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  1. EliteDelta

    Grape does not reset timer

    Exactly. I have had the same thing happen twice as well.
  2. 1) Delta - GB 2) EliteDelta - Prussia
  3. EliteDelta

    Didn't get Christian

    Hello, I didn't get the Christian in my Redeemables today. I definitely got the 10k xp and 10 crafting levels on the testbed. I might know the issue though. On testbed I started as a Prussian, and used my ship and xp redeemables. After realizing I couldn't capture a port, and couldn't access the admiralty shop, I deleted my character and recreated it as a brit. I then proceeded to get 10k xp, and the 10 crafting levels, starting from midshipman. Maybe this is what messed things up? Thanks, Delta
  4. EliteDelta

    Demasting mechanics

    Any shot that hits a mast, will register as a mast hit, even if you are shooting chain. To know if your shots are penetrating, you need to know the stats of the ship you are fighting, and the ballistics of your guns. In your example, you were fighting a Belle using a Cerberus. The masts on a Belle Poule are 86cm thick. The cerberus mounts 9 lb guns, or 32 lb carronades. I attached the penetration values below. Medium 9's will penetrate the masts until you are around 150m away, and long 9's will penetrate until roughly 200m. The 32 lb carronades will penetrate until about 240m. In battle 250m is pretty close, its half of a map square, so I would guess that the majority of your shots were not penetrating. The values I was listing are for the bottom section of the masts, the middle section is thinner and the top is even thinner, so you might have been able to demast at ranges further than 250m, if you had focused the middle or top section. The key to demasting is to know the stats, and to focus all your shots into a specific section of the ships masts, or even focus a single mast. Of course if you start fighting players, mast mods make all this a guessing game, depending on what they might or might not have. Luckily the AI are more predictable. I'm happy to go into more detail about this stuff if you'd like.
  5. EliteDelta

    Did Learnt Books Change With Patch?

    It seems that if a book was changed, then we no longer have it learned. Some books were changed, and I believe a few were removed, although I can't confirm that yet.
  6. EliteDelta

    Grape tagging Bug

    I was just fighting a swede (HRE clan) outside Tumbado, myself in LGV refit and he was sailing Trincomalee. I was directly behind him, shooting grape up his stern, and then he vanished. I had killed crew as recently as 30 seconds (I'm completely positive) but it seems the grape and crew kills didn't keep him tagged. I believe this is the report info: NAB-83879 Was a bit annoying, as it had taken me about 30-45 minutes to get into that position, and he had no good way to escape me. Bug stole my kill! 😢 EDIT: I believe this happened to @Alucard Yesterday, maybe he can confirm as well.
  7. EliteDelta


    When did we have this feature? I've played since early 2016, and I don't remember this.
  8. EliteDelta

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    Nice addition, I didn't notice that on the bestbed.
  9. EliteDelta

    DLC in the future?

    I want to see a longer cool-down for the DLC ships. Make it redeemable once a week, or something like that. They shouldn't be treated as bigger basic cutters, but thats what it feels like with the 24 hr cool-down. Other than that, I personally don't want a currently accessible ship to become a DLC, although a refit version of an existing one could work nicely. Pirate Indiaman?
  10. EliteDelta

    Repair Balancing

    Yeah, I agree with pretty much every bit of this. I know the goal was to allow players to have a better chance fighting multiple enemies, but the result has been the opposite. I used to feel like I had a good chance in even ships 1v2, 1v3, or maybe even 1v4. Now, I still go for it, but my chances are much lower. Its just impossible to compete with 4 repairs for my 1, unless the enemy are complete idiots. Mostly, I don't like how the current system covers up people's mistakes. Before, 1 mistake could be the difference between winning and losing a fight. It felt like the fights described in Patrick O'Brians books, or the movie Master and Commander. In a chase, a couple degrees could be the difference between escape and capture. Now, its how long do I have until my next repair.
  11. EliteDelta

    2 banished people are 1 too many!

    Maybe if @rediii buys him the DLC? 🤔
  12. EliteDelta

    Penetration and damage

    That's the amount of penetration. Something like a 42 lb long gun will cause damage on the side, middle, and maybe even a bit on the opposite side of small ships. A 4 lb gun won't make it that far, and won't hurt anything except the original side, until the side is nearly gone. You see this a decent amount with close range Carronades, because they have high pen at close range. I remember this was obvious when dueling Hatchi one time, him on Trinc, myself on Endy. My 24lb guns we're doing a decent amount of structure damage (minimal bow/stern raking, mostly from broadside damage) and his 18s we're not doing much structure damage to me. In a long fight it begins to make a difference. He was down 3 bars after a while, and it began hurting his speed.
  13. EliteDelta

    pve server name

    The names have to be clear, otherwise people will join the wrong one and then possibly get frustrated when they have to start over on the other.
  14. EliteDelta

    wasa fir/fir for pvp?

    Okay. If you go absolutely all-out speed, you could get to 13.75 kn. Details explained below. Woods = Fir/fir Permanent mods = Copper Plating + Navy Hull Refit + Naval Clock Skillbooks = Optimized ballast + Art of ship handling + Art of proper cargo distribution + Trim Speed + Light Carriages Guns = Max caliber mediums on the bottom two decks + Carronades on top + Max caliber longs for chasers Perks = Optimized hold required Repairs = 50 (hull) + 50 (rig) + 300 (rum) - This is already WAY below what I would recommend taking This is assuming its a normal 3/5 ship without speed trims. A setup like this is already low on repairs, and by going for speed with every skillbook, you will have a difficult time standing up to anything larger than a light frigate. I would not recommend going with a setup like this. The speed was found using a speed calculator I made a while back, I don't have a ship like this
  15. EliteDelta

    Griefing After PB is Over and Won

    I was never presented with proof that staying in the PB when it is over is against the rules. You didn't leave, so I stayed to try and kill more of you. It was 1v6, but you all ran away. I still don't think this is against the rules. At no point was I attempting to stay away from your ships or guns. I was actually chasing you until we were kicked to the Open World. I'm interested to see what the devs will say about this.