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  1. It sounds like some people are getting hung up on the word "simultaneous." This is a suggestion to make random fire mode fire all guns faster than it currently does, not literally simultaneously. "Simultaneous Fire Mode" was just my attempt at creating a useful descriptor for what differentiates this fire mode from the other ones.
  2. As I said, it would be faster, not exactly simultaneous. Feel free to suggest a more accurate name for the fire mode. For example, if a rolling broadside completes in 3 seconds, simultaneous mode could perhaps complete in 1.5 seconds. And of course, it doesn't have to be exactly twice as fast - the particulars and what it is called isn't important at this point. The suggestion is to make random fire mode faster so it's useful. It's not, I am quite certain, as I spent time testing exactly that. My Bucentaure, for example, completes a rolling broadside in 5.5 seconds, and a random broad
  3. Currently, the random fire mode has no apparent practical purpose besides frustrating captains who accidentally use it - it offers no advantage over the rolling broadsides in any situation. However, I feel it could be made useful with a very minor change: Random fire mode now fires the guns twice as fast as the other fire modes. Rename Random Fire Mode to Simultaneous Fire Mode. By "fire twice as fast," I mean that the time it takes between the first gun and last gun to fire is half as long as the rolling broadside modes. It will have no effect on reload time, accuracy, etc. This will turn Ra
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