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  1. Flash Jack

    Very Low quality PvP

    ^^ this exactly!! Just fight. Stop crying about ganks and gear all the time. Life is not fair. Neither is war.
  2. @admin will clan tag/ownership and clan memberships also be saved as per previous wipes ??
  3. This is s joke. @Crimson Sunrise joins yesterday and spam posts this topic and even starts another thread about wiping a the "books'. This 'new' 😉 forum member has exclusively taken over this topic and it's just post after post on wipe this and wipe that. Come on!! I call BS on this hijacked topic by an anti game troll.
  4. Flash Jack

    Very Low quality PvP

    Battles should NEVER be fair. If you want fair battles join the peace server and stop trying to force a false fairness on the WAR server. 1v1 is excellent if you are a good player. The good players prefer it like @rediii said above. This is a military MMO it's not a carebear love-in where everything is fair and everyone wins and has a warm glow after every battle. This is the WAR server for those that relish a challenge, outnumbered or not, win or lose, ganked or ganking.
  5. Flash Jack

    safe zones

    Omg. No. Reduce or remove the R zones completely. There is a PvP and a pve server choose one that suits you. The new player who does the tutorial now is much better placed than we were 3 years ago. Stop all this dumbing down of the game. Have a reinforcement zone and with AI and low mission rewards to 'help' people leave the zone. And all these seals you mention?? You mean pve admirals and ALTS.
  6. In your opinion. You just keep banging on and on with the same mantra. How many games have you developed and released ?
  7. Sigh. Slaps own head. Goes to lie down in dark room.
  8. You really don't get it do you?? Day one......new players and old all the same. Day 30.........new players (those that start on day 30) are behind the ones who have played for 30 days. And so it goes on..... There will always be those that have stuff and those that are beginning. Thank the Sea God's it's @admin and Co making the decisions and not those with your short sighted narrow view.
  9. Flash Jack

    Production Calculator

    Thanks Man great work !
  10. Ok. Now I have no idea at all what your on about??
  11. That's the standard blurb from the steam page. As I thought. What you said is BS.
  12. There will always be new players. What do you want to do after a month or so after release ? Wipe again for MORE new players ? Why not WIPE every tIme someone buys the game just so we are all equal?? Wiping for equal starts is a silly argument that makes no sense at all.
  13. You must read posts, before posting. He never said he needs them any where. Again you write before reading because you are so focus on your own views.
  14. Here we have a new player making more sense than a lot of old players. Bravo.