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  1. Ganking Simulator

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Oh man, cant wait for the reactions of the Americans when they have to get up early in the morning to get their ports back
  2. Ganking Simulator

    Work in progress

    Isnt boarding totally random then? Almost like rolling a dice
  3. Ganking Simulator

    Soft Wipe

    A different progress would be interesting. No XP to rank up, instead everyone gains one rank per week.
  4. Ganking Simulator

    Admiralty Connection DLC Suggestion

    Why do you think so? You are already at the limit of outposts after the from admin suggested beginner missions (outposts in important free towns + crafting repairs). If you want to do RvR you constantly have to sail around with a basic cutter to move that one slot you have left from PB to PB. Lets not even talk about trying to craft a ship or buying special resources like Cartagena Tar... It just limits the gameplay and adds nothing to the game.
  5. Ganking Simulator

    [SORRY] Stars and Skulls- PVP 1 EU- Pirates

    Dragons 😍 Lets see how good the game will be first. If its nice and juicy Im happy to join
  6. Ganking Simulator

    What made you quit the game?

    No loot when you fight against the odds, no chance to log off. Looking for a challenge feels like punishment while ganking scum gets rewarded. Also dead RvR
  7. Ganking Simulator

    Naval Action Meme collection

  8. Ganking Simulator

    Empty sea

    Community was and is the biggest strength of this game. Clans used to pick up every new and old player to integrate them, to be ultimately stronger in PBs or to have a better economy to back it up. This all lost its purpose ever since PBs got so tedious and worthless which slowly killed a lot of clans. People like Havelock, Sveno or SruPl carried this game so long, most of them gave up recently because of this. Swedish TS on primetime 2 days ago: There were 10 people online, 4 of them played PUBG. All big clans deserted.
  9. Ganking Simulator

    Better Ships for All!

    How many of these can enter shallows?
  10. Ganking Simulator

    Personal diffrents and ugly behavior

    Das aggressivste daran sind die 3 "???" von Dimarco 🤔 I think I spider
  11. Ganking Simulator

    New search and hunt missions... really?

    Interesting, I thought most wanted a different RoE for PvP zone and actual safe safezones 😮 My bad then.....
  12. Ganking Simulator

    New search and hunt missions... really?

    Meeting them but not fighting since you didnt have to leave the safezone, lets not kid ourselves here. Maybe there should be a place on the map where you can just chill and do PvE with some friends (with maybe less rewards, just4fun?), maybe even where you can do PvE with anyone regardless of the nation. Like a lil carebear place where you can go when you dont want/cant pay too much attention to the game. Switching to PvE once in a while is hard I guess since you have to start from zero
  13. Ganking Simulator

    Economy update 2. Improved trading

    Nice, cant wait for the new goods
  14. Ganking Simulator

    A look at Looting in Battle

    Having "strategic ressources" like repairs, which you could need immediately for the battle in the hold is fine, because they create a small objective to fight for if both sides contest it. Other loot should just be rewarded at the end of the fight. Aside from being a QoL change, this would remove stealing loot which you didnt deserve from teammates. For PvP it would decrease the incentive for ganking, because it is easier to loot if you are the dominant force in the battle.