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  1. PvE specific upgrades. Purpose - Flying another nations flag Unnamed book. National trade good. National upgrade material. This upgrade could be placed into an upgrade slot allowing the player to join into another nations port battle as either a defender or an attacker depending on that nations task at the time. It would probably work best as a Knowledge Book as opposed to an actual Upgrade. As the PvE server is made up of a lot of individual players who don't wish to be involved with a clan and some nations don't have enough members or large enough clans t
  2. Port Battles - a fight in three phases. Under the current system conquest marks only benefit the few who are able to access the port battle. Knowing that we as a community have two choices. Get rid of a biased and flawed rewards system or come up with one that benefits all those involved in the various stages that bring a battle about. 1. The actual grinding of offensive points (and defensive) to bring about the battle. 2. The screening fleet 3. The Actual port battle itself. In the first phase (1.) everybody who helps gain hostility points has those points alread
  3. I will concede the 1000 mines but instead of limiting a port to 25 buildings of which all 25 may be oak forests because of the desperate need for compass wood why not limit each type of production building to any given amount at least then you will competition between producers that will ensure (as long as there is no collusion amongst players) that prices will be acceptable to all. Additionally if you really want to test this taking resources / mats or whatever you want to term them will not test the server sufficiently. To do that you will need to wipe every ones rank/crafting and mone
  4. Yes we have 300 ports with 7500 buildings yay terrific but sorry "epic" not going to work. As an Aussie I'm time zone challenged. I read this the same way as some other players those who get involved in the port battles are the only people who will benefit from this. I will ask where this will leave the casual players or even those players who screen rather than PB. I am in the PvE server right now and already I am already reading players saying 'that's it I'm quitting this game'. I am sure that if I go over to the PvP EU server I'll be reading the same thing. Limiting peoples ability to play
  5. I have no issue with the idea of a PvE area on the PvP server but............ and it is a might big but. As a PvE player I want to or may need trade with another nation for the materials I need. I have to use the smuggler flag so I put it on and head off for my much needed mats. In the meantime PvP players can enter the PvE area and hunt with impunity PvE smugglers knowing that if they run into a fellow PvP player from another nation they are at war with they can't be attacked - so they hunt PvE smugglers get XP for the ship they use and then use the escape to friendly port BS to exit th
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