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    Redeemed Doubloons gone

    @Ink, thanks for asking. Short answer: yes. During a longer travel with my Le Requin (planned from Little River to Galdonas, for grinding easy XP with my PvE account) I reached the much desired Commodore rank (Santisima!) and stopped my travel at Mayaguana. There I checked out the new UI (very nice), found the 2000 Doubloons in the redeemables list (even nicer) and claimed them. Then I left the port (I have no outpost in Mayaguana, it just was easy to reach and neutral) and went to Saint Ann where I rebuilt some mines. From there I wanted to teleport ("transport") to Kingston, but I couldn't pay the cost because I had 0 Doubloons. WTF, I should have had 2000? I asked on Steam forums and here, I got the hint I should check out my chest first - it's empty - and the warehouse where I claimed the Doubloons, but knowing that all stuff always would have vanished when leaving a port without having an outpost there I expected to find nothing in Mayaguana, and so it was. But when I left Mayaguana before right after claiming the Doubloons I can't remember reading a warning like in the old and simple UI - there always came a red warning not to leave stuff in the local warehouse without having an outpost! I had no clue that I had to put the claimed Doubloons from the warehouse to my chest manually. That's probably how I lost my 2000 Doubloons. 😕
  2. Tilvaltar

    Redeemed Doubloons gone

    I have several outposts, my capital is Kingston (GB). But I didn't redeem the Doubloons in one of my outposts, but in a neutral harbor on my way home. I went there again and checked the warehouse - nothing there. Nothing in my chest. Nothing in my other warehouses.
  3. Tilvaltar

    Redeemed Doubloons gone

    When I logged in yesterday I had 2000 Doubloons in my redeemables list. I claimed them, then came the hotfix mantainance in the afternoon, and now the Doubloons are gone without a trace. Nothing to redeem, empty chest. Did you experience the same? (Yes, I filed a bug report.)
  4. I hope not! At least for me a close-down of the PvE server to push the PvP part of the game wouldn't work. I never play against other human players, not in Naval Action and not in any other game ever. I would stop playing Naval Action if the PvE server would get shut down.
  5. I haven't played Naval Action for some months, I have 40000 XP points and 50 million gold (PvE), and because I read about an upcoming asset wipe I started the game to see what had changed since I played the last time - and I found three redeemable ships waiting for me: a Wappen von Hamburg, an Endymion, and an Indefatigable. Why did I get them, and when? Will these redeemables be lost when the assets are wiped in April? (If yes, what are they good for then?)
  6. Tilvaltar

    Custom Battle Mode

    Will it be possible to edit the opponent's troops in Custom Battle mode? Right now I can only edit my own forces.