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  1. I did read your post and I referred to your post in the first part of my post. I started using plural in the rest of the post, so it was not a "rampage against it". Maybe you saw yourself in the rest of my post, but for that i am hardly to blame, especially since i was, in the essence, agreeing with you in most of your general opinions, but disagreeing with you being impatient about them. I just posted under your post. And I agree with you that the BPs should be available to all types of players, but we are currently testing mechanics of the pve and pvp events. They can't implement
  2. Yeah, how about giving both the changes and the devs some time to set in and see how everything works out? You yourself said that there is no more time, so why would they spend time on working out pve event for all available ships right now? This is testing. For starters they've put in Cerberus to see how the event will work out and there is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that, if the event is well received and works out, they will add other ships as well. If players can't play because they don't have a cerberus, then they can buy one. or craft one. It's not like it's not obtaina
  3. Yup, give us some pvp currency. So that even lowly n00bs such as me can get something by slowly grinding through pvp (and hopefully improving at the same time). it would be a great incentive to go out and fight. especially since i know I won't be in the top 10, so I see no reason to go and risk my ship, upgrades and officer lives in pvp. Put some gold upgrades, some paints, etc in Admiralty shop to be bought with that currency. Or just let us buy chests with the currency and put random rewards in it.
  4. This sounds good. I would deffinitely craft more dura higher rank ships that I would eb using for a longer time, but would craft lower dura ships for those starting ranks or for shallow water battles since I wouldn't be sailing them so often.
  5. meh, they should just speed us more in OW and allow us to queue for large and small battles anywhere.
  6. A player in a gunboat tried to attack my trader and it said that he couldn't initiate combat because BR difference was too high. What is the BR difference that prevents combats? When can I attack larger group (to pull them to battle) and when will ti fail? EDIT: typos. Dyslexia ftw.
  7. I think you look at it in the wrong way. This is a one time buy game (meaning it's not a free MMO and it's not based on monthly subscriptions). Every game has a certain number of playhours where it is profitable to buy it. I believe that if I buy a game and I get 200 quality playhours from it, then I got my money's worth from the game. I have placed an arbitrary ROI on games where I think that I should get some 100 hours of good playtime for every 20 Euros spent. If I get less, it's a waste of my money. If I get more it's a bonus and a great game. Now, in this gam
  8. That would be good. i know that some community created missions in Star trek Online were excellent. People really created great stories. Just need to watch they don't make missions designed for farming exp.
  9. hey guys, i would really appreciate a tutorial on port battles. I can't find any that would be up to date and to be honest I'm not quite sure how port battle mechanics work, together with screening, etc. Because of that I avoid going to port battles because I'm worried that I will screw something up either with screening or in the port battle itself. And I'm sure there are a lot of other noobs out there that need help with it too.
  10. Sorry then, I didn't realise you actually want to play it like that. I thought you were telling me how you got around the problem of huge time requirements in this game.
  11. Actually, I think this could solve the problem: 1. allow players to destroy cargo during battle 2. allow players to pay or transfer part of the cargo to the attacker during battle. That way defender can offer part of the cargo or gold payment to the attacker. Attacker will get goods and / or gold. Attacker will have an incentive to accept that since it will save him time he would spend chasing the ship, he won't waste ammunition (which is coming in the future) and he knows the other player could just destroy all the cargo. if the defender destroys the cargo, the attacker w
  12. Good change. As for teleporting, I think it should be kept since we can't transport goods in a fleet ship. So, if you cap a trader and don't have enough crew for both ships, you can't take it if there is no teleporting ships. But, I suggest that if you use teleport then you lose use of the officer and the minimal amount of crew required for that ship for some time depending on the target port distance, symbolising you giving the command of the prize (captured ship) to your officer and skeleton crew to sail to your port. That was a common method for prizes during the age of sail.
  13. well, yeah, but that's not how it's supposed to be if you are playing a game.
  14. I think that every square on map equals 10 minutes sailing time. I was talking about trading. Also, free towns are capped at 5 deliveries of 1k goods each. I use it all the time, but I need those deliveries for trading too, and with the weight of trade goods and the time needed to deliver it's not much that i can move. That's why i suggested giving people more deliveries. Then i can sail around gathering stuff and then send it to free town i need and then sail it further. Then I won't be wasting so much time sailing, but people will still sail around with goods and will have a feeling they did
  15. You know you can't sail for an hour alert and concentrated (if i were to sail goods from capital to my hub it would take me an hour and a half). This is a game, not a job. As for pirates, if they allow us to transport goods in fleet ships so players can defend their traders and goods and fix battle result camping, it will be ok. last time i lost a ship after sailing it for 45 minutes because atatcker was hiding in battle result screen, popped out and tagged me with 2 renos and after 35 minutes of trying to escape i lost the ship. And an hour and a half of my life i spent sailing and
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