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  1. Farming corn vs farming noobs, whats the difference really?
  2. Buffing the already strongest ships seems like a strange way to balance the game. The reason for this is "4pds have most dps", while noone is using them since they have no pen. Everybody takes the biggest possible guns already. Also 1v1ing a 1st rate in a frig is hard as fck already, you should try it @admin. 1 or 2 mistakes and your masts are gone
  3. I recommend a microphone and 2.1 PC speakers for games like NA where you dont need to locate enemies through sound like in CS. You have nothing on the head and your voice quality is better. Also if somethign breaks you only need to replace that part while with headset you usually have to get new ones. In case you want to stick to a headset would be good to know which one you tried and why you didnt felt comfortable with it. also dropping this here https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/4nabvv/gaming_audio_and_you_why_995_of_gaming_headsets/
  4. At some point you need to stop doing a 180 on every mechanic and start doing fine tuning. Just look in my signature, a quote from u from the last patch. Reduced ganking is a good change, but I hope you monitor it and and adjust it with small changes instead on hopping to the next construction and completely abandon the last changes. Potential problems are that people who are attacking are discouraged, because joining the weaker side offers more benefits (you know enemy fleet, you know which players are in). Also people baiting with 1 ship and the rest will join later will become normal, but im not sure if that is a problem,
  5. So its like old signaling perk. I like it because there will be less ganks and more balanced fights. Maybe you should adjust the rate to 1,5:1, so gankers will still have some advantage and dont get completely discouraged to attack a Ram Dinark. I believe @TommyShelby used to put a lot of thoughts into that, you could read some old topics to balance it out. Still tho, major problem with PvP is that you cant decide when to stop playing. Also the new looting system didnt help.
  6. Oh man, cant wait for the reactions of the Americans when they have to get up early in the morning to get their ports back
  7. Isnt boarding totally random then? Almost like rolling a dice
  8. A different progress would be interesting. No XP to rank up, instead everyone gains one rank per week.
  9. Why do you think so? You are already at the limit of outposts after the from admin suggested beginner missions (outposts in important free towns + crafting repairs). If you want to do RvR you constantly have to sail around with a basic cutter to move that one slot you have left from PB to PB. Lets not even talk about trying to craft a ship or buying special resources like Cartagena Tar... It just limits the gameplay and adds nothing to the game.
  10. Dragons 😍 Lets see how good the game will be first. If its nice and juicy Im happy to join
  11. No loot when you fight against the odds, no chance to log off. Looking for a challenge feels like punishment while ganking scum gets rewarded. Also dead RvR
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