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  1. It's a glitch from the redeemables. Devs are gonna replace it I guess.
  2. I have all ingredients to craft a Gunnery Encyclopedia but in my crafting screen it shows a RED ZERO beside my L'HORIZON BALISTIQUE. I clearly have all ingredients in my warehouse and they are UNUSED. I've tried to refresh and also traded to a friend and traded back. Any ideas?
  3. Dreadedpiratehunter willis???? I rest my case.
  4. My thought on the 3 vote system is to prevent any personal vendettas as much as possible.
  5. Very good points. The only thing I would suggest is instead of a Tag on the persons name maybe a "Warrants" screen where if you see someone who looks suspicious you could check the screen to see if his name is on there. This way the spies could remain somewhat anonymous to the unsuspecting or unskilled players. What do you think?
  6. I agree with everything you've said here. At least this would give nations a tool to protect themselves.
  7. I completely agree that anyone who pays for this game has the right to play. My point though is this. A nation also has the right AND responsibility to protect itself. That's why it would have to be voted on to sanction a hit. If you want to be a spy that is fine. But you shouldn't be allowed to do so with NO inherent danger. I love this game and only bring it up because I think this would add to not take away from the gameplay and realism.
  8. I think you have misunderstood the point of this conversation.
  9. Then what is the point of having a Nation or even a Clan if you can't maintain it's integrity? And, we are not free to play as we wish because the pirates can take out anyone they choose including other pirates. No other nation's players can do that without losing their right to exist in that nation. Am I misinformed on this point?
  10. I don't understand why we have to tolerate an "Alt" buzzing around and feeding info to the enemy. Everyone knows that there are certain players that are CLEARLY Alt accounts for the sole purpose of undermining whatever action we have going on at the time. In the real world how long would this have been tolerated? It is my understanding that the Pirates don't have to put up with this nonsense because they are permitted to attack each other...right? If that is the case it puts everyone else who spent money on this game at a disadvantage. My solution is this, and mind you it may not be the best/o
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