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  1. How sad to hear. Had the pleasure of sailing with him under the Dutch flag, and later a short stint in the US Navy, before settling on his final nation choice. He was passionate, but he was fair. Fair winds and following seas.
  2. Assuming he KNEW before hand that his clan mate, in another nation, was in the battle to begin with. We need proof, or a confession, that he knew before he joined.
  3. Unfortunately, they do not have a reputation for this. Unless you have hard evidence that would suggest otherwise. And I mean screen caps of conversation or hearing them in voice chat. Other than that, all of this is circumstantial. This is an unfortunate scenario where it is not prohibited to have accounts in multiple nations, nor is it to have clans in two nations. Magic clan in the US was famous for their shenanigans pre-release. But then again, they could argue it was all circumstantial, as there was no hard evidence. Hoping Waldron provides some clarity.
  4. Unfortunately there are always 3 sides to every story. You see what you want to see. I want to hear from Waldron first. He has a right.
  5. For the sake of argument, did Waldron know he was joining a battle with a fellow clan mate in another nation? If not, and I am positive this is not the first time this scenario has happened to other players (a negative symptom of having a clan in two nations, however good their intent is to stay in compliance with the rules of not gaming the game), what should he have done, attacked his clan mate anyway? We need to hear his story first before saying he is guilty.
  6. Noticed this morning as well, we won't be taking advantage of the situation, this should be fixed and anyone who wants this port should go about it the right way.
  7. Best use of Google Translate EVER.
  8. Definitely not a game bug, mine always loads great. SSD, RAM, vid card all play into it. Agree that the SSD is the best upgrade for instant results.
  9. Lucky Jack


    I loved PoTBS, was my first MMO and had such a great community (started 5 years ago). I haven't really played for the last couple years and I started out on the Aussie server, but the eventually had to migrate to Roberts and Tiggy. Loved night flipping, loved the econ, and 6v6 PvP. My favorite vessel was the Mercy; I eaked every bit of performance I could out of her. Never could defeat a Rat though unless I was going to broadsides. I am glad to see a bunch ex-PoTBS'ers here. My name was Lucky Jack (Brit). I am really excited to see where Naval Action goes... I would love to join an
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