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  1. Smugglers have pretty much no liability in the game- merely put on the smuggler flag and sail into any port. Why not have some random chance that the port would resist the smuggler, particularly based on the reputation of the smuggler? For example, someone that is always capping British ships would have a harder time running as a smuggler into British ports.
  2. I think that once a bottle is open, the location, known the to player with the bottle, should also become discoverable by everyone after “x” time. You, as bottle owner, would have a certain amount of time to get to the wreck. After that, anyone sailing by the location could spot the wreck on their own - it would not be visible on the map. I think that would make wreck finding a bit more interesting and then everyone gets the possibility of hitting a random wreck to loot.
  3. Why can't the wind direction be more random than it is now? It seems that it just goes counterclockwise all day, all night. Making it more random would make sailing a bit more challenging and a lot more realistic. Why don't ships take some sort of random damage during storms? There should be the possibility of random damage from sailing into / through a storm. Right now, there is only a speed penalty.
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