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  1. The snow tagged ya bud. Sounds like your pissed that axel refused to recap the ship and trade it back to you.
  2. You had an hour and a half to win that, the server was going down after that battle, with 2-1 odds you failed completely. With your buc and victory nearly sinking during that process and most of the others barely escaping. Back to the original topic, the reinforcements should just be limited by rank. After a certain point on a pvp server, you don't need rules to hold your hand or floaties to learn how to swim. It's a pvp server half the fun is preparing for the unknown. I was there for the times the pirates one ported GB, we still trucked on, didnt need 2 L'oceans to back us up outside of KPR.
  3. Didn't you just lose a victory, then get sunk again in a gank fleet that y'all lost, at 2-1 odds in your favor. Then the next day run from battle with even better odds in your buc?.... I may need a refresher math course, because somethings not adding up here.
  4. I'll start at the top. After being attacked by aster, my side was joined by a considerable gank force. Not wanting to be a part of such a dishonorable battle, I attempted to leave. I was promptly blocked and near rammed by the bellona and trincomlee that joined my side. Not wanting to participate in such a fight and being prevented from leaving by the "friendly" players I sat around. Shortly there after the bellona and trinc left, the hermione and surprise brilliantly shown of by Aster. Thats when the match started, between me and aster, with under 15 minutes to server shut down. But we have Suicidal Tendencies here. Who had been demasted and had just started to repair sails. As I moved in to a preferential position to attack Aster, and actually have some fun before the servers were off, Suicidal Tendencies moved to ram me. Clearly to instigate this. What you see in the second picture is a very clear ram by Suicidal Tendencies, on me. If you look at his wind, you can see I was going to tack through the wind, in a bellona that is built with main mast force bonuses. That is a very deliberate move, its obvious, it takes time, and you can easily shift a small ship like a prince around it. But instead Suicidal tendencies decided he'd like to ram me, so seeing this I attempted to avoid it. You will notice in the picture my sails are depressed and I was attempting to back and have him miss me, but he sought that side out like a missile. It then took well over a minute to get the little bugger off my sides, as he turned right into me to stay there. Onto the next accusation of friendly fire, he was demasted eventually by me, but not intentionally. After getting him off my sides, I was going to move and quickly see if i could board aster in the last moments the server was up. But suicidal made sure to block, and try to force friendly fire whenever possible. Directly prior to when he was demasted I had done a run by on his windward and placed well over 10 leaks on his belly to pull as much crew out of a position to be in boarding prep. Then moved with the wind to come across asters bow, rake and finish his sails. But of course suicidal is there to force a green on green. Placing himself in a position between me and aster well on a course to ram me again. With little time left on the server, and with a perfect shot at a bow rake on aster. I made the decision to attempt to shot over his mast and across aster's. Unluckily one or two of those balls did hit the top tip of his masts and managed to remove them, but it was unintentional. If I wanted to do that i had all of the opportunities in the world while he was stuck to my side after he rammed me. You will take note he does not show a picture of the demast, or even a picture of the map during that, because it does not support the case he is trying to create. After all of that and being thoroughly frustrated and annoyed by Suicidal Tendencies actions I was not going to assist when he was boarded. It was his own fault and his own desire to have that happen. I did decap the prince, to keep our score board clean, and would have moved to finish aster. But with the server about to hit 1 minute till down and I after playing naval action for a long time, didnt want to test what would happen if my ship was still in a battle instance when it went down.
  5. Stern damage is pretty brutal, but it forces players to be more tactical. Not exposing sterns, and actually maintaining some form of logical formation. Namely not leaving line ships solo, and not abandoning your lineships when your job as a frigate is to escort them and protect them from rakes. Also jppx, you where graped after the first pass, protect your stern more and work as a group.
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