hours and a small fee (say 5k)?
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    GUIDANCE ON GUIDANCE 2 My attention was drawn to Captain Collister's Escapomatrix by my clan mate Michael Corvinus. Very helpful if you find yourself in a situation where discretion is the better part of valour (and cowardice the better part of discretion) - and need to bravely run away https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651042782
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    GUIDANCE ON GUIDANCE For the benefit of XCLAN members and any other lost souls who may stumble upon this page, here is a run down on the guidance I am currently using. My choice of what to list reflects my current bias towards crafting - and trading to pay for the crafting. If that is completely not your thing, read no further. I make no apology for myself or for the authors of this guidance if some of it is contradictory, inaccurate or out of date. I am sure that each author did their very best to avoid such mistakes at the time they wrote their guidance. Given the tweaks and changes constantly occurring in an early access game, it would be unfair to expect more. Naval Action Bonuses Bobzillah https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yUt-xLxp5xAI72SBFZsFFF1cq_vHGHAF3geG3dU3Xpo/edit?pli=1#gid=0 This seems to me the best available explanation of how the regional build bonuses affect ships built in those regions - also what the different wood types do. Edit: Since Bobzillah last updated his spreadsheet, most regional bonuses have been nerfed - the one notable exception being Pirate Refit. The following seems to best reflect the current position:- Crafting - Naval Action Wiki http://www.navalactionwiki.com/index.php?title=Crafting#Wood_Types I use this for its explanation of what the different build trims do. I feel that Bobzillah is more accurate for the rest. The Naval Action Wiki is also a mine of very useful but sometimes slightly out of date information on ships, weapons, upgrade modules, ranks, etc., etc. Naval Action Craft - Shop Prices http://www.navalactioncraft.com/shop-price Very useful for finding rare and sought after resources in the shops before others buy them up. Unlike the in game Traders' Tool, it tells you the quantity of each item to be found. Like the Traders' Tool, it only updates once a day, after maintenance (about 9am GMT). It usually pays to go to a port which had a large quantity in the shop as there is a better chance there may be some left by the time you get there. Naval Action Craft - Harbor Map http://www.navalactioncraft.com/map I often find this map more useful than the in game Traders' Tool for discovering which ports can produce which resources. Just left click on a port to find out. It also shows the location of the hidden Pirate island - beware! Naval Action Craft - Craft Ship http://www.navalactioncraft.com/craft-ship/lynx This tells you in detail the shopping list of resources you need to acquire in order to build the various ships. Beware, however - it does not include the resources or materials needed for the various trims, the quantities of which increase with the quality of the build. Want Exceptional Stiffness sir? No, it is not Viagra that you need but a forest full of Compass Wood!
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    No offence was meant. But it's been XCLAN since 2002. You are X clan, a whole different thing entirely. Besides you are a different nation - so there won't be any confusion.
  5. XCLAN - BEWARE ALL IMITATIONS! At the express command of Big X himself, I am proud to announce the formation of XCLAN, a new British clan on PvP1 EU. While new to Naval Action, we are not new to online gaming. Apparently we have been kicking asses, dromedaries, and even some bottoms since 2002. We also "take names all the way" (Big X - what does that even mean mate?), presumably whenever the mood takes us. We are not to be confused with clan "X" (who they?) or a moderately popular US hip hop band who stole our name before we had even thought of it (see you in court, wise guys!). XCLAN intends to operate on two levels. Firstly, and most importantly, we hope to attract new and returning players of all play styles, be they fighters, traders, crafters, or even general faff around merchants like me who cannot make up their mind what they want to do. We will offer advice on understanding the game mechanics, levelling up quickly, and basically enjoying the game as much as its current alpha state will let us. We will offer material assistance including good ships and mods at reasonable prices produced by our dedicated and experienced crafting team (or by me). All we ask of prospective clan members is a mature attitude and a willingness to pass on the help and advice they receive to future new members. TeamSpeak (with headset and mike) is strongly recommended for those wanting to co-operate with other players in PvP. They may not want you on their team otherwise. For other purposes it is definitely not essential, though we still think you may get more out of the game if you have it. In time, and hopefully by final release, we hope to develop a sub-clan of top tier experienced fighters who can assist our nation in port battles and generally bring confusion to all the King's enemies. That way we hope not to lose our better players to clans that currently do more of that stuff. However, XCLAN is not the Cosa Nostra. We do not require kinky initiation rites, and if you do decide we are not for you and want to leave, we will not make you an offer you can't refuse (10 Mid Grade Notes for 1 Needlefish, anybody?) or involve you in any weird stuff with horses in your bed (or even asses). Please contact spyhunter82 (a.k.a. Big X) if you want to join. You will make his day. And finally, as a patriotic Briton I must end GOD SAVE THE KING! (and all that sail in him)