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  1. PvE specific upgrades. Purpose - Flying another nations flag Unnamed book. National trade good. National upgrade material. This upgrade could be placed into an upgrade slot allowing the player to join into another nations port battle as either a defender or an attacker depending on that nations task at the time. It would probably work best as a Knowledge Book as opposed to an actual Upgrade. As the PvE server is made up of a lot of individual players who don't wish to be involved with a clan and some nations don't have enough members or large enough clans to take or hold a port this would give the PvE server more flexibility overall. This would help both clans and the individual players to take/hold ports also fleet up and make larger groups under one flag. (I'd actually prefer this as just something everyone could do on PvE rather than burn an upgrade slot or even a knowledge slot). And/Or Purpose - Clan affiliation with foreign nations clan or clans. Unnamed book. National trade goods from both nations. National Upgrade materials from both nations. Fixed amount of Dubloons/Reals/Tools/Stone to port owners to help with infrastructure and expences. This upgrade would allow a player to use a foreign ports ship building facilities and get the Port Bonus' as either a clan or individual player. If either cant be implemented as upgrades or knowledge books then I'd probably even buy it as a bloody DLC for PvE as the PvE server needs this added flexibility on the server! Before all the whiners jump in about PvE please remember that the PvE players are part of this community as well and some players play on both PvP and PvE. Clan Spy v Spy
  2. A couple of quick answers (yes it will likely be long winded). Bryan the quick answers you gave have issues. Change nation - you either wipe your character and yet again start out from scratch or have to pay real money for the ability. Neither works for me and likely won't work for other people. Stop Playing - I'm sure you can see that that is not in the games best interests. If you can't see this then the game is doomed to fail. We want to encourage people to play not drive them away. I realise that some decisions that the devs make aren't popular and you can't make everybody happy all the time. But once again the current structure that deliberately disadvantages players is not a good draw card for the game. Miaowi perception is the issue here, people won't buy into the game if they feel they can't compete on even terms (once they have put the effort into building all the infrastructure required to). It is human nature to seek an advantage but when an individual perceives that he is getting screwed over it is likely he/she will not participate. Hence every nation should have a fixed and safe 55 point port. It's not about equality it's about marketing the game and letting those in the future who wish to join the game even they are joining later that they can compete without everyone they run up against having a quantum leap advantage over them. Slaying newbies or players with crap ships is hardly worth patting yourself on the back over and calling yourself a hero. Not everyone started on day one and your statement is in fact just plain incorrect. I have intimated before that perception is everything and new players who come into this game are literally being looked down upon by some members of the community and the sense of self entitlement these more experienced players exude is truly not welcoming. Pretty much every one in game will help out but to be constantly informed 'You didn't help with this' and we can do what we like attitude really screws over newer players. Quite simply put unless a port is captured new players have NO OPPORTUNITY to contribute and this game at the moment is not much more than a vast stalemate. Select few, now we see the sense of entitlement come out. We may well have had a select few in some cases but others helped out as well. Wow some people captured a port from AI's and believe they then have the right to screw everyone else. Entitlement - simply put Clans shouldn't have been put in that position in the first place. I know many new players in the Danish nation who joined after the port was built up - spent hours chasing down all the mats, Dubs and Reals to set themselves up and now it is all gone. This can hardly be in the best interests of the community. Players are quitting, those that have changed nation we haven't lost thankfully. So it is highly unlikely to help encourage new players to populate the smaller nations. People can rationalise and justify actions until the cows come home but ultimately shouldn't we as a community be looking to keep the game healthy? The push to fill out the larger nations is in fact counter productive to having the current national structure we have. If the developers want to go down this path then they need to grow a pair and make some really tough decisions for example limit it to four factions/nations this will result in a more compressed player base. Simply put PERCEPTION is everything. This game is a massive time sink and it discriminates against those that don't have the time. It is not player friendly in this sense, so making sure that those new players (and old players) can compete means every one should have access to a 55 point port. Otherwise why bother with the game at all. If you know you are outgunned from the start you can't replace your ships and can't compete in any meaningful way what incentive to play? Absolutely none. Perception. Spy
  3. Lets take a step back and see how we ended up in this game. Through our own interests, for the most part, we found out about Naval Action through word of mouth, steam search etc etc etc. We noticed it was 19th century sailing ships - first thoughts ohh what nations what ships. We bought into the game or got early access, maybe someone gave you a key or gifted you the game. Either way you got involved, got interested, first and foremost you selected a nation then maybe joined a clan. I'm sure we can agree it was something along those lines. A lot of players went through multiple wipes - some happily some not so. So here we are today with a game that is enjoyable in both PvP and PvE but if I am hones is having issues. For me Clan control of ship building ports is a problem - not just because of what has recently happened in game but because the mechanics behind it are not the best and this has been compounded with by the Port Bonus'. At this stage we have a lot of nations that do not even have access to a 55 point port and one not even a 40 point port (I was shocked to discover this as I don't have Netlify and assumed that all nations would have at least one 55 point port). Yes assume does make an ASS out of U and ME when you don't check and it did in my case. I was truly horrified that clan friends list controlled who got access to the shipyard and disappointed that it was so limited. As far as I am concerned every player either as an individual or in a clan should be able to access full port bonus' port and build either through his/her clan or as an individual. Everyone has spent money to be in here. Even more horrified when I had a friend to a quick search on Netlify for me to find out who had what 50+ ports. Russia 4 x 55 point port - Neuve Orlenes, Vera Cruz, Campeche and Nassau. 5 x 50 point ports - Sesal, St George, Basse Terre, Santa Marta and Cartegena de Indias. Dutch 1 x 55 point port - Santo Domingo. 9 x 50 point ports - Tolu, Rio de la Hacha, Maracaibo, Coro, Caracas, Neuvua Barcelona, Cumana, Santo Tome de Guayama and Les Cays. British 1 x 55 point port - Santo de Coba. 6 x 50 point ports - Salamanca, Belieze, Truxilo, Puerto Plata, Cape Francis and Trinadad. Swedish 1 x 55 point port - San Juan. 2 x 50 point ports Oranjsted and St Johns. Pirates 2 x 50 point port Neuvitas and Baracoa. Kingdom of Prussia 2 x 50 point port - Chagres and Batabano. United States 1 x 50 point port - Saint Augustine. Spain 1 x 50 point port - Remedios. French 1 x 50 point port - Bridgetown. Apologies for what I'm sure are many spelling mistakes. The above list may not be complete I wasn't the person checking it and have listed it on good faith. Notice missing nations? I find it frankly pretty damn poor that each nation doesn't have a full 'open to anyone' 55 pt port bonus port that should be protected no matter how large or how small the nation is. The fact that a player pays money to play the game then gets screwed over because A. HE/SHE isn't in the right clan. B. Isn't in a nation that has a 55 point port. Port Bonus' either get rid of them or make one port in each nation 55 points and untouchable (making the port bonus for protected ports pre selected and the same across all other protected ports). Any other ports can be clan controlled as they see fit - this gets rid of some nations having an advantage over other nations and gives every player full access regardless of clan affiliation or not. Make it so if you want a shipyard in that protected port you must pay in trade/dubloons/CM's or some such to keep it's Port Bonus' up and running (this can't be extravagant or to much of a burden for an individual player) if the shipyard owner fails to pay then he loses the bonus' until he/she can. Clan owned Shipyards get a 0.5% additional chance of building a Gold ship and the choice of how they wish to expend port bonus points allowing them to focus on particular preferences or maybe an extra resource being produced in that port giving them less crap to move. There has to be some way of making this more equitable across the board and not as discriminatory against some nations/players or those that don't want to be involved with clans and clan politics. The game should be inclusive not exclusive. Come to that under this current system why have nations at all why not just team Green, Blue, Red and White. Nations (as many as we have) are basically defunct due to Clan control. I think we have to many nations on a map that is to large. Due to my time zone I have been playing against the scorchingly high numbers of 164 persons and slightly higher over for the past couple of days. We have a map that allows some nations to have well protected waters with minimal interference in trade due to long distances and other nations get reamed from the get go because the are surrounded. Look at the Gulf of Mexico - only two neutral ports with access to the entire area Tumbado and El Rancho. The British, Dutch and Americans have the same protected areas where long sailing times protect ports from any harassment at all - vast swathes of area with no neutral ports. On the flip side these areas offer little in the way of targets for new players to come to grips with because it seems a vast majority of the shipping is from the owner of those ports. As a consequence we have players operating out of La Mona so they can rank up the heavies due to a total lack of any targets in or on the borders of that nations home waters. The game mechanic does no favours to new players. If they join the right nation, if they get into a clan that has an all access pass it's ok but what about those that don't? No help or support at all to the individual player who wants to just hunt and craft ships and play for fun unless other players give them that help (one wonders why people would want to buy the game and DLC's especially if they know that other players have such a massive leg up in ship quality/capability). If you don't know about the port system and you select the wrong nation your options are pretty much ..... limited (not the word I wanted to use) as you now either have to delete your character and start up again or are forced to spend real cash to change nation (yay and not a convincing one!). For those that say just go capture one of those 55 point ports - ask yourself if your ships are several standards below what the enemy can craft and your nations numbers are small - what chance do you really think they have. Are these smaller nations to be given only a single choice - join a bigger nation (totally undermines having this many nations in game) or get the crap kicked out of you because of a game mechanic. I can sail for hours in enemy waters and not see a player to fight. If I am lucky enough to find them I'm pretty much instantly outnumbered. If I fight AI's then they (players) either wait for you outside in numbers or just join in. Neither of which I mind as PvP is what we are here for. But it is further discouraging to know that any ship you sail will automatically be at a disadvantage. Winds - I don't mind the wind structure but for me it needs to be modified - If you take advantage of one of the wind gusts when you get within a set distance of land it should cease to work. The wind gusts should be in game to mitigate against time spent during long distance sailing not as a tool for players to get 10mins or so of speed buff so they can screw over those closer to shore who are just going about what they are doing and don't get the benefit of any gusts. The current structure of Wind Gusts has just turned it into a hunters hit and run rocket assisted paradise. Loki PvP - I did't mind it but I think it unfair if your fighting larger ships that you have tagged you suddenly end up with two or more larger or even smaller ships with players in them. Maybe the devs could look at Loki only allowing 1 slot in an AI fleet. Loki PvE - I didn't mind Loki in PvE (though this feature has now been removed). Tackling the PvP issue in PvE where some players also want limited PvP is difficult. I think that with the current PvP zones it would be good if you introduced a true PvP zone and a true PvE zone that way players in PvE that wanted to try PvP could do so in the true PvP only zone. This would be a great introduction to PvP for those players allowing them to gain experience, improve sailing skills and the hopefully move into PvP when they feel comfortable. Introduce an individual PvP and PvE zone on opposite sides of the map each day maybe and rotate them around the regions in tandem? Fact - No game will ever be perfect but all games can be improved. Spy
  4. rediii, My being in DNP has nothing to do with this discussion any more than you being in HAVOC. I am questioning a broken mechanic and you delivered it, by your actions, the way to highlight it. At no point have I mentioned the clan leaderboard. The 164 I mentioned was how many people in TOTAL were on the server while I was on. As for how much I put forward 10.000 dubs is way under the mark in one 3 day period alone I put in 40.000 dubs in by myself and I contributed far more as well I didn't contribute it as a member of DNP but as a player who put national interest first. I put off what I was building for myself to ensure that the nation was in a stronger position. The issue here is clan control rather than national control of an important asset. While you justify your decision to hand over the port to your new chums everyone who has invested in the infrastructure including infrastructure they have built for themselves is loosing out. I think what you said below in your announcement to the nation pretty much sums it up. I'll let others decide what meaning they wish to take from it. To me this is an excellent example of why Clan ownership should be removed. Spy redii @everyone Sorry. We decided to move to sweden because there is no BR change or alliance mechanic in sight. This nation is not active anymore and I can only suggest everyone to move away from denmark aswell. It won't have a nice future. If you move to sweden I can talk with clans of sweden to fund you a start (as a clan). I think 1 shipyard lvl 3 (60.000 dubs) and ~3 million reals should be realistic for the clans that are still here. Maybe it will be less but I will try what I can. For transperency: HAVOC is receiving 120k dubs and 15 mil reals to set up again in sweden. I have no clue yet how many active HAVOC players will move aswell so maybe we can help out aswell. Probably popular questions: - What happens with the teamspeak? The contract is canceled ~2020 april. It will stay like it is now. If some clanleader wants serveradmin I can give it to him - What happens with the danish discord? Same as teamspeak - What happens with San Juan We will take San Juan as Sweden - Spanish town? I will heavily argue against taking spanish town. Realisticly I can not defend spanish town when I'm in sweden though. I will heavily argue against it and won't attack it (Ofc if no immense drama and insults are thrown around due to this nationchange) - More questions? Ask and I'll give you a honest answer. Just please stay human and don't start your question with a insult.
  5. rediii (whoever you are) 1. Whoever you are you didn't invest in San Juan. The only clans that invested a considerable amount in San Juan were HAVOC, BOCAR and the now clan called LAMA. So you benefited from that clanbased portmechanic in the first place. I must be having a psychotic break or maybe I'm senile, all those false memories I have of gathering Dubloons, Materials etc and freely handing them over to contribute towards infrastructure when requests for help were put in national chat. Damn what was I drinking, smoking or taking that made me think that, like others, I actually contributed to the port. Maybe because I didn't have a clan tag or belong to one of the above clans it's all a fake memory. I don't begrudge you the choice to change nation. That is entirely up to the individuals involved and your reasons for doing so may well be valid (164 players on today at one stage). I am attempting to point out the inconsistency's of individual clans controlling one of the most important pieces of infrastructure that the game uses and the impact this has on players overall. I stand by my statement that if Port Bonus' are here to stay then every player regardless of nation, clan or even an individual player should have access to the capability of constructing ships on a level footing with other players. As for you rediii, you are correct you don't know me and I don't know you, suffice it to say I don't need to know you. Spy
  6. Well once again a single clan will impact on a nation. HAVOC are jumping ship to the Swedes. As they are the owners of San Juan they can hand it to the Swedes on a plate uncontested and appear to be doing just that. When the clan based system was introduced I was not alone when I thought that this wasn't a great move. I said to myself at the time that if clan politics screwed me over I was going to reassess my position in this game. It appears that time has come with HAVOC doing just that, creating havoc. With everything that HAVOCs actions imply and impact on I am beginning to wonder why I bother to invest time in this game just so a poor game mechanic can once again screw it all over. I and others now have wasted a lot of time moving resources out so we can at least have something to start with dare I say it again. I am wondering where this is fun or enjoyable because to be honest it is nothing but a pain in the ARSE! Yet again have to farm Dubloons, reals etc to rebuild due to another clans actions within a nation. The new players who have spent hours building infrastructure have been hung out to dry by this brutally stupid clan owned port mechanic. If the developers insist on having port bonus' in game then they need to ensure that every nation/faction/player and or clan has access to it in a safe port with full 55pt capability. Though for me the best thing to do would be get rid of port bonus' and allow Clans to build TRADING only port control. For me I'll do my bit help the clan move but then I am taking a break from this idiocy - I'll go play on the PvE server so I can fight PvP while fighting AI's. At least then no individual clan decision will impact on how the game is played. Game is for me broken - go back to Nations and get rid of this Clan port dominance when it impacts on ship building - clan trade ownership no problems. Clans fighting together as a group great encourage it but clans owning ship building rights and ports ..... nope not interested as it unbalances the game. Spy
  7. Slowly reading through the opinions here, I have no issue with a clan owning a port and making a profit. That is part of the game but a shipyard should be a national asset not a clan asset and everyone in the nation should be able to chose to contribute or not. The argument put forward that if you didn't contribute you don't have the right to access is the most short sighted idiocy that can be applied to any game. Every player who has joined the game since the port was constructed didn't contribute so using the above statement you are basically saying to all new players you must either JOIN MY CLAN AND DO WHAT I SAY or go to hell because your beneath me and of no use. I'm sure you can see how stupid that is if you take the time to think about it. This approach EXCLUDES all new players/new clans etc yep some real thought went into that by clearly a rocket scientist. Ohhh and just so you know I DID BLOODY CONTRIBUTE even though I was a late comer (back to PvP) I gave Dubloons and whatever else was required not only in SJ but any other ports including those that were owned by other clans. Why because the Nation should come first not the individual clan, stronger nation equals stronger position. As for the Swede issue - what issue PvP is part of the game if your going to get upset every time you loose a ship due to PvP then you need to either leave the game or go to PvE server. Last night I lost a ship in Swede waters but that is the risk I chose to take, though no longer will I let traders go as my payment for doing so was ........ obvious lol. To my knowledge, as has been pointed out by other players, PvP is fair game and the RvR agreement still stands between the two nations. The simple fact of the matter is that squabbles between individuals should have no impact on game play any more than a mechanic which limits players access. Everyone who has paid to play, invested time into the game should have access to the FULL GAME and access certainly shouldn't be limited by another player or an arbitrary number of 15. Every player should have the ability to fight on equal terms. To create a 'have and have not' system is flawed and utterly stupid. Denmark has exactly one 55 point port and only 15 clans get the benefit of it and one clan/person gets to say who. Ultimately it comes down to access and functionality. As a game I have spent a vast amount of time playing but the basic flaws in structure that are supposedly designed to create better game play and co-operation in this case are clearly a failure not just due to the mechanic but the human factor as well. Not everyone is going to agree on the way forward for any given nation and this will always result in conflict within a group of players. Of course then clan 'A' has a dummy spit and uses the 'Club' given to it to bully anyone/everyone who has the temerity to have a different opinion via said flawed mechanic. If this game is to survive in any way shape or form, ship building and access to a port with full port bonus' is a must for every nation regardless of wether that nation has one port or 50. And EVERY player in that nation who wants to craft ships should have ACCESS other wise people will stop playing as they have essentially been neutered in capability to play the game before even starting on any level approaching fair. As for the selfish ones who believe that 'if you didn't take it' you have no rights I hope you can re-assess this line of thought because those clans that got said ports for the most part got them by luck early on when the game was released and I know for a fact the owner of this port did not pay for all of it or even contribute to all of the port infrastructure because I'm not in HAVOC and I contributed and so did others I know. Spy
  8. Well this morning I got up and was immediately informed that the clan I am in had been dropped from friends list by the clan controlling our major ship yard in San Juan and had lost all port bonus' as a result. Now I don't know what the difference of opinions are between the Clan leaderships are and to be perfectly honest I don't care. I have never been a fan of any clan having control over port bonus or ship building and this is an example of why. This mechanic is broken NO CLAN SHOULD HAVE CONTROL OVER SHIP BUILDING. I have paid money to be in this game and am being held to ransom for what? Some childish squabble between clan leadership a difference of opinion with neither side willing to compromise. Any player in this game in or out of a clan should have access to port bonus'. To allow this kind of behaviour in game is just ridiculous. It is yet another example of why players will walk from the game in disgust. The fact that the clan involved that has denied clan bonus to another clan is an example of how petty and childish some people can be. The fact that the game actually allows this behaviour is beggars belief. Developers you need to fix this YESTERDAY! I am in this game to play and contribute to my nation of choice but due to the game mechanics another person can decide how I play the game. I am now no longer able to craft usable PvP ships for new players both in my clan and those outside my clan. Way to go both clan leaders and game developers. Let the two year olds squabbling over the lollipop run the game and everyone else can go to hell. Spy
  9. No it demonstrated exactly what it should have. 1. It works as advertised. 2. It takes time. It also demonstrates that it's not practical for casual players even in pieces of 2hrs a day. It has implications to the game over all. Questions you should be asking yourself - would I do this (even if over several days), would I enjoy it. Does it make the game more presentable and playable for NEW players and casual players alike. My only intent was to do as asked, TEST IT, and provide feedback which I did, the money made was not important the length of time needed was. The route was Christiansted - St. George - Flatts - Higuey - Gibraltar- Sinamaica - Christiansted. The Risk on PvP is ST. George, passing through La Mona passage and going through the straits to Gibralter all enemy ports bar Higuey which no one owns. Timing would be everything - you could get in and out during low periods of activity but it would still be a risk. I maxed out the goods deliberately to see what could be achieved. Norwegian Fox Fur, Jutland Amber, Porcelain to St. George. Madagasgar Jewels and Atlantic Salmon to Gibraltar, Topaz, Aguayo Cloth and Chile Saltpeter back to Christiansted. (Mixed cargo because not enough of a single item to fill all holds - read into that that far more profit can be made) Distance travelled. Christiansted - St. George 775km Flatts - Gibraltar 1209km Gibraltar - Christiansted 490km Not including deviations into Sinamaica and Higuey. Four fully packed Indiaman - not the fastest - I had one disconnect of around 10 possibly 20 mins (damn the 30 min kick out). All time was used in sailing buying or selling cargo. I did take three missions but did not deviate for the letters/passengers completing them later. Is this practical on PvP server. I would suggest not. It is nothing more than a test - one that could be done on PvP if you wanted to waste your ships, cargo and go unarmed. The question is would you. If you answer is no then why - what are the implications - 2 traders with 2 escorts - is the hours spent worth the risk etc etc etc. I chose to test the mechanics so while some of you are pointing out 'You chose to do it' try looking at it from another angle like how it impacts on, and in, the game. Is it practical? PvE server certainly no risk. PvP up to you! Does this make the game more enjoyable or even more playable. Does it suit your style of play, will it in fact suit any ones. For me it adds nothing to the game . Why because as I pointed out earlier Clans will make short safe runs in bulk and make the same money far quicker. Players running alts will do the same. Join the two together and in a couple of weeks they will be rich again. While single and casual players will begin to get frustrated yet again. The argument that I started with 800.000 is mute I could make enough money and capture and loot enough ships and sell it to the shop to buy the required items over time. As it should be. It won't stop players becoming rich in fact I doubt it will slow some down at all. This whole thread is supposed to be about feed back on the mechanics. Well I've tested a long route - what have you done! Regards Shot (Spy)
  10. It was one single round trip of 2475km starting in Christiansted and ending in Christiansted. The only stops made were to sell goods, buy goods. I vistited a total of 5 ports not including Christiansted - two of those ports had items stored that I need to pick up. One leg of almost 800k does not have any ports. I did no fighting and no exploring ( I know my way around the map already). The reason I did it is to do what we are supposed to be doing - testing the economics but economics doesn't just include short hauls it includes longs hauls. It also includes the players who have plenty of time and those that don't. Shot (Spy)
  11. Sorry wrong in every way. A casual player has a limited amount of time to play the game - say maybe two hours a day. To complete that trip would take five days - five days of logging in and doing nothing but watching your wake. They want to get on have some fun, bit of trade, a fight and go. They don't want to be locked into five two hour sessions of doing nothing. Also understand that run mostly had NO ports to stop at as it was long haul deep water run not a coastal how is the local tavern run. Not exactly what I would call engaging game play for the casual player. I was testing time and profitability. It doesn't work for me. Sorry that's just how I feel about this trading update. For those that say ohhh it's just PvE well calculate your chances of doing that run on PvP and surviving because I can tell you now you won't survive. Once again it is a GAME not a JOB and it's meant to be FUN not a CHORE. If it follows this route you will loose the casual player and they are as much a part of the community as anyone else who plays this game. Regards Shot (Spy).
  12. It's a GAME not a job, it's meant to be fun not a chore! Shot
  13. Ok I tested this trading and this is what I have found. After the wipe I started with the 150.000 Reals plus sold some ships to bring my total to 800.000 Reals starting money. I bought high value goods but sold them on a medium profit route which took two and a half hours to sail. I then bought high value items and some of the next highest items (to fill the holds) and sailed them even further and sold them also buying goods in that port. I worked under the premise of carrying the highest value cargo I could in four Indiaman with a total of 155 items allowing space for fish and the completely missing bottles of mythology. I eventually returned to Christiansted and at the end of 2475km and 11 hours sailing and had 3.2mil Reals in the bank. Good you say, well I'll be honest, it's not what I said. I'm not sure where 11 hours being glued to a screen watching the odd fish be caught and having to hit a button every 30 mins so I could keep sailing was fun. In fact it was flat out bloody boring. I am at a loss how this is an improvement to the game. Furthermore no way in hell could this run have been made on the PvP server without the loss of all 4 Indiaman used. Yes I tested it on PvE because as stated it would have been absolutely pointless as a lone player attempting this run on PvP. Additionally I have an issue with having this 30 min time out - if players are going to be forced to make these mind numbing long distance trading runs please do me the favour of increasing it to 2 hours or even 3 hours so I can leave the computer and go and do something meaningful with my time while waiting for this travesty of a trade route to end. I don't run macros and I refuse to place items on, or jam, my keyboard so it negates this blasted timer. Add to the fact that clans can swamp short run routes with small profit margins at no risk in large numbers to make massive profits clearly defeats the point of money only being made from long runs . Alt accounts also defeat this system. Simply put you won't stop players/clans becoming insanely rich on either PvP or PvE. Regards Shot. PS and how many bottles did you think I picked up over that 2475km and 11 hours of sailing.
  14. Port Battles - a fight in three phases. Under the current system conquest marks only benefit the few who are able to access the port battle. Knowing that we as a community have two choices. Get rid of a biased and flawed rewards system or come up with one that benefits all those involved in the various stages that bring a battle about. 1. The actual grinding of offensive points (and defensive) to bring about the battle. 2. The screening fleet 3. The Actual port battle itself. In the first phase (1.) everybody who helps gain hostility points has those points already tracked therefore it should not be out of the question to reward those who both gained hostility and those who tried to bring it down. If the offensive side wins then those players that contribute 'X' amount pf hostility get the benefit of some conquest marks. If the defending team wins then they get the benefit of some conquest marks (call them Defensive CM's). In phase two of the battle screening ships from both sides are active and also contribute to the outcome of the battle both offensively and defensively. Knowing that every vessel is tracked in game and your location and distance to a given port is available then any vessel within say 30/50km of the port battle could be considered part of the offensive or defensive screen - these players should also be rewarded with conquest marks if they are on the winning side. Phase three is of course the actual Port Battle and seeing how at this stage (and it's unlikely to change) those chosen few get to fight and get all the Conquest Marks I suppose (grudgingly) they should get some Conquest Marks as well if they win. I know some groups offered to reward those in the screening fleet with Conquest Marks for getting them to the battle but It failed dismally for me when I was told that I would have to pay 'X' amount of Combat Marks for each Conquest Mark. I figured that just meant I had to pay for the privilege of not only raising hostility but escorting/screening the heavies that would be fighting and furthermore pay them with my hard earned Combat Marks which of course they then get to spend (ergo the rich getting richer model). Sorry this Conquest Mark system, for me, is clearly broken. I realise that the idea was to limit the heavies being produced but it clearly has not and will not do so. So once again ditch them or fix them so that all involved in getting a Port Battle to occur get rewarded - you want to encourage more PvP well this system will help both with the offensive and defensive players. Those who want Conquest Marks will have to operate in the area being contested. Just my thoughts Regards Shot.
  15. I have an issue with this. Unless some balance is reached in regards to risk and reward then those who know they have no chance of winning an engagement simply will not engage. At this stage unless you win you get nothing. Doesn't matter how much damage you inflict on how many opponents, you loose you get nothing. This needs to be redressed if the devs want more people involved in PvP then they need to encourage it not make everyone have to grind in PvE and Trade to get a replacement ship. Then of course you have the issue of the 68% sail Surprise catching a 94% sail Surprise - me thinks an issue exists that needs looking at. Shot
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