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  1. My concern with your posts is that you're claiming this happened to someone else, and yet you seem to know with complete certainty what happened. Unless this is your alt, or you were standing behind the guy, I don't understand how you could be positive of how many clicks happened. You said there was no change in his voice, but that's not enough to know what is going on.
  2. You get the 1st fleet perk by default now, so that is for a 2nd fleet ship
  3. Difference is here I had at least 15 seconds of trying to turn on survival, and it wouldn't go on. I could still manual sail, I could turn off/on guns and sails, but survival wouldn't go. It was stuck.
  4. Ouch, I definitely wasn't lagging this time though. Ping was solid the whole fight...
  5. EliteDelta

    Survival Bug

    Hello. I just had an hour long duel with an Indefatigable in my Diana. I was winning, and it would have been over in the next few minutes. A ball from one of the indefs guns lit me on fire, and after a few seconds I was horrified to notice survival was off, and I couldn't turn it back on. I watched the fire grow larger, unable to stop it. I went into fire shock, the whole time i'm spamming the hell out of my 8 key. Finally I see survival turn back on, but 1 second later my ship explodes, and the battle is over. I have no idea what was stopping survival from turning on, and I also don't know how it got turned off, although I could have accidentally done that. I'm a bit frustrated by this bug however. It was a great fight, and instead of winning, I end up with nothing at all. Not only that, this was my only Diana EDIT: I reported with F11, although I didn't see the report number before I got sent back to port. EDIT2: Results screen
  6. Yeah, I agree with Liq. I don't love RNG, but players will always think they need the best ship to compete. Very few currently use AI or shop ships...
  7. The point I was trying to make, is that the survivability of the Hercules or Le Requin cannot be understood by simply comparing how often they die to expensive crafted ships. Players don't give a damn if they get sunk in these ships, and often suicide them into the enemy. This must be taken into account. Simply saying that the Hercules gets sunk more than the Bellona, so the Hercules is balanced just doesn't make sense. Most of your response is not relevant to what I was talking about, and the assumptions you make about my mindset are mostly false.
  8. You don't seem to be accounting for the mindset in a DLC ship. Many players don't try to stay alive and survive in a DLC ship. They also don't typically place expensive mods on them. Some do, but the vast majority of the Hercules and Requins I've sunk have only had basic mods on them. This lack of concern for staying alive throws off your stats. Players do everything they can to survive in a Bellona or L'Ocean.
  9. I know I can beat a herc in a different 5th rate, but that's not really the point. Hercules is one of the most deadly 5th rates, yet it's one if the smallest..
  10. Exactly. I have had the same thing happen twice as well.
  11. Hello, I didn't get the Christian in my Redeemables today. I definitely got the 10k xp and 10 crafting levels on the testbed. I might know the issue though. On testbed I started as a Prussian, and used my ship and xp redeemables. After realizing I couldn't capture a port, and couldn't access the admiralty shop, I deleted my character and recreated it as a brit. I then proceeded to get 10k xp, and the 10 crafting levels, starting from midshipman. Maybe this is what messed things up? Thanks, Delta
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