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  1. No I don't think things were OK before, which is why the game hemorrhaged players.. what has happened recently is that Requiem has highlighted the issues to the extent that it has by making it the go-to ship for this type of gameplay. Previous to this, it just wasn't so obvious although people have been requesting this situation be looked at for 2 years now, it is the finality of Requiem that may just have created enough of a situation to actually start really looking at it..
  2. nope not kidding.. but hey, you seem to believe that whatever you want to do is justified no matter the consequences and that as a typical min/max coward will use whatever you can to min/max your experience at the expense of anyone else who wants to play the game by blaming the rules setup or your own defenition of words to justify your morally contemptable actions. One day you will realise that just because you CAN do something doesn't mean that it is right or acceptable or even smart to do so. You certainly win the prize of being the typical min/maxer who is smart but has no empathy, self-perception or social awareness of any kind. He's intolerable to spend time around and is generally best avoided. (quote from Gary Gygax in 1975)
  3. The origional names of this server were .. tadaaaaa Server 1 which was PvE and PvP.. then it became NA which was PvE and PvP and then it was merged with Server 2 which was renamed EU/Global ( or something) which was PvE and PvP and then they were merged and became Caribean which is PvE and PvP. There has never been a PvP ONLY server.
  4. Except there is no PVP server.. there is a Caribean server which is both PvE AND PvP and a PvE only server.
  5. Agreed.. Alpha players already have the experience of the game to accelerate faster after the wipe. Nothing else is needed.
  6. Considering the game is built in Unity and Unity maintains and can use multiple localization managers.. assuming the devs have a clue, it's one of the easiest jobs there is asuming the game was designed for localization from day 1, which most games are. M
  7. ermmm.. if you instigate an attack on a player.. remove that players missions. Instant nowhere to hide. Not rocket science.
  8. no.. seriously Permadeath is a game mechanic which makes it so that when a player-controlled character dies (in this game their ship dies ), they cannot respawn or otherwise return. An arcade game that costs qurters is permadeath because when you get game over, you start again at the beginning. There have only ever been a few permadeath MMO's and this one sure as hell ain't one of them in the same way that this game is not, in any way shape or form, hardcore. Games without Permadeath may allow characters who are killed (in this game their ship is sunk) to be resurrected to a playable state, with this action often costing resources or undoing progress the player has made ( which this games DOESN't do apart from cost of ship and now with DLC not even that). Ganking is a mechanism allowed and designed by Video games designers which specifically reward the "picking on the weak" aspect of human nature as per this game.. Ganking is not only designed into this game, it is rewarded. No single MMO that has ever implemented this has survived, and don''t go the Eve route, because Ganking in Eve DOES have penalties and they can be severe, and it's why Warcraft developed the Honour system which means that Gankers get restricted opportunities to buy and sell and progress to the final end game.
  9. Sorry.. where did permadeath come into this? The talk was about Ganking, which is designed into this game as rewarding by the devs, and whether it exists or not. That is in no way the same as a permadeath game which would be.. if you are killed at sea.. EVERYTHING you own (even in ports) would be lost and you would be starting a new character. The conversation is about the fact that the game has been designed to make Ganking rewarding and as such it's not FUN unless you are sufficiently skilled to be able to survive it, which newbies aren't.. hence you loose newbies and people get pissed off which means they stop playing. Misunderstanding funadamental in-game behaviours and experiences is part of what got us to this state and for those who keep going on with trite comments about well it's a WAR game.. no it's not.. it's a GAME. War Games are VERY different... and I agree.. a permadeath game is the closest you will come to a WAR game. After 2 to 3 years of faffing about with parameters and trivia and still loosing players hand over fist and trying to recover from that by adding huge PTW DLC into the game.. it's really a no brainer to see that all clues have left the building some time ago.
  10. Eve has the equivalent of Port Battles, and has meaningful and fun combat encounters daily. Taking a star system or a wormhole in Eve is the same as a port battle in Eve and moves all the resources of that are to the group that controls it so they can use it in their production or sell it to others to make a profit from the resources in that system. Holding a system allows you the access to not only that systems resources in space but also the resources from any planetary bodies in those systems. Oh and working up a fleet incursion(port battle) with upto 5000 ships a side is a damn sight more fun that having to go through the artificial methodology of attacking a port in NA and building up aggro then using a few ships to fight a baby battle that gains you nothing but a cost to maintain. PS the fight for B-R5RB ( a port battle in effect ) had 7,500 players all fighting over a period of 21 hours with a max of 3000 all fighting simultaneously.
  11. I would have thought that even easier coding would be.... no PVP marks for killing a ship in the green zone. That would pretty much solve all the issues in one go with a micro coding change of the if else variety. It would then severely limit ganking as there wouold be no point apart from just being a true griefing excersise. would make the green zones truly a (mostly) protected area and drive true PVP combat into OW where people claim they want it to be. After that you can work on things like econonmy etc to turn this from an MO into something that gets close to an MMO.
  12. not true. mm/dd/yy is only a us civilian date format and the USA is the only country in the world that uses mm/dd/yy in civilian text and sometimes it is used by Canada when talking to people from the US who can't convert to a real date format and a few others, mostly middle east use M/DD/YY on occaisions rather than mm/dd/yy where single M is alphabetic rather than numeric. The Department of State and the Department of Defense (and NATO) timestamp their reports and messages with text date-time-group formatted as DDHHMM(X) MMMYY, where DD represents the 2-digit day of the month, HHMM is 24-hour time, X is an alphabetic character that indicates the time zone (ideally this should be Z for "Zulu Time" in UTC to avoid misunderstandings about the time and day, but L for "local time" may also be used), MMM is the abbreviated month, and YY is the last two digits of the year. For example, 091630(Z) JUL 11 represents 16:30 UTC on 9 July 2011.[6] The DDHHMMZ format is also used worldwide in aviation meteorology for timestamps in METAR and TAF weather reports (month and year are omitted altogether due to very limited validity of these reports). Only a non-military person in the USA would favour mm/dd/yy. The ISO standard is dd/mm/yy as well. For clarity please reference the following for civilian time formats....
  13. At the latest Eve conference the figures that were released for 2017 showed the following activities taking place during player log-in sessions... out of a daily concurrent user base of approx 40 - 50k users at any one time... 13.8% of those were engaged in pure PVP whether against other PvP players or against PvE players. (PvP) of the rest.. 52% were traders supplying the various markets including mining, market trading, exploring and salvage.. (PvE) 28% were involved in creating something, ships/goods/stations/artefacts/equipment etc.. (PvE) 1.5% were involved in incursions (missions in NA) (PvE) 4.3% were involved in travelling/relocating. (Neither) 0.4% were actively involved in trying to hack the game. (PvA or Player v All) Just so we are all on the same page with figures here.
  14. It's giving players the opportunity to drive development by listening to those that shouted loudest on the forums that got us to where we are today.. so NO The average gamer has less than zero idea about game development and the implications of decisions made.. Game development is an art of balance and functionality and few people can put that together in a reliable base. Mind you.. a lot of programmers and "game developmnent" companies aren't much better and think that the game design part is all down to shiney graphics and a prayer.
  15. We can agree to disagree.. let me leave this with you... IMO.. gankers ruin PvP even for the people who like it. As soon as the ganker is met with an opponent that can't be dispatched with one sneak shot, the ganker moves on to find a new place to terrorize players who can't put up any sort of resistance. You're probably more than familiar with the pattern. Gankers always seem to lose their confidence when a real fight shows up and generally have high speed ships that they run like hell in. This means, sadly, that real fights are extremely rare in this world that allow ganking. The only PvP-minded folks left waiting in the world are the folks looking for easy pickings. After all, if gankers were such elite PvP masters, they'd be throwing down in open world fights, not picking on noobs. Some games have been developed with a PvP focus in mind and draw players who enjoy that type of gameplay, but this games PvP seems to be accelerating down the path of "gank or be ganked." Gankers are killing more than newbies -- they're killing the spirit of PvP and the game itself. Building a game that actively encourages ganking is a death sentence to the game.
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