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  1. not true. mm/dd/yy is only a us civilian date format and the USA is the only country in the world that uses mm/dd/yy in civilian text and sometimes it is used by Canada when talking to people from the US who can't convert to a real date format and a few others, mostly middle east use M/DD/YY on occaisions rather than mm/dd/yy where single M is alphabetic rather than numeric. The Department of State and the Department of Defense (and NATO) timestamp their reports and messages with text date-time-group formatted as DDHHMM(X) MMMYY, where DD represents the 2-digit day of the month, HHMM
  2. The figures are a bit hard to come by but the latest I have seen was from 2015/16 (eve keeps a lot of stats hidden for a few years) and for a player base of over 500,000 with a current online at any one time of about 35,000 the number of titans being built was around 20 - 25 a month with around 15 a month being lost so a net gain of around 5 - 10 a month. Total number owned is not a figure I can find with any degree of accuracy but it appears less than 300 overall in the same period. The closest I could get were the reports on the battle where 85 were lost in a day and it was stated th
  3. Nope Lets break that down a bit.... 1) The training required to fly a Titan in Eve is around 250 real-time days (Eve allows training offline) and the cost of some of the training books is also in the many millions of ISK. 2) The cost of owning a titan.. just for the components is in the order of 120,000,000,000 ISK (120 billion) (you will probably have to make a lot of them) 3) The cost of fitting the titan so it can be used properly in game is around 250,000,000,000 ISK (250 billion) If you can find all the parts and you dont have to manufacture them. 4) T
  4. Just wanted to add another point... Clans are nation specific.. I don't know about others, but .. how do I put this... a good percentage of my trading is done cross nation.. I bring British stuff to a neutral port.. they bring their nations stuff to the same neutral port.. we trade and then take the other persons stuff to our home ports... I have one outpost in a port that has quite a few other nations traders with outposts in the same port so we can just meet up when we need to and transfer stuffs Theres so few people on the server that it's not really even a risk to do th
  5. Yeah well on that basis, I would join a clan to do the mission then immediately leave again. Forced clan membership is bad any way you look at it.. dictating how I MUST spend my time in any game is a huge turnoff, no matter the possible advantages. If I could raid the clan warehouyse before leaving though, I would.
  6. sigh... ok let me break it down. 1) Many traders are a clan of 1 so they can get those benefits such as warehouse. 2) Because of the hours spent sailing, traders are more of a solo breed. 3) I haven't seen anywhere that says players MUST join a clan (even in the future).. I believe that would lead to a lot of players leaving. 4) A GOOD trader probably has their own infrastructure laid out and is unlikely to want to share all that info. 5) a GOOD trader wants to deal with all people in the game including many clans rather than join 1 6) There’s nothing inhe
  7. a lot more was known than people give credit for... for example.. in the period of this game.. ships docked in Portsmouth before heading to London so the semaphore could get information to London 2 days before the ships arrived. There was a simpler, but effective, system of information across Jamaica.. ships docking and sending messages before completing their journey. A trade price in KPR would be known in Saint Ann in less than a day as couriers used horses to carry trading info back and forth (48 minutes in game) Ships travelling distance brought news about the local pr
  8. nope. that just gives clans with hundreds of alts yet another P2W advantage over the ones they already have and isolates traders who prefer that aspect of the game and are not in clans and its the traders that need the info whether they are in a clan or not.. We have AI routes that the ships take.. theoretically most(if not all) ports have AI visits.. currently their only purpose is to provide targets for players.. use them to add to immersion in the game.. and have them update info.. I was going to suggest that when an AI ship arrives.. it updates prices from its journey but that
  9. +1 I also believe that the fact that the trader tool only updates once a day is a problem... we all know that the trader tool is usually wrong as the prices change per shipment sold.. Currently (without contracts) I am looking at the trader tool telling me that in my port Oak logs are 37/128 yet when I go into the shop they are actually 37/200. I think it would be useful if the trader tool were updated more frequently. I KNOW this period communications were limited and took a long time, so my suggestion would be that current port updates in real time, local ports update fr
  10. more people coming to the game perhaps, perchance? People coming into the game because it really is a sandbox not a one shot pony?
  11. Great idea.. seen it suggested a number of times in 2015.. 2016.. 2017 and now in 2018... I don't think it aligns with what admin is looking for even though it is standard MMO/Sandbox stuff and would, I agree, make a LOT more people be present in game.. AND the majority of the background coding is already in the game. Personally, my first character would be a trader, but that's just me
  12. LOL okay so I am not picking on you or anything.. just trying to do some good design work here.... This was suggested back in 2016... "Multiple characters per acount should be allowed, and the ability to build a warehouse (yes at a cost) in a port that the "ACCOUNT" rather than the "CHARACTER" could use.. it would mean both characters having an outpost in the same port but would have to be in a nuetral (not a port that can be taken) thus encouraging trading in Open World. That, I believe, would solve your issue and encourage a little more OW use? as to your afk activit
  13. but that's awesome, you know what you want, and you know what you like and by using alts you have found a way to enjoy the game the way you want to play it. (That's sandboxing btw) and you should be able to do it. But to do it, you had to BUY (for CASH) alts. Now.. in what way would it be different if you were allowed to have multiple captains on your primary account? Would that be the same for you and your style of play and getting FUN from the game?
  14. LOL we could get into multiple essays here (and many have been written on the topic).... let me just say the following.. Yes I have seen production sandboxes that have dealt with "alts" or even rendered them unnecessary but the interesting thing is the term sandbox.. The term sandbox is a widely used term these-days but it's difficult to nail down as it is a term that crosses so many genres with disparate mechanics and settings.. but ultimately it comes down to trying to provide the player of the game with freedom. Hence.. any restriction on freedom is counter to the aim of sandb
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