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  1. Ganking Simulator

    Battle's Closing Uneven BR

    Not true, if you stack repair mods you get much more out of multi rep. On a side note, this topic is a joke. If battles stay open for longer more people will join the winning side
  2. Ganking Simulator

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts enters testing phase

    Im interested!
  3. Im sure you have your own data, but the release is with no doubt a huge selling spike. Some quote about sales of an unnamed AAA title: https://torrentfreak.com/denuvo-cites-huge-losses-for-aaa-game-not-using-its-anti-piracy-tech-181108/ For me it would be a huge turnoff to hear that existing players have a big advantage from the start in a pretty grindy game.
  4. Ganking Simulator

    Premium Ships

    Im glad that this 11 months old topic to a game which got canceled is finally getting the attention it deserves.
  5. Its interesting to see that the majority seem to be relieved that they dont have to grind again while some are stating at the same time in other topics that skill knowledge does not matter. Maybe we need some changes so it doesnt feel so tedious and boring to grind slots while still being a motivator to play.
  6. Ganking Simulator

    Cannon Shot types

    So they were melting metal on a ship during combat? Wtf
  7. Ganking Simulator

    Very Low quality PvP

    You must be new. OT: Would be amazing to have a quick match option in port for people who dont have infinite time to go out and hunt. You could name it "Small Battles."
  8. Ganking Simulator

    BAITY + repp.

    Did HRE kite you so much that you listed them 2 times?
  9. Ganking Simulator

    PVP is no longer worth the time....

    Its not so much about the risk, its more about the fun for me. The only way to get a fight where you know you can go to port afterwards is if you react to someones aggression close to your ports. If you want to be active there is a good chance you will get ganked for hours or until you run out of repairs and finally die (capitals, pvp zone) or the enemy is not interested in the fight (hunting PvE players) and will run for the most part. Both options are boring. In this patch you encourage ganking while not giving an alternative.
  10. Ganking Simulator

    Ship Slot Exp waaay too high

    It feels like a f2p game in that regard except that you cant buy an xp boost
  11. Ganking Simulator

    PVP is no longer worth the time....

    + let the randoms from your nation who joined the battle die so you can loot them aswell
  12. 1) Unkillable Demon King - Pirates 2) Jon Snow lets go - Prussia
  13. Ganking Simulator

    PvP missions

    You mean like...port battles? Think they said they will add missions for that
  14. Ganking Simulator

    Crashing more than 15 times in battle

    Do you have some other programms open? I had tons of crashes when Faceit anticheat was running in the background