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  1. Doing this would be great.😁 My fighting ships would be full fighting perks. My trading ships would be full trading perks. My boarding ships would be full boarding perks. Then.....oh wait......No that just means full perks for every ship an occasion .....🤔.
  2. I have never had so much PVP but then I sail a lot and avoid the safe zones. I do agree this is a 3 hour min game now but I think that is the nature of this game. RVR needs some love. I think it needs to be made ' cheaper' somehow, maybe higher insurance for ships lost in Pbs? Plus increased non aggression vs ports say 2 weeks after capture to delay flips? Port battle flag needs to come back also.
  3. It absolutely amazes me that some people still think the existing DLC can be altered and also I love Requins they are the most useless and easy to avoid/sink ships in the game.
  4. I have been playing thus game for over 2 years so wind your neck in. You and your sort always come here and post like you are posting for the majority. I play nearly everyday and belive me your kind of negative obsessive views on the game are a cancer. All the players I play with are very positive about this game and yes there are a few players on global that insist on dragging the game down every day but they are definitely NOT the majority. Stop believing that you talk for anyone other than your deluded self. The devs are doing a good job and this game will succeed despite your constant moaning and crying.
  5. I have no idea what your trying to say hear ? 🙃 I agree with others on here. 1. I like the fact a ship can come in and do what it wants in a battle instance. 2. I like the freedom to be good or bad. 3. I don't like rules being enforced on the majority because of some other players poor play. Look after your loot or others will. And a bonus point just for you. Rover are good solid players who NEVER whinge or cry about game mechanics. They test them, like the rest of us do. Try to understand we can all have different views.
  6. All awesome. Thanks for your effort. The AI improvements look very exciting.
  7. Everything is good. I like it. But paying for teleport is silly. I often tinker and it costs loads.
  8. Another post from a player who is only able to play one way. Can't win the way he likes so therefore game is broken. Has break comes back can't win so game is broken.... Repeat....
  9. Could not agree more with Hethwill. Lower the cost of ships. Make nations matter again. You will involve solo and small clan players again.
  10. All navy ships carried marin No ship HAS to be fitted with anything. Build your ship how you like. Snipe masts if you want, board, reload, tank whatever. It's what makes N A individual. You will always meet someone with a better/different build. This is a good thing. As soon as I enter combat if the other guy starts mast sniping I leave. I don't play other players games.
  11. No, I am saying that the whole boarding outcry is based on the I can't win at boarding crowd because my ship is fitted for sniping masts, speed, ganking etc. I do not board. I am no good at it but I hardly ever get boarded and when I do I disengage in 2 rounds giving the board fitted ship a nice broadside. You can say what you like about mods but mods and counter mods are a basic in this game use them or don't it's your choice. The others on here see no problem with mods that suit their play style. It's the ones that don't suit them they want to change. This game is in development and the devs try new things. That's a good thing.
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