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  1. OK, I'm guessing the tesetbed was updated because my Pavel vs Buc is a beautiful well balanced battle. The only mod I had was Bow Figure Rattlesnake for pen and was firing poods and nothing on top 2 decks. Angling actually worked to bounce shots. Masts didn't insta-drop. This felt almost the same as the live server. 'twas nice. Well done devs....you had us all in a massive panic....
  2. van der Decken

    Using Doubloons to remove upgrades

    But this is where permanent upgrades should be better categorized. A Bow Figure, Hammocks, Sails, etc for example are easily removed and therefore should not be considered permanent. Heck, even Copper Plating can be removed. I think things that are actually removable without damaging a ships design and structure integrity should be removable....however...some things like copper plating, extra plankings, etc should give us only parts of the resources to rebuild them. We should go through the entire list and deem which of them to be removable and which would return only parts.
  3. People too often speculate about what might happen. Just test the damn thing, see how it operates, adjust to it, and most likely people will find a new way to be dominant over newbs. Because that seems to be the only thing desired by those complaining of change...always winning against newbs. I say this because i never see these dominant players telling other dominant players where they are and at what time. Just test the damn thing, report bugs/issues and suggestions, rinse and repeat.
  4. van der Decken

    Returning Player here

    Welcome back, we hope you stay and help with suggestions to further develop this game so you and others will stay. Reals (silver coins) buy things from the stores like goods, cheap ships, auctioned players ships and upgrades and books, etc Doubloons (gold coins) buy things from the Admiralty like certain upgrades, some higher rate ships (only 3/5 builds), some books for knowledge slots GLHF and fair winds.
  5. This I agree. I propose no amount of speed upgrades should make a higher rate ship faster than 2 rates below it. i.e. Speed and wood combos can make 1st rates as fast as 2nd rates, but not as fast as 3rd rates and below. Close but not. Same for all other rates, 4th rate can be as fast as 5th rate, but not 6th rate. I also feel this is how hull durability should work but inversed: Wood and upgrades should be able to make a 4th rate stand up to a 3rd rate, but not a 2nd rate. Same for all other rates. Of course there would be a couple ships that would bleed through...Notably the Victory could be as fast as a couple 3rd rates, but not faster. The Bellona could be as fast as some 5th rates like the Indefatigable, but not all. And roughly the same would happen with ship durability against higher rates....some might bleed through like maybe the Constitution could be almost as durable as a 2nd rate...or the Indefatigable almost as durable as a 3rd rate...but never better than, no matter the upgrades and builds. As it is on the live server...ships mods are making lesser ships way too strong. On the testbed it is making them way too weak. But this response was mostly about speed and durability with included mods and trying to balance them out better between rates. EDIT: Perhaps include Agility with Speed...as a Vic with upgrades should never be more agile than a majority of the 4th and 3rd rates.
  6. I'm confused. Doesn't PvP mean player vs player? Aren't screening fleets controlled by players? And are you a player? ........ Most lobby based clan games are pure crap. Open World is where it's at if a clan wants to seriously prove its metal at all clan management aspects. Look at all the recent games, When territory is the goal, it should be OW, not lobby based. This is where clan based games are going. Lobby is so 2013.
  7. I thought so as well, hence why I tested today. My apologies @admin.
  8. I will have to do some research to find info about any multi-decked ship losing an entire mast due to wind damage. I know absolutely that a top mast and yards can snap by storms, but never read of the bottom section snapping, except in unrated ships. I agree the update is nice, however, I think because of the inability to bounce shots at most angles that we need a % increase to the 2 bars and to bottom mast sections. I dismasted a Bellona in my Vic with only 2 ill-angled broadsides. My humble suggestion is to make it take at least thrice as long. I don't want this game to turn into 5 minute battles....if I wanted that, I could just go play WoT or WoW....and I can't stand that game any more. I look forward to the tweaks.
  9. Perhaps I should've said ",,,once the structure bar (structure hp?) reaches 25% it seems to be an instant dismast." I say this because nearly every yt video and every battle I've done it seems exactly this way. The very moment the structure bar hits that last notch the mast will fall....even if the masts were never shot at. To me, this makes no sense. I should take some rigging damage (about 50% sail hp) before a mast can just fall over. If I had a model ship with accurate rigging, I would break the mast in the hull and see if it falls over. I'd test it on single decked and on multiple decked ships. I would think a multi-deck ship would be able to hold the mast in place with no rigging damage. Just imho.
  10. First encountered a Navy Brig with my Aga and single shot it to absolutely nothing. And just as seen on yt, once HP goes below 25% it's an insta-dismast. No good. IMO, dismasting should not be automatically tied to a hp percent. This also happened to my Vic against 3 Pavel. My masts were never shot, but the moment that side lost 75% HP my foremast instantly dismasted. In that same battle, I dismasted 2 masts on one Pavel with only 1 point blank broadside, and the other 2 masts died from about 500m. Somethings not right...but I'm sure tweaks will help. Just for visual references... Agamemnon Build Type: LO/WO Upgrades: Navy Structure Refit, Bow Figure Lion, Basic Carpentry Tools Loadout: 24 lb Longs on bottom and 18 lb middle decks, 9lb mediums on top Bellona unknown, altho I think it had mediums (standard for ai?) Tagged it facing almost 95% into the wind about 100m distance whilst my broadside was perpendicular so I was firing straight down the bow. Fired a full salvo of Double Ball at mainmast and instantly dismasted its foremast. Somehow it was able to tack into the wind with main and mizzen mast only and wrecked my port side. So I moved around down its bow again and took out its mainmast. At this point it still was able to out maneuver me to get a good broadside on my starboard as I turned hard to port to get my starboard to it so I can position on its stern. I nearly died as you can see in the image. As I past I wrecked its starboard down 1 notch with a full salvo of Double Charge. Then I camped its stern and fired 3 full broadsides to get the structure to 1 and a sliver notch left, finally removing its mizzen mast. Of course the wind shifted and allowed the dismasted unicorned Ballona to turn with the wind forcing me to move again to get on its stern. Because of my angle and distance (didn't want to reverse with the wind and expose my near zero broadside to an ai that can pen at 90 degree angles), I couldn't get full broadsides on it so I fired single shot. Its structure would never go below that last notch, even tho I landed every shot repeatedly on mark. Structure stayed at 1 notch...but it was taking on water and eventually sunk. Image shows 1 repair popped that barely did anything after receiving only 2 broadsides (one on each side) and from the stern cannon that never broke. My take on this update...I like, but it certainly needs tweaked. Just give all ships about 3x more structure HP, about 2x more hull structure HP, and about 2x more bottom mast section HP. The damage done in 1 single broadside should take 3 to 4.
  11. I'd suggest delivery/trading missions should offer reals or doubloons. As is, dbls are too easy to get, while reals..not so much.
  12. Masts should not go down simply because a hull side is 0 HP nor simply because the structure has reached a certain minimum HP. Dismasting the top sections should be accomplished only by good aim at masts, or by chain damage to rigging, but even then the bottom section should not go down unless ball is fired through the hull at it. I believe it will be tweaked just fine soon enough.
  13. van der Decken

    medium vs long cannons?

    Agreed for the most part. I usually seem to be a mid rate in the group facing 3rd or 2nd rates, hence why I keep a distance. However, my very soft Trinc is full carronades to swoop in and out fast being able to deal some worthy damage.....so long as I don't get dismasted by our certain Russian nemesis. heh
  14. van der Decken

    medium vs long cannons?

    It depends on the ships ability and what I intend to do with it. If the ship is a close brawler I will load carronades or mediums. If I it's a generally soft ship I use longs to keep distance. If my SoL is shy on crew I will run mediums on bottom deck and longs on other decks. In a PB I will usually load whatever the commander suggests depending on his planned tactics I run longs on bow for tagging and carronades on stern for sail/mast dmg.
  15. van der Decken

    Naval Action Meme collection

    I have watched this video probably 30 times....wanting to get into it. This is another awesome battle with great setup.