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  1. Good update, always nice to have a rough idea of when what is going to happen, even if the schedule isn't followed to the letter, sates a bit of my appetite for information
  2. Excellent guide to performing the process, thanks for sharing o7
  3. I would like to submit the flag of the Navy of the Two Sicilies seen here on Vesuvio, the Two Sicilies' own Bucentaure class ship
  4. Looking good! excited to see land in PBs been waiting a long time for that
  5. would be interesting if it was only on shallows or run aground, and potentially realistic no? the only case that comes to mind is that of the USS Philadelphia, she was attempted to be scuttled after running aground, but the work was undone by the crew after they were captured. However, in any other situation it'd be silly, as you could just deny the enemy the prize in such a short time they'd have no chance to stop you, you'd see virtually no captures in NA a that point.
  6. Ganking now, is nothing compared to what it used to be. The best way to combat ganking if you think its such a problem is to gank with your own group
  7. I'm interested in testing out these changes, the one that really worries me though is ammunition, I understand in real life these ships had limited availability of shot and powder and that occasionally that led to one ship winning over another. But in this game i think limited ammunition would just over complicate things and depending on how it was implemented open it up for abuse. I.E. in a system where ammo is replenished after battle, a lone frigate tagging and letting go a SoL over and over again to eventually get the kill, an extreme example but still possible. and if we had to go back to port, that'd be one more trip i just wouldn't want to take. especially since single battle atm would consume an entire shot supply
  8. The issue with the region borders proposal IMO is that it'd be virtually impossible to log out in the Antilles or the Bahamas sine the regions overlap quite often. However I think admin's proposal is a good compromise, probably the better that's been put forward
  9. I literally almost thought this was an old thread due to the subject matter. However, If you have ever sailed in enemy territory, or for those of us who have raided enemy shipping and believed there was an enemy retribution fleet outside, sitting in BS is something of a gamey tactic, however it does have its legitimate uses. I use the opportunity (typically following a reasonably intense PvP fight) to gather up, get a drink etc sometimes I need to do something, or more often than not the fight lasted so long that I need to leave and don't have time to sail the X mins back to port, likely risking another fight. Do some people use it for 'bad'? yes, but thats hardly reason enough to punish effectively the entire playerbase, there has been numerous (and I mean numerous) threads about this issue, and even more solutions, however in the end you will always have people exploiting somethings like this that allows people to have a break. I have yet to witness this as big of an issue that it was when we had invisibility timers, and most people I've come across are honorable enough to tell me they won't be leaving BS for a while. so we should just do more stuff like that and fix a 'problem' that is hardly gamebreaking or a problem at all. tl;dr yes ppl do it, but most do it for legit reasons no purpose in punishing them because a few baddies decide to be mean. instead all honorale naval gentlemen (even them darned pirates) should just tell the enemy players they won't be coming out of BS if thats their intention, that'll save everyone some time
  10. SLRN has been around forever, a great group of guys to sail with, even if you aren't with the clan. These guys are what some of the other clans (at least in the Brit nation) aspire to be. so clearly they have their stuff together. A big +1 and o7 from the RELIC gang.
  11. I am fairly sure either A. you used a wood which gives a speed penalty B you puts guns on it, and their weight its causing you to lose some speed C a combination of A and B
  12. Honestly i have no issue without commas, in fact its actually better this way because the European system, uses '.' instead of commas, and i think you can imagine the confusion from US players over that, as well as from European players if they saw ','. I think its fine as is, everyone can count and understand. just count your zero's and its all good, however I wouldn't mind something like a space in between so it'd appear as "10 000"
  13. I like the idea of specialization of certain classes of ships, however i think you should be able to switch, in this case losing all your current frigate BPs to switch to lineships and so on.
  14. No because it still has the same capabilities
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