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  1. f everyone and f this racist biased game. good thing they killed most of the confeds or else there would have been 10x more of u replying
  2. yes i would be intent of actually purchasing this game if it had mp
  3. just like the old man said that they've been treated just the same as any other soldier, theyve done everything they been told. it will only be wrong if they dont add these men no one remembers. May they rest in peace and all who were affected by the war between the states
  4. also the confederates had black soldiers as well
  5. It would be awesome to see a group of african-american union soldiers. maybe with more morale than usual in these groups?
  6. It will be awesome if they could add a fast forward option on multi but both players need that option selected in order for it to work and if one de selects it then it will run normally
  7. are servers down again?
  8. will there be a multiplayer coming out for UG:CW? i suggest have fast forward option in it but it has to have both player with option selected to work and one removes FW then it will stop working.
  9. its a great game and all but its missing the violence.
  10. not impressed not impressed. for the amount of time i waited since rumors stared circulating years ago, complete and utter garbage. its basiclly the same shit like UG Gettysburg. ONly thing new its that customization stuff and officers crap but other than that the game is same shit. i wanted to see atleast some blood and gore in it. i feel as if i am playing total war but a slower version. I am angry. DId you guys just crap this game out over night and fed it us and charged 30 bucks for early access?
  11. When i click random match the very first comes on with player kolbytraveller and the game wont start, it just freezes or gets stuck. I also closed and reopened the window several times with same results every time. whats up with that?
  12. so they will put Gettysburg offline when UG:CW mp releases? in my opinion i think Gettysburg is way better than cw.
  13. why is it getting stuck when connecting? just says connecting
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