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  1. It was sarcasm. I get that devs need money to keep working on NA. Paints DLC is the best selling DLC, they could have added an ingame store so they dont have to pay steam 30% and separate the skins. So people can buy single skins for like 5 euro each or a season pass where you unlock a lot of them after certain challenges. It works in other games, why not here? They could also keep adding stuff like sail colors or whatever. Instead they add more and more P2W DLC ships which breaks the whole economy which is an essential part of the game. And that in a fking 40€ game... Also they ironically compared it to Apex Legends, a F2P game where there is a massive shitstorm for their prices and availability for free users for their new cosmetics (zero ingame advantage btw).
  2. Ultimate General is pretty popular as well so not sure about that. Besides that would you keep investing in a game which you are working on 3+ years already and which is released (so like 99% of sales are done)? When would you stop investing? Its business after all.
  3. why not post full screenshots so we see your answers aswell?
  4. “Everyone's a whore, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves.” ― Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders)
  5. No need to blame the community for your inability to contact one of the 250 memebers of REDS. bye
  6. Can you stop posting your hate towards the game and the devs pls? It wont change anything and its not funny ... back to topic
  7. Cant blame reds to be mad. Imagine doing all the shitty work in the nation + being cannon fodder every pb just to get backstabbed because people want nice fights
  8. Cooles Review, den Teil hier find ich am besten: "I have additionally heard a few people complain that the game is pay-to-win, but I’m not sure I agree with it. It is absolutely true that there are advantages to be had if you want to pay for them" Man kann sich Vorteile kaufen, bin mir aber nicht sicher ob es P2W ist....
  9. No, because through boarding you only get whatever is left of the weakest side armor + structure. So if you shoot most of the armor you still get the kill no matter what
  10. 2 scenarios: 1 - You demast a ship and board it. Your ally passes the ship, hits one broadside. He will get the kill credit after you boarded and sunk the enemy. 2 - Ally hits an enemy for 2 broadsides, he is still pretty healthy. You leak him and sink him with one broadside. Your ally gets the kill. Kill reward should be distributed depending on the way the enemy died mainly. If he gets boarded, all the remaining hull hp should be given as credit to the boarder and the guys who killed crew, basically as if you shot the hull, because this was the reason he died and not the 1 or 2 broadsides someone else shot before on him. Same with leaking.
  11. Not a fan having 20% of the server pop in the nation. Also I like sailing 2nd rates
  12. Schade, dass die angekündigten "multiple wipes to fix the economy" scheinbar gestrichen wurden.
  13. You mean for like 3 or 4 pve missions? Ofc its an advantage dont be delusional lol Why not fix the core problem so everyone can have some kind of progress which doesnt feel like its a f2p game instead of bitching around that you can keep your books while new players are completely fcked??
  14. Das Problem ist, dass man Schiffe und upgrades im Gegensatz zu anderen MMOs verliert wenn man stirbt. Das drängt Spieler in die Richtung, so wenig wie möglich zu verlieren. Das funktioniert im PvP einfach nicht, wenn jemand gewinnt verliert auch jemand. Die Folge sind ganks und Frustration. Außerdem schafft es gamelabs überhaupt nicht mal irgendwas zu balancen, was die Sache noch schlimmer macht und auch Freiheiten bei der Anpassung einschränkt, da manche upgrades einfach viel stärker als andere sind. Ich find die Idee von ship knowledge gut. Upgrades, die schwer zu kriegen sind aber die man dafür dauerhaft hat und die man auch flexibel austauschen kann. Weniger Frust und man hat trotzdem noch ein Ziel, auf das man draufhinarbeiten kann.
  15. Scheiße in 100 Jahren geht der Krieg schon los. "Ab aufs Boot Kinder, wir fahren in die Karibik!"
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