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  1. Trashumi Cubanwara

    Radio Naval Action España

    Un hotfix y suerte para enterarte de lo que viene. Si algo me ha enseñado esta gente es que: La paciencia es la mejor skill para este juego y que nunca puedes tener espectativas altas a la hora de esperar contenido via parches, porque el chasco te lo llevas fijo
  2. Trashumi Cubanwara

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Spain won Green Cay PB, congrats, I have no screenshot. It was me alone vs a bunch of Spanish players I lost the ship GG
  3. Trashumi Cubanwara

    Un proximo juego MUY chulo !!

    De todos los que tienes para elegir tenias que pillar el que es un timo xD Pero si, es muy buen ejemplo
  4. Trashumi Cubanwara

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It's been a long time since I played my last PB, but when I played PBs with the bucentaure they where pretty fun/effective
  5. Trashumi Cubanwara

    Planes de desarrollo 1ª mitad de 2019

    Si no me equivoco este ya lo podéis probar bajándolo desde este post y tiene pinta de que @Banished Privateer lo esta dejando muy interesante
  6. Trashumi Cubanwara

    Really bad manners towards the rest of the comm

    He changed his named to not be recognised by the community. He was streaming with no tags because he dont want to get stream sniped PD: There were like 4 people watching him in that moment and no one was the player using the req, but he still claims that he got sniped. The problem is that he was outside LT with a very slow ship.
  7. He lost and inger to a req and well.... the image tells more than my words could
  8. Trashumi Cubanwara

    It's Time to Sail

    In order to come back I need some of this to be fixed
  9. Trashumi Cubanwara

    What made you quit the game?

    when I think about that I just can remenber this guy, and im pretty sure than most of you remenber him
  10. Trashumi Cubanwara

    What made you quit the game?

    They killed a lot of working Ideas/mechanics with poor excuses they bringed back mechanics that most of the community disliked in the past whe have been going forward and backward lately in every patch without gaining nothing sustancial. I know it's not a very popular opinion, but, I would rather invest time working in RoE, localization and in properly balancing the game instead of working in the UI, that IMO is not really what I was looking for, yes it's pretty but it is not usefull. And of course the game is not for everyone but I would rather do a good singleplayer game instead of a MMO for 100 people. PD: Dont get me wrong I really love this game and I will be always looking back to play it once they think it's finished, but atm is not funny to play it anymore for me
  11. Trashumi Cubanwara

    What made you quit the game?

    btw W T F? The community isn´t the one that dont care about new players, the DEVS are the ones that don´t care about them, or at least it looks like they don´t. I have seen too much times a lot of clan leaders fighting to teach new players the basics of the game to get them content. They did that with me and I did that with a lot of newcomers and in every nation it's been always the same, it is a healty way to get players involved in how a clan/nation works, creating content for them and giving them things to do with other people in order to dont get tired of the game fast
  12. Trashumi Cubanwara

    What made you quit the game?

    Where is the problem in a community with diverse ideas and playstiles? That is indeed the perfect community that this kind of game needs. If the devs really know what they want they should just go, develop their idea and just ask the community for opinion and ideas for specific points of the development, and tbh, they looks like they dont play their game for a year or more.
  13. Trashumi Cubanwara

    What made you quit the game?

    1.-Like batman said: 2.-RvR is done 3.-PvP balance 4.-Lack of main content 5.-Lack of information/communication with community. 6.-Devs hiding info of the hotfixes 7.-Takes months to fix exploits/bugs 8.-Bad implementation of the DLC model (IMO) 9.-0 solutions to new player retention 10.-IMO Devs dont know what kind of game they want/they are making
  14. Trashumi Cubanwara

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    @Dr Yueh no encuentro en mi ordenador la configuracion que uso con el steam controller, pero igual este hilo te vale
  15. Trashumi Cubanwara

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    no tiene soporte, lo mas cerca que puedes estar de jugar con mando es con el steam controller y la verdad es que funciona sorprendentemente bien.