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  1. I suppose that makes sense and answer my question, but that doesn't mean I like it. Could we possibly have the maximum range linked to the skill level of the troop? Something like - This musket has an effective range of 340 yards, but your guys are shit, so they can only hit things about 200 yards away? Because I don't like the idea that if I just equipped my MOST ELITE infantry with INCREDIBLY expensive rifles I have to tell them to only shoot at point-blank range because it wouldn't be fair to the yankee jerks respectable opponent on the other side.
  2. It seems like every time I start a new game, the traits my general gets bestowed are random. Could we maybe get the points free so we can pick the traits we want? Because I picked 'logistics' as my background because I want the 'logistics' trait. NOT the 'Tactics' trait, thank you very much. So is there any logic behind the traits you get or are they randomized?
  3. You can rename Corps and Brigades, but not Divisions. There is no edit button available for divisions. They are always 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  4. How is the attack range of a unit calculated? Because I armed one of my infantry brigades with Fayetteville rifles (very expensive), which have an 'effective range' of 400 fires just as far as a unit armed with M1842 muskets (250 range), yet a skirmisher unit armed with Whitworth (TS) rifles (600 effective range) has over triple the range. Just look at the screenshot; the fayetteville should be able to shoot a lot further away, yet it's range indicator only covers the bridge. The Whitworth sharpshooters cover more than twice that distance, reaching over halfway down the fence. What i
  5. Will there be an option to change the face of your general in the campaign? Maybe the ability to choose from a selection of portraits? Because I don't really like playing as a guy with grey hair and a silly beard. I want to play as a guy with a silly mustache instead. Hell, you could even include a non-historical female portrait option for those who'd prefer that.
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