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  1. P2W ships where u lose (almost) nothing when you sink is not the solution to economy problems. Either ships are valueable or they are not, but not both. Imo 5th rates should be dirt cheap so that everyone can derp around in them without feeling bad if they sink (not talking about Oak Oak trash btw). More action, while big powerful ships are still expensive and valueable.
  2. Idk man, people got banned for LotR meme in meme topic about wandering trees. Quite a bit of a overreaction dont u think?
  3. Then they have to buy these medals. PvP is high risk and I doubt you can be close to break even if u have a 50% winrate / sinkrate even with those medals. So PvP still means you lose money for most players, in contrast to crafting, trading or PvE
  4. Poll kinda shows that most people prefer to gank the shit out of people who try to look actively for PvP. After the 3rd tag with 3x BR when the enemy is out of repairs even the biggest monkey can win. Nice gameplay I would prefer a post battle screen with the option to go offline only after you were attacked, so coastguards still havethe chance to kill invaders.
  5. @admin Any plans to change skill knowledge grind?
  6. The change of wood distribution increased the focus of RvR, which was much needed. Doing hostility is still boring tho, any plans to change it before release?
  7. You are right, it wont be equal at all. But everyone will have to start leveling again which means its much more easy to integrate new and returning players. Also everyone will start sailing on whatever ships they get (except if you are French, in that case you only leave capital if you are maxed out again) so its easier to get fights since losing some random trash ships isnt that bad. Also economy will be different probably, so everyone will need to figure it out again.
  8. I would hope that everything gets wiped, including books and knowledge for more fairness. But looking at the outrage here the chances for that are probably small
  9. Hope ship knowledge gets adjusted as well, its a disgusting grind required before being able to use a ship effectively in PvP.
  10. I did. I get that 1 revenge attack afterwards is fair so nations can defend themselves, but it aint fun if you want to go out for some PvP and then are stuck in the game forever or until you sink.
  11. Farming corn vs farming noobs, whats the difference really?
  12. Buffing the already strongest ships seems like a strange way to balance the game. The reason for this is "4pds have most dps", while noone is using them since they have no pen. Everybody takes the biggest possible guns already. Also 1v1ing a 1st rate in a frig is hard as fck already, you should try it @admin. 1 or 2 mistakes and your masts are gone
  13. I recommend a microphone and 2.1 PC speakers for games like NA where you dont need to locate enemies through sound like in CS. You have nothing on the head and your voice quality is better. Also if somethign breaks you only need to replace that part while with headset you usually have to get new ones. In case you want to stick to a headset would be good to know which one you tried and why you didnt felt comfortable with it. also dropping this here https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/4nabvv/gaming_audio_and_you_why_995_of_gaming_headsets/
  14. At some point you need to stop doing a 180 on every mechanic and start doing fine tuning. Just look in my signature, a quote from u from the last patch. Reduced ganking is a good change, but I hope you monitor it and and adjust it with small changes instead on hopping to the next construction and completely abandon the last changes. Potential problems are that people who are attacking are discouraged, because joining the weaker side offers more benefits (you know enemy fleet, you know which players are in). Also people baiting with 1 ship and the rest will join later will become normal, but im not sure if that is a problem,
  15. So its like old signaling perk. I like it because there will be less ganks and more balanced fights. Maybe you should adjust the rate to 1,5:1, so gankers will still have some advantage and dont get completely discouraged to attack a Ram Dinark. I believe @TommyShelby used to put a lot of thoughts into that, you could read some old topics to balance it out. Still tho, major problem with PvP is that you cant decide when to stop playing. Also the new looting system didnt help.
  16. Oh man, cant wait for the reactions of the Americans when they have to get up early in the morning to get their ports back
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