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  1. To put it in your words: Take any primary school class and they will teach you how to read. I never questioned that these are alts of some angry dudes, I just wondered how you know that these are from srupl or christendom. Ill quote it again for you:
  2. You can click on the steam profile and check previous names, this works even on private accounts. Also you assuming some shit without any evidence and providing it as if its a fact doesnt help much. maybe cuz its misleading and very subjective, yet called a "guide"?
  3. ....thats not nice, I hope he gets eaten by a dragon ...
  4. So you think its a fake review because he is like you named privateer in a naval game?
  5. Can you link your topic to that matter? Anolytic has like 10 topics about that....
  6. Maybe you should be tribunal`d, your hacks are getting obvious... I think dragons will eat Khaleesi because they find out she is not her real mom, so Jon has to take care for them (until he dies )
  7. Removed moderated content. Also, please treat others with respect. H. Darby
  8. Well I dont think DLCs will get changed into permits and so if they cant change them they have to change all other ships
  9. Another solution could be to let players redeem normal ships like they can redeem DLC ships. Once you craft a ship, you unlocked this ship in the specific wood/trim in which you crafted it. This would obviously break the entire economy as you only need to craft ships once, but like hachi said as long as there is such a difference between normal ships and dlc ships no matter how strong they are it is p2w and gamebreaking for me at least.
  10. Seems to me that you have gotten sick of big parts of the community, so why bother communicating with them
  11. You dont see a name before entering battle, so how do you know who you are fighting? Imo its not about easy wins, its about fastest way to get a fight. And that is around capitals or in shallow zone.
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