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  1. I should like to se a reward for entering into a fair fight. I could think of two ways to do this: 1. The battle timer. If the BR is too uneven the battle remains open for longer and reinforcements can arrive for longer. So the people who love to gank can be ganked back to their hearts content and conterganking and so on. More fun for all. This should at least restrict ganking to more remote spots. 2. A reward for taking on ships with a bigger BR than your own. For instance an invisibility timer that would make it easier to get away if you manage to win when going against bigger opponents.
  2. 1. A marker on the map where you are and some navigational tools to aid in plotting courses. 2. Possibilty to drop into realistic sailing without going into a battle. 3. Ships in harbours in the open world view. 4. A way to view your own ships in dock so you can gloat and gibber at your beautiful collection. 5. Customizable decoration on ships you craft (paint and so forth) with LIMITATIONS. I would hate for the world to be full of pink Victories.
  3. It would be cool to be able to use the standard 29 ICS signal flags, as well as the numbers, hoisted at will to signal messages, although this would not be very historically correct since they didn't come into their current form until much later. Maybe the Popham code could be used. I think this would be both fun and educational, and give the much ignored ICS flags a much needed boost. And it would be great to hoist "LOL" in the rigging after outsmarting a pirate... If one would like more historical accuracy I guess the Popham code, which was used at Trafalgar, could be dug up, but then a lot
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