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  1. Aye aye, TY devs. If I understand this announcement correctly, all our outposts should be safe so we can teleport in and out of them to get our ships and warehouse items?
  2. I'm in. What rate? Locale?
  3. I think this would be the easiest coding fix ever: I'd like the crew to cheer not only when you put an enemy in shock but also when you sink them.
  4. No SoLs as DLC. The upcoming update, imo, will be a great one for ship craftability. We should wait for that before any more DLCs. I would like more ships in game tho...some Dutch love is needed.
  5. Aye, but they sat in that battle for another 10 minutes while the lone rat escaped. If it was simply a matter of "pvp means free for all", then they would have gone after the rat in OW immediately after attacking the Dutch. No, this was an egregious act of treachery. And to this, the night Dutchmen will remember. Edit: Don't get bent Brits, it's just play talk. But next time, get that rat for more pvp in the pvp zone...right?
  6. That heart wrenching moment.....when you announce you are Dutch only to find out your nation's alliance with the Brits is not as strong as their alliance with the rats, despite how many times you've joined the Brit side to help them. Well played rats and Brits....well played....and duly noted.
  7. ^ Thank you, good sir. I forgot what happened last map wipe. I hope this time will be the same with us being able to TP in and out. Confirmation would be nice, tho.
  8. It is my hope (probably in vain) to see such strong nations be willing to sell these rare resources, or ships made with them. But, I suspect it will become a hording thing. Our only option is to make national alliances to take over these ports and in good faith share those resources with allied nations. It might become a matter of the "suppressed" nations to build rage boarding ships as a counter to the heavy built ships...and hope tactics in PBs will be in their favor.
  9. Best response anyone could have posted!
  10. @admin We are in dire need of updated information very soon. There are many questions that need answered so we can prepare if needed. These are just our clan's most pressing... What will happen to our outposts if they are in Free Ports (La Mona), Open Ports (Cabo Rojo), and Neutral Ports (Higuey)? Will ports surrounding our Capitals remain part of our nation, or will we need to recapture them? (i.e. Ft Zoutman, Ft Oranje, Las Aves) Depending on patch release date and the answers to above, we may need a long time to move our ships and warehouse items.
  11. When I was a US captain I know zerg clans forced many to quit. Heck, when US zerged the pvp2 map, many of us took a break because there were so few enemy to play against. Then when SRRY destroyed the map putting every nation down to only one port even more ppl quit. This was also around the time of the Alliance Patch. Ssssooooooo many people got so frustrated with that.
  12. Just curious, has there never been anything updated in this game that people could have positively review bombed? Or is it just nature for people to review bomb only when something bad happens to them? I guess that's a sociology study.... And to your last point, do you think review bombing has helped or hurt the game population? Your quote down below is great. I wish more ppl would continually update their review of the game for each patch. I did not know we can alternate a review up or down depending on our mood. I thought we can only make comments on our reviews. I'd love to see a chart history of the game's review. I have no idea how to find that. I believe every purchase deserves the right to make a review, I just feel reviews should be better formatted. Force multiple choose quetion that ask good questions like "Do the devs update the game?", "Do the devs fix bugs in a timely manner with patches?", "Do the devs hold a gun to your head to make you buy DLC?", things like that. For people to answer actual questions rather than just flood the reviews with bs. BTW, TY for the upvotes, but let's not try to "influence" the mass's opinion of me. lol +3
  13. Yep, in-game blocking needs fixed. Your second point is spot on, too. Remember how alts drowned out Alliance Patch with so many votes it killed the patch? I could see this happening with any voting system, especially against player's rep.
  14. Heck, it doesnt even have to be a production video. Just do a live stream with some "QA" and post that vid, no editing needed.
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