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  1. Very good fight Swedes/ tiphat (great skill Havelock ) Was everything in this fight: brawl, chase and boarding action including half water Consti (Varjag) board Indefatigable at the end GF all
  2. Meantime in swedish water three pirate frigates cause a lot of troubles:
  3. We play as a real pirates - We don`t bother about politics, alliances and all this "rpg" bullshit. We have a lot enemies on open sea and when we spotting them we attack - simple like that. So what the point moaning here mister Tenakha? There was no Brits so we tag you. Have to deal with it.
  4. Nicely done after i got sunked ! Still manage sunk few big ships
  5. We will check Jamaican hospitality without doubt Great place for winter break
  6. Indeed - Great Fight /tiphat to swedish captains who fought brave and till end!
  7. When we get nice fights i will stream on: https://www.twitch.tv/fredperrypodw
  8. Great fight! 7 vs 22 manage sunk 8 ships! /Tiphat brits
  9. Will back 11th september so ill join the party! GOOD JOB ALL
  10. I can everybody of you 1v1 if you ask me..but now (sadly?) on my holidays...too much pints lads back asap to sunk more ...
  11. Was great fight - sadly for us they get reinforced with 6 lineships (social perk ) if they not who knows what could happen GF all
  12. Yup it was great fun kind like those balanced (read. equal numbers 19 v 9) brawls
  13. TS thsi TS adress working fine? cant connect...
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