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  1. I bet BR change looks nice in Reverse`s stream
  2. Id be mad too when being stuck for 90 mins in a battle with no chance to escape or kill the enemy. Straight up griefing imo.
  3. Naja wenn du 1000 krasse upgrades duplizierst und es vorher gemeldet hast wirst du hoffentlich trotzdem wegen abuse gebannt Ja oder auch nicht, wie sie in diesem Fall geschrieben haben. Nach dem Motto: zu viel Aufwand, drauf geschissen.
  4. Is ja leider immer noch so. Ranglistenhelden anstatt der Unfähigkeit der Entwickler für diesen bescheuerten Grind verantwortlich zu machen halte ich deshalb für Unangemessen.
  5. Ye maybe im a bit out of touch with the game^^ So thats nice to hear. At least at release passenger missions were pretty important to get the port bonuses
  6. Nice guide man, some short clips (10 sec or something) to especially combat tactics like raking would be helpful for new players. So sad it hurts...
  7. Community = random bunch of people posting their opinion on a topic Pointless topic imo
  8. Do you want to read 3 pages where people focus on the troll instead of the topic?
  9. Nation A attacker Nation B defender If no attacker joined yet then if battle is in Radius X of the port then if (Battle started by defender) AND (BR higher than half the PB BR) then increase PB window by battle time if multiple battles happen at the same time take start from first to end of last big battle and add this time to PB window You are welcome.
  10. Dont know how wind gusts influence this. Its true tho that screening is nice to involve a lot of people. Maybe PB window should be prolonged if fights happen close to a port so screening with the intention to kill the enemy is a valid strat but just trying to waste their time is not.
  11. Screening is bad because its auto win for the bigger nation. No matter how you fight as long as you bring numbers you defend every port. Thats not a good concept. It should be about killing the enemy fleets before they can reach the port, not stalling them until the PB window is vanished.
  12. Yes nice content suiciding with 3 full fleets of trash ships into your opponent to deny the PB.
  13. Ofc its a choice, in a mobile game you can also choose to wait 72 hours to upgrade a building or you just pay to get it instant. Still p2w.
  14. Alts to gain economic advantage is abuse aswell basically. You could also consider it pay2win.
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