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  1. Good luck, hope you do well, having fun and helping others is a good Goal, just what the game and every Nation needs
  2. Due to in game circumstances, I have felt it necessary to change nations. I really enjoyed my time in the Russian Nation, and would never rule out returning there one day, if the Situation arises. I know most People accept and understand when players make this move, for those who want to make Propaganda out of it, knock yourselves out.
  3. The 42 lb cannons were replaced by 32lb cannons in 1803, so at the time of Trafalgar it was using the 32 lb cannons Her weaponry was intended to be thirty 42-pounders (19 kg) on her lower deck, twenty-eight 24-pounder long guns (11 kg) on her middle deck, and thirty 12-pounders (5 kg) on her upper deck, together with twelve 6-pounders on her quarterdeck and forecastle. In May 1778, the 42-pounders were replaced by 32-pounders (15 kg), but the 42-pounders were reinstated in April 1779; however there were insufficient 42-pounders available and these were replaced with 32-pounder cannons instead.[18] http://www.houseoftheorangemonkey.co.uk/monkey/trips/trip1461615.htm As you can see the 42 lb cannons were replaced in 1803
  4. Alt farming of resources is a big Problem at the Moment. I personally have sat in a port for about 8 hours at a time just to stop alts bidding on rare Woods, every 30 to 40 minutes having to alter my contracted bid, because they are outbidding every time. Why did we bother capturing the port if all they have to do is sail an alt in just to disrupt a nations economy. I have no Problems when an alt bids once or twice for goods, but when the same guy sits there for months, never increasing in rank, and all it does is regularly up the Prices to get first dibs on the goods, I find it a bit unfair. A System where the owning clan could guarantee a percentage of These goods for themselves would really help.
  5. Disabling friendly fire would adversely affect fireships, nothing better than firing at a friendly who is on fire to help him explode in the middle of the enemy
  6. I was wondering where Nick had got to
  7. The hull is much damaged with shot in a number of places, several along the water line. Several beams and riders, knees shot through, and a broken starboard cathead. Timbers of the Head and Stem full of shot with lots of parts damaged. Chains and Channels shot away, the Mizzen mast shot away nine foot above the deck, bulwarks shot away, the main mast was full of shot and sprung, the Main Yard gone, the main Top-Mast cap shot away. The Main Topsail mast yard shot away. The Foremast shot through in many places, the Foreyard shot away, Bowsprit, Jib Boom and cap shot-away. Spritsail yards and Flying-jib boom gone. Fore and Main Tops shot away and the ship taking in 12 inches of water an hour." This is the damage HMS Victory received at Trafalgar, she was then towed to Gibraltar for repairs before limping back to Portsmouth. The sailors on board did not know how much HP any part of their ship had, why should we? I realise its a game and People want to see what damage they do, but surely we can live with this, they had to.
  8. http://www.contemporarysculptor.com/hms-victory.htm Yet again an article stating that the 42 pounders were replaced by 32 pounders, perhaps this would be a benefit to the game, might lower the Advantages a first rate has over 2nd and 3rd rates
  9. https://savoringthepast.net/2013/03/22/18th-century-sailors-food-ships-provisions/ This gives a quick breakdown of provisions for the Bellona and a Sloop, I believe for 4 months https://www.militaryfactory.com/ships/detail.asp?ship_id=HMS-Victory A Little Information as to the cost Setup and amount of sails etc carried on the Victory
  10. There are 3 third rates as far as I know, the Bellona, the Third Rate and the Wasa, are these all the same model, not being sarcastic, just dont know if they are or not. So let's dismiss the idea completely then - that's much better than coming up with a counter argument... What if the wait was less? could be a week? could be four days? I'm looking for a compromise that would allow you to do exactly this: I wasnt dismissing , the idea that a Nation has a set amount of first rates, but who has to then craft the replacement, is it the Player who lost it, or the Nation to whom he belongs, why would crafters even stockpile the mats to craft these ships, the Nation might not lose one for 3 or 4 months, again who is going to tie up their warehose Slots just on the offchance that a first rate will be sunk. Everyone paid the same amount for the game, everyone has the right to expect that when he has qualified by rank experience and crafting, he can sail the same ships as everyone else. This is after all a game not a historical reenactment
  11. I understand Cetric that you personally do not like first rates (or fat ducks as you call them), but I think you miss the point of that first moment you craft one. I had one sat in my dock for weeks before I used it, normally I played Mortar Brig, or the fast cap ship in PBs. Just knowing it was sitting there was a great Feeling, I had maxed my rank and crafting, and I could finally make one, you can ask my old clan, I used to collect and craft all the necessary mats before even asking for a ship, so when it was made it was mine. I know they are just Pixels, but damn it, they are my Pixels, and I earned them. Who decides who is going to sail these rarer than unicorn poo first rates, lets just say Moscalb, Dron, Liq and Rediii are in one clan, would anyone give a first rate to John Q public, because he has reached rear Admiral, not a Chance, and even if they do, how well will he sail it, hes never had one before, doesnt know ist strenghs, how it sails under Manual sails etc etc. All you do is create an elite in each Nation.
  12. If this is implemented I can see some peoples reactions, "OK, Ive lost my Santi, cant get another one for 22 days, lets Play something else, till my new one is ready"
  13. While this Looks at first glance an idea worth putting Forward, could you imagine the shitstorm that will happen, if for example clan A took their alloted 4 first rates out and they were sunk. Nation Chat would go beserk, clan A would be attacked on all sides. Who would have to rebuild the lost first rates, those who lost them or the Nation. ( some Clans might not have the resources or funds to do this). Who decides who gets to sail them, I can imagine a persons reaction, "naaah you dont get one, you are not good enough. Who makes sure that those Clans with the ships are online when they are required, do all nations have to have a QRF available at all times."
  14. While I know that at present the development Team are working on the UI and other Major aspects of the core game, I would like to get some suggestions and Feedback on a small addition which could benefit the game in General. I am specifically talking about sail Icons being introduced into the game. My Suggestion would be to have a choice of 30 to 40 Icons in 8 to 10 colours, (suggestions as to Icons can also be included) for example the fleur de lys, lions and other creatures, and for the pirates skulls etc.The sails themselves would stay White, imagine black sails after a couple of months sailing, they would be a faded gray colour with multiple stitch work where repairs have been carried out These would be a clan logo of sorts, the choices would be available in the clan main page, and would be paid for much like the warehouse is now, can only be purchased by the creator or officers, and if a Change is required, you would have to pay for your sails to be replaced. This would give each clan an identity, new Players will see these ships, and want to be part of it, there would be no cost to the individual player, as it is a clan logo.
  15. I can only give an opinion on the few times I have attacked a Trader inside a reinforcement Zone. The AI were no deterrent, spawned too far away, easy to outmanouver and escape from. I cannot give any Input into the effectiveness of the AI when being attacked, as I have no safe Zone, can be attacked outside every port with no Chance to call for help. This is not a complaint, we Chose the Nation we play for, but please, for those of you who can call reinforcements, thank your lucky stars, a ittle help is better than none
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