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  1. Absolutely great, it’s a pity that it’s not in A4 format the text is very small when printing out the manual.
  2. Tea Bag

    Name Change

    In Naval Action can I just change my name?
  3. Absolutely the best map out there great job. But always a but, the port battle circles the a,b and c what do they mean and there are some other things in the circle what are they 🙂
  4. If you change your name how does it affect the clan your in. Changing your name and or your country, do you lose your buildings or any items in your warehouse! What does actually happen when you use the Prolific Forger?
  5. What I thought was a simple question but the devs can't answer if they the devs put a PZ in an Frigate zone how can I see on the map if the PZ is in a Frigate zone. And if these Frigate zone are static were are they, I can't see them on the map
  6. I've built an Academy but what does it do, how do I use it, would be nice to know.
  7. OK how do I get "Victory Marks" i'm on the PvE server?
  8. I’ve maxed out my outpost and I used them mainly for zapping to where the action but now I think the cost is way out of proportion 1 Doubloons should be sufficient.
  9. What are the functions of the new buildings and is the limit still only 5 buildings total
  10. Hi what are the rules in the combat missios. Let's say that I've taken a mission in the green zone, so I'm fighting a pirate. Can anyone join in in the battle, is there a time limit. What are the rules. Thanks
  11. Hi, Why cant i set the Smugglers flag on my " Indiaman" it is a trader. Thanks
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