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  1. Dear DEVS Need Help recovering ship. So I just finished the final exam, took out the Hercules to see what she can do. Capped a LGV, I switched ships to see what wood the lgv was because you have not fixed that bug since last freaking year and the only way to see a capped ship wood is to switch it, and then it told me I can't switch back to my Hercules because god knows what drove you guys to put that mechanic in the game. The battle timed out and now the Hercules is gone. Real nice! Is there any chance you could restore it for me or something? I spent hours trying to pass that friggin final exam just so I can get the middle finger from a stupid bug from last year. Please help. Maximum frustration level achieved.
  2. Port Morant really needs some love and attention!
  3. Fair enough. Can we agree then that the current OW sailing mechanic is not really representative of a full fledged sailing game? I's just a super slow WASD arcade mechanic.
  4. Fair enough. Consider this then. I am willing to spend hours upon hours traveling to far away neutral ports and what not to open an OP to which I can teleport. I'll probably do it in an Indiaman upgraded for speed because why not save some time. Cool. I get there, I open the Outpost. I like the scenery so much I'm probably gonna want to make that my hunting ground. But my indiaman is not really fit for battle. I want my cool 1st rate for which I worked in the game to build or what have you. At this point I have to tp back to my port of origin where I have the 1st rate docked, and then I have to sail it at half the speed back to the place where I have a newly opened outpost. Without the option to at least have the damned thing towed there overnight like we used to, teleporting to that outpost serves no point, because it's probably a secluded place where there aren't too many things to do, there is no player driven market/economy in that port. So then the main focus of that particular play session for me is to spend 1-2 days just to move a ship from one place to the other. God help me if I need that indiaman for some trading in my capital port. Do you not recognize the tedium of this gameplay loop? There are many other example scenarios where slow travel affects players in a negative way Like DeRyuter said in a previous reply. It's not that I'm right and everybody else is wrong or vice versa. You have mechanics that cannot coexist in the context of the game without balance. Right now there is a lack of balance between time spent sailing(doing nothing) and actual "naval action"(roll credits). I proposed several solutions, and my fellow "EA testers" here have proposed others. I'm sure you might have some better ones if you'd be willing to bend the ear a bit, because it's obvious a middle ground can be achieved without heroic sacrifices from your part. Think about it. We all want a good game
  5. Fair enough. I have one quick question for any that have tried this. How long does it take to sail from one end of the map to the other? Let me put it another way. If the singular goal of any given player was to get from one end of the map to the farthest other end, regardless of the reason, would you not consider several hours of travel time a flawed game mechanic? If the point of a large map with many areas of interest(ports & discoverable trade opportunities, etc) is to encourage travel and exploration, would excessive travel times not actually discourage that particular gameplay scenario? I ask because I've just read some of you wonderful people's replies where you raise the issue: why would you want to travel so much for x or y reason instead of just staying in one area. Again, doesn't it then defeat the purpose of having an open world, at this scale, altogether? Keep in mind that I used to love the slow pace of OW sailing in NA, but as I grew in rank and exp I found that the very thing I used to enjoy is now limiting me in terms of expansion and discovery. I used to really want to know "what is around the corner", I still do, but now I know that I have to pay a steep price for it. That price is time. Many seem to underestimate this issue and I think this makes the game attractive to a smaller demographic than it deserves.
  6. Can we please stay on topic? the issue is OW travel speed.
  7. I tend to agree with you here. I believe the whole point of having a map to explore is to be able to explore it in a reasonable amount of time.
  8. Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.
  9. Hi people. I've created this thread for everyone that feels the sailing in Open World is too slow and time consuming. My goal is to get every like-minded player to come here and make some noise about slow sailing, counter-winds and everything related to OPEN WORLD Travel. For any who would dismiss my arguments, I am aware the speed was increased a while ago, yet I am here to tell you it is not enough, and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way about the current situation. My goal with this is to make a bit of noise and hopefully get the devs to make some improvements in this department. For any who would dismiss the willingness of the devs to acknowledge players demands and opinions, I politely ask you to refrain from posting. I've read all the "Devs are Evil" posts and I find them immature and nonconstructive. For the devs: I have been spamming the F11 ingame every time I log in and try to do simple actions like getting to a mission or just getting out of port in counter-winds. I hope you do not resent me for it, I'm just trying to prove a point and I mean no ill will. At the moment 80% of time is spent sailing towards some destination. The farther the destination the longer the sail(doh), and in turn the longer you stare at a screen doing nothing. This is in ideal sailing conditions. Add some counterwinds and you might as well leave the computer and do chores and come back half a day later. This scenario is ideal for players who are on vacation, or retired, or simply have nothing else to do and I've heard a lot of players actually play like this. To those who are not bothered by this, I say, fair enough and good for you. Just consider those of us who love your game, want to experience all the cool stuff in it but feel like, in order to get to the fun we must first be forced to sit through several hours of doing nothing before we can get the "reward". It's literally like sitting in a queue at the post office. Now, I get the fact that the game tries to emulate realistic sailing conditions, and it's doing a nice job in Combat Instances. Open World is basically the map where the all the stuff is and where you need to get to. This Chunk of the game should be fast paced and represent the least amount of time spent in the game. At the moment it represents the core gameplay. Why? Because if I had to describe this game to a friend I would say,"Naval action a game where you sail a lot on empty seas and occasionally do naval combat." It should be " it's a game where you do naval combat sprinkled with a bit of sailing for the flavor" Open world is a great concept, but all other open world games have content in between the important areas of interest on the map. The open world in naval action is missing this element.There is nothing to fill the empty space in between those important areas of interest. And when you add a "realistic" sailing feel to the open world travel, at 2kn, this becomes a nightmare to the not so hardcore veteran player who is just sitting there, looking at waves, waiting for the wind direction to turn so they can get somewhere. After 1h of waiting to travel a few lousy Km, you start asking yourself, why did I log on today? To get your ship from A to B. To be continued tomorrow? But, oh wait, what if I decide I want to go back from B to A? Doesn't sound like a very exciting experience, does it? Whether you like this or not, this particular aspect of the game is keeping people from enjoying the cool stuff in Naval Action. So what should the devs do? In my opinion, the main problem stems from the actual wind system. Very many times you log into the game very excited to do a mission or do a trade run or whatever and right off the dock you get counter-winds. One's next thought is, "Oh shit this is gonna take me 10-15 minutes to maneuver out of port, then another 5 till I get to my mission(which I clicked 1000 times so I can spawn it near to my port) if it's at a good wind angle. If not, probably another 10 minutes. So you get 20-30 minutes of practically looking at a loading screen immediately after login, before you can reach your objective which is to play the mission. Picture this scenario in any other OW game. I bet you a million $ it's not something people want to or enjoy to do. I see a few solutions to this: 1. Lose the wind direction system in OW and increase the speed across all ships according to their tier. This is very fast and easy to do as you already have a mechanic to ignore wind and sail fast out of danger areas after respawn. 2. Have the areas around land masses use the current system but ignore the wind system once you are heading to open seas and have reached a certain distance from land. Also open seas speed should be increased to shorten the travel time. 3. Keep the system as it is but increase the absolute minimum speed from 2kn to 10-12kn so you actually travel instead of standing still. Big ships suffer horribly from this at the moment. Additionally people have suggested to bring landmasses closer together/ shrink the map. Personally I like the current map size. 4. A combination of the above. High speed zones + no wind system when you are far enough from land. When you are near land, minimum speed increased to 10kn or so. I realize you(devs) and some players might not agree with me, but at the end of the day you have to ask: What is the target demographic of this game? If you guys(devs) are making it for the 100 veteran hardcore old-timers who love the slow pace of OW, then you can call the game done and split it into 10 DLCs and launch it yesteryear. But judging by the effort and resources poured into the game, I'm thinking you actually care about getting more and more players in. Subtract the 100 veterans from your current player-base and you are left with new players who ignore the grind because of the excitement that Naval Action can provide, and players like me for whom the novelty is wearing off and still want to play the game but are losing patience to the point of abandonment. You need to adress the issue that is dead time in your game. I understand vision, I understand passion. I come from the same profession as you. As a player I'm telling you, the current travel speed is not enough. As a fan of age of sail and NA, I'm telling you, it's not enough. As a "early access tester" of NA, I'm telling you, it's not enough. In the most friendly and respectful manner possible, I'm telling you, it's not enough. Let's try to find a solution for this.
  10. I see. In that case this information needs to be present in the UI or something to avoid misunderstandings like this.
  11. Dear Devs, Please see NAB-68777. I put an Elephant Bow Figure on WO/WO Endymion, and it did not give the armor bonus. It just gave the speed penalty. See screenshots below for comparison. I have a feeling the latest patch messed the upgrade modules up a bit. Please fix! I tried putting the elephant bf on twice just to see if it was a temporary glitch. Went out and back into port. Same issue. Also, CapnButtPirate told me to tell you he's mad about it too, so you'll fix it sooner. Thank you!
  12. Nym

    Mega Patch 10.0

    1. Bring back the ability to do solo missions. There is no justification for its omission in this patch. Grinded away to be able to fit guns on the Surprise and when I was ready to go kick some ass, it seems I can only do fleet missions which do not fit my play style at all. If I wanted to team up with people I would play on the PVP servers. 2. Fix the availability marker on the trading tool. 3 ports showed having an item available and they were sold out. Hours and hours of sailing for nothing. BAD 3. SHIP SHADOWS ON WATER. It's 2017 for typing out loud! Also lit windows reflecting on water in OW for your ship would be lovely. All other ships have it except yours. I'm pretty sure it won't kill the performance to turn that option on (for one more ship on the screen). 4. Simplify the repair system, or lower the costs for repair items. 5 I have not felt the sting of losing a ship post wipe yet, but I agree that cannons are too damned expensive. 6. Make nights a bit longer. Seriously, I want a chance to enjoy that pretty night skybox. I'm sure your artists worked hard on it. It'll make sunsets and sunrises more appreciated. Other than that, good job! Your attempts to make me want to uninstall the game have not yet succeeded. Keep up the good work!
  13. Endymion is missing Gunport Hatches. Devs or medelers. Please add them. It looks dumb without them. If they don't appear in the plans, put them anyway. you can't just have 3 hatches on the prow and 3 on the aft and leave the rest as plain holes...cmon!
  14. The Endymion is missing Gunport Hatches! It looks super silly without them. Please fix!
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