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  1. It was June 26th i purchased the admiral edition
  2. Yeah having the same situation.
  3. He is talking about the Patrol Zone @Meraun PvE has the Patrol Zone PvP has, but it only works for PvE (AI ship hunting)
  4. Agreed, or as someone else mentioned on a different thread, let PvE have a "Port Battle - RvR" System, where u can say put a port up for auction for doubloons, and who ever wins the auction, will have to fight on a weekly basis AI trying to take the port from you. Port bonuses is a big part of NA, and its a shame its not on PvE yet, i'm somewhat surprised the group join, is still not in PvE after all these years. (1 player tag, group joins the circle before the battle starts, then gets dragged in to the battle with the tagger) I mean we have this on PvP so why not on the PvE as well?
  5. will PvP Server players, receive Christian and her Guns once more at launch? Or was this a "Test Gift from the devs" kind of thing?
  6. Chillings - [CH] - British - PvE Server - International - Casual gameplay, we do trade runs & we aim for late game (Elite fleets, epic events and so on) we offer high level of training towards new players, understanding game mechanics & how to be badass at it! - Contact Humbert I (thats a capital i) Or Nickaterial.
  7. Ahh they changed it then lol, last i checked it say 1 - 3 weeks ago it said "launch is estimated to be at 14th - 15th of june, checkout our post on forums "Link"" But i read i think it was either page 3 or 6 on this thread where Ink mentioned the servers will be down 17th - 19th (unless they changed their minds already)
  8. The In-game announcement tab do specify 14 - 15th, and on 17th - 19th servers will be down for maintenance.
  9. Will Items be included in the wipe for PvE server? I.E If i pull all the items we have in my clan's Warehouse, will we loose all of that? If so then i guess its Sinking our own shit Bonanzaa!!! I find it odd by "buildings get wiped" but nothing specific is being mentioned about Clan Warehouse, would this be included inn "All Buildings/structures will be wiped as well" for the PVE server? Only wondering Also i'm kinda over PvP due to the full wipe, and hundreds of hours spent on lvling up, and grinding reals/dubs/books/slots and now the wipe is merely 2 weeks away. My god time passe
  10. Agreed, at this current time, PvE is falling behind and from what i remember Admin did mention that there will be no significant changes on the PvE Server. This would be a mistake, as a small amount of the current community goes to PvE for relaxation and having fun killing NPC's with friends. On a different note, please give PvE Server the GROUP JOIN mechanics for battles, its painful to tag say a 3rd rate + 3 fleet or +5, and you're buddy's don't get the same starting possibility as you, instead they have to join the "Combat Circle" <--- This has already been implemented on the
  11. R.I.P PvE Server, had so many memories, On a more serius note, any update on the server?
  12. So as u can tell on my account, i've played since the very beginning, and i took about 2 - 3 years break couple weeks after steam launch. I recently returned - This week in fact, and players tell me they got XP compensation/boosters. Yet i have non of what they received, is this because i didn't play for long during launch of Early Access? Or could this simply be a glitch in the system, cuss my old character was also gone, deleted. Wiped from NA earth. Not that i remember the name of that old character.
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