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  1. van der Decken

    Weekend 5 - new round of testing

    Where can we find the key? It'd be my first test.
  2. van der Decken

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Eehhhh, my statement was from experience of joining a rat vs rat battle where they were hiding from screeners. It's been mentioned many times by many folks who have tried it. We join in, we are placed where the battle was originated, and all rats aren't even visible; they're 600 miles away from the original spot not even visible, so you have no idea which way to sail other than to try downwind...but even then there's no catching them. @admin I propose in the Battle World, that you create a pretty large circle that prevents running. If a player leaves the circle they'd be ejected from the battle and back into Open World.
  3. van der Decken

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Yes, rat on rat battles stay open, and screeners have attempted to join those battles. However, rats run for miles and miles away from the original battle spot. So when a screening fleet joins in, there is no way in hell they can catch up to the running rats. The devs need to fix this and place the joining enemy down wind near those already in the battle rather than in the battle's original location. or... they could make an In-Battle circle that if you sail outside the circle for too long you are automatically thrown back into Open World.
  4. van der Decken

    mods biased towards global

    I'll just leave this here for the global-haters
  5. van der Decken

    [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    As I understand it, that is the finality of it. Territories are temporarily untouched, but OW PvP war between BR and VP is growing, especially against traders it seems. :/
  6. van der Decken

    No Cannon Ball Splash

    Anyone else noticing about 50% of cannon ball splash is not showing? I remember a patch last year that removed all splash by accident. I was wondering if same thing happened or if my comp developed a rendering issue. Having splash seriously helps with gauging distance. EDIT: I notice it more often when using spyglass, but also without. And btw, when will devs allow us to fire while looking through spyglass?
  7. van der Decken

    [modules] Refit & Note modifiers [Patch 11.0]

    Nice work @Black Spawn!
  8. van der Decken

    One PVP Server

    Being a US player who sometimes plays on the Euro server, I can attest that the 300 ping is not my issue. If it is running smoothly on that day, indeed I can be competitive. However, most days, I experience massive lag spikes during medium to large battles: up to 22,000 for about 30 seconds. When this happens, I am screwing up my mates in battle and I am a sitting target that once the spike drops, I am nearly dead. That is absolutely no fun, and I would not play the game any more if the server were located in Europe.
  9. van der Decken


    We should be able to cap NPC ships to be able to sell to Admiralty, or to scrap for parts, but not to sail....unless it is a ship as Rebel stated, a player's own captured ship.
  10. van der Decken


    I suppose if his hull storage was filled to brim with repair material, he would have about 4 repairs possible? I'm not sure, haven't figured the maths on it. I still think repairs should take longer than they do. But if they took too long, it wouldn't be much of a fun game. Somewhere is a balance.
  11. van der Decken


    That is what I meant by chaser, as well. And yes I understand that. But if the snake's sails and masts are wrecked, it should not be faster than an unwrecked brig. The amount of time for the snake to repair should provide enough time for a brig to escape. However, I don't know if his brig was damaged or not. But by his second reply, it seemed as his ship was fine. IMHO, I think mast repair should not be possible, unless it is only a top mast. That would be carried on a ship, but not a full main base mast; those things are huge. Also, repairing all the rigging takes days.
  12. van der Decken

    Wiki Wood List

    We players are allowed to create an account and edit that ourselves. It will take many of use helping contribute to get the wiki updated.
  13. van der Decken


    If you are using RL as an argument about faster chasers, then by logic you must consider his argument about RL sail and mast repair would prevent the chaser from being faster than he.
  14. van der Decken

    A nightmare for casuals

    No, please leave the tool. I like how it works. It feels more RL to "get word" that a port has something. It's like the NPCs are merchants just passing info about. The info may be old, but it may not be if we get there soon enough.