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  1. Partly true. Remember last time we had variable BR and 600 people there were wipes looming, and release on the horizon. Quite a lot of players didn't want to invest time and energy into earning ports or items that would be wiped. Also, RvR (arguably the only endgame content) isn't working. If a nation actively attacks another one repeatedly (and wins), they capture all the high point port bonus ports, leaving their opponent crippled. Look at the Pirates, instead of fighting their Frontline battles in the smaller ports, their entire crafting setup was based around 3 ports, which all fell within 2 weeks. In theory this is good, the pirates were defeated. The issue is many players choose to stop playing, or simply join the big nation's since they can't defend themselves.
  2. Spot on. This sounds perfectly normal with current RoE.
  3. Yeah I agree with the other guys above. 1 cycle for rig/hull was the best repair system we've had so far.
  4. No, this would create too many problems. Say you're nearly out of cash, you undock on your first rate, but now you're stuck on OW and can't dock up? Thats absurd. If you want operating costs for large ships, tie the costs to crew or something like that. Otherwise you'll end up with people that are stuck on the OW outside some freeport in an expensive ship, and they will lose it and get mad and possibly quit.
  5. Heres a link to a guide on the easiest way to do it https://www.competethemes.com/blog/create-site-like-craigslist/ They quote roughly $200 to start off, and $80-100 a year after that, to keep the site hosted.
  6. It wouldn't be terribly difficult, but the key would be having to pay to host the site. That's what I was hoping to do originally, but I didn't feel like paying for an experiment. This version is completely free to maintain. If someone has a way to do it for free though, we can chat about it
  7. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I'll ask this generally to anyone reading, for a bounty system, would you prefer the style where: (A) The 3rd party (me and anyone helping me) accepts the bounty, then gives it out when completed. (B) You contact the bounty poster to claim your reward. Option (A) would be more official, but require more work. I'd be able to ensure all bounties were legitimate. (B) Would be less in my control, more of an honor system.
  8. Update: I hit a wall with this idea, as I didn't have a good place to display all these photos in a manner that was user friendly. However, while working on my NA Marketplace Idea, I realized I can include all the paint photos submitted much more easily. Anyway, check out the gallery on the side here - https://sites.google.com/view/namarketplace/paint-collection It is still a work in progress, as I need to collect a lot more ships, but its still fun to look at Also, if you have more painted ships that you want me to add to the website, post them here or send them to me in PM. Thanks!
  9. Update: Streamlined the chart display system. Now instead of updating every 5 minutes, the charts should update instantly. They should also be more friendly to mobile users. Also embedded the two forms into the website, creating less pages you need to jump between.
  10. I'm pretty sure he found the submission form, because thats the only place you have to select a ship. Anyway, you have a good point, i'll update the description.
  11. Might have misunderstood a bit. You use the website to view whats available. Link - https://sites.google.com/view/namarketplace/auction-house Currently nothing is there, as I just reset everything an hour ago to allow for real submissions. I edited the descriptions of the links a bit to make it clearer.
  12. Main post updated. I removed the poll, as it was extremely supportive, and also because I completed the original goal of the project while I waited This system is ready to go, give it a try! I plan on building upon this idea if it ends up getting used, I can expand into several other sections, including resources/woods/etc. Who knows, maybe I can even add a bounty system 🤔
  13. Updated the links on this forum post, didn't notice till now that I broke some of them along the way 😁 Also added sections for selling ships and buying/selling mods and books. Everything should be nearly ready to be put to use, getting close
  14. Ah yes, Thank you. Looks like I left out PB bonuses on the final result, and yeah ill add it as an easy select option.
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