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  1. when a player places a buy contract at a port. Can those contract be fulfilled by AI ships. Or players only?
  2. But I still think difficulty levels need a tweak, I rather fight ships of my own class then a bunch of small fries =\
  3. Yeah I'm getting these done easily now since I switched over to carros. As for wind and all the other things already did it =]
  4. Thanks, was unaware of the "f1" feature. For the devs though, why not make them alternate? Between main and weather deck as you single fire.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something, but when I have my fire selection on rolling front or rolling back and I single fire my first 2 cannons on the front will fire then it will switch to my weather deck guns all the way in the back forcing me to rotate. Can we please get it fixed that so it single fire shoots the same way full fire does (dependent on fire selection).
  6. That's a nice combo, I was not using carro's at all. And was mashed into close range often, that's prob why I was having issues with the missions.
  7. Belle can only use 12's at most, I'll try some carros out. Edit: Carro's did the trick. the 12's just don't put enough damage fast enough.
  8. I rather be on the side with more ships. Makes it a lot easier to stern camp and evade. Also going for rake shots didn't help much. Their size and speed makes it extremely difficult to lay on perfect shots everytime.
  9. Belle Poulle and obvious I don't shoot my allies come on mang =P
  10. I know all of that, I still have no power over what my AI allies do or don't do. Only thing I haven't tried is rake shooting them all to death. I"ll give it a go.
  11. Do you get stronger the higher your commander level in this or something? Because I can do 135xp missions for as long as my AI allies are still alive. By the time they die its usually 1v4 and I'm forced to run away.
  12. The picture below is what I get at Kapten "135xp" Difficulty, one difficulty higher is the same numbers on both sides but the ships are even bigger. How am I suppose to beat this? Now if I go down one difficulty from "Kapten." The amount of ships on both sides are even but everyone is in mercurys or smaller. So my two option are, way too easy or impossible. Why not just make all the difficulty's even on both sides number and ship type? While the first 1-3 difficulty's could have more ships on your side for newer players.
  13. I saw that post, figured those camera feature where dev only.
  14. Awesome, was gonna say they could just make it so that other players do not load past your position rather keep visibility dependent on your location rather then view.
  15. Take EVE for example, the ability to offset your camera by holding down a key (like middle mouse) or to focus your camera on other objects.
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