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  1. We are currently being attacked by faction, or multiple factions of Pirates, so we do have action. If you want to see some PVP and pve map action, join the french.
  2. merge pvp2 with pvp1 but have it located where the current US server is now. It should work for Europeans, and for Americans who don't live on the east coast (like the guy from nc who can get 150ping, which isn't true for someone who lives in California)
  3. Ummm, not a lot of the people I play with. I mainly play with fine upgrades. The better the upgrades obviously I want to use, but it isn't always available, and this seems to be true for many of pvp2 atleast.
  4. I'd have to say from my personal experience, the French on PVP2 maybe one of the friendliest and most generous nations. Of course I'm biased, but I have rerolled to french from another nation. I think we have a lot of potential if we get some more players who are active. Vive la France!
  5. Honestly announcing this with so much time before the update actually takes place - just look at what happened with the lastest update, it was said to happen in early September, but it ended up being released almost 2 months after the announcement. This caused so many players to stop playing, and because it wasn't just a week or two, many still have yet to come back. We are likely to a similar thing. Also, announcing with out having a plan on how to compensate people who have spent countless hours being able to craft in this new system, or those with rarer ships that they are likely to not b
  6. I'd like to see a bulletin board in ports where you an leave notes that other players can read. For example if I need a certain product, or material that isn't available near by, I can post a note saying that I'd pay for someone to transport the requested item to me, or that I'd be willing to negotiate a deal for the requested item that they may already have. I know you can place contracts, but I feel like being able to leave a note could be potentially more effective at getting the item you really need. Also the notes could be about requesting someone to build a ship for them, Of course
  7. Crafting really isn't that much harder. You just need to figure out your trading game to get the few rarer goods, that aren't even that rare anymore. And crafting should be harder IMO, makes the new ships more valuable. I've cranked out 5 exceptional ships since the patch and about to crank out a 6th today
  8. Can I ask what it is that makes your clans style of play unique? I'm genuinely interested to know.
  9. The French nation in PVP2 are looking for players to help bring up our active player numbers. We are an extremely friendly bunch who are always willing to help a fellow country mate out. We'd appreciate anyone who would like to join the French ranks, doesn't matter what clan you join, there are some good ones, and we all help each other out.
  10. So in pvp2 the French have been working to get a port battle set up for Dominica. During our big push in the past few days to get it to 100% hostility (which we did ), we had our Swede friends (and I think some Dutch?) ask if they could help us raise the hostility. However, their actions will end up raising the hostility for them, and not for the French, and their intention was to help us take the region. So I started thinking that if there was a way for an allied nation to "give" their hostility gained through their own actions, to the French, helping them get the hostility to 100%. I kno
  11. For French PVP2 Most from LOS (active members) moved over to [DSSC] - Drunken Sailors Social Club, 26 with 12 people having been on within the last week. The seems like the creator hasn't been on about a month. Wish Jean Piere could be switched to a rank higher than Officer, as there are noone higher than Officer.
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