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  1. Guys. REMEMBER Accuser then accused then evidence only please (channeling my inner red Duke)
  2. THE EUROPEAN SERVERS COLLECTIVE OF GREAT NATIONS, WOULD LIKE TO OFFER THE GREAT BRITISH EMPIRE THE CHANCE TO CAPTURE BLONDEL CAY (north of hatii, south/West of grand turk) FROM ALOHA (best way to put an end to the SH!t talking from both sides, either show up gb or shut up)
  3. Come on guys let's get the thread back on topic. Mods if you see anything in this thread that you consider off topic you have my consent to delete the post. (from myself included)
  4. Sweden I'd like to invite you to kick the British... As you have lost your invincible battle fleet status. Nothing says "we're back" like taking 3-5 British ports...
  5. Don't you mean 4 port battles and have screeners... So eu server, what have we learnt...!
  6. Rejoice the citizens of the European Server, the New Russian state funded Yellowfever Antibiotic are showing amazing results. "look to the horizon, the Russians are coming!"
  7. "look to the horizon, the Russians are coming!" Join the fight against the illness infecting the eu server!! Do you want to purge the eu server of the cancer that infects it!! If so join the reds on our holy crusade, God wills it!
  8. Watch the horizon, the Russians are coming! To the east the French stir! To the south the Dutch stir! To the north the pirates awaken! To the west the British stir!
  9. Rover the dog chained to the wall, with only one metre of leash.... Rover the stay at home puppy!
  10. Thank you I'm been waiting AGES FOR SOME1 TO SPOT THAT..... (it's my star citizen logo) Well done hodo I love you
  11. If you want to give it a go, I welcome it and will help. You'll have to mod the shit out of it tho!!!
  12. MADE MY DAY! If this quote doesn't support what iv been saying of "Follow the rules we set you. Don't follow the examples we set" nothing else will
  13. In a thread where your attacking the Dutch/French!!! Love it
  14. "Follow the rules we set you. Don't follow the examples we set"

  15. Again I don't see the proof... Just my sexy monkey with a cigar!!! Oh yes i forgot your behaviour Is like: "Follow the rules we set you. Don't follow the examples we set" sorry Duke I'll stop now, just sick of being attacked for sticking up for friends...when I'm not being offensive or anything.
  16. Unless I'm mistaken doesn't this break the rule on claiming things without any proof... I'm Confused ah yeah I remember:" Follow the rules we set you. Don't follow the examples we set"
  17. Quote me please showing this "harassment" you claim. Otherwise iv sure your breaking the forum rules yourself with what YOU posted..
  18. This thread would loose half its content! Where would your guys go to THREATEN players until they do what you want... Afteral this thread was a threat to the French and Dutch... Remember ; Follow the rules we set you. Don't follow the examples we set"
  19. Again they launch a personal attack at me because I dare to speak to them, I should only speak when the Swedish say!
  20. Iv been attacked five times in this thread today alone and yet the sweeds are asking for the mods to close the thread because they are getting insulted!! Remember again: "Follow the rules we set you. Don't follow the examples we set"
  21. Then tell your guys to start behaving. Personal attacks should result in bans.. But again it's "Follow the rules we set you. Don't follow the examples we set" right!!!
  22. "Captain, captain! There's a storm brewing on the horizon...!" shouts Jones. "I see it first officer" replies the captain "but captain iv never seen four storms merge on one location before" "I know Jones, looks like in the next 72hrs one hell of a storms going to desend on us"
  23. It's funny if you think about it. You are attacked by the Sverige nation for not screening a pb THEN attacked for screening. Your attacked for loosing when they kite and cap THEN they attack you when you kite them. They attacked you for loosing the fight inside a pb, THEN they attack you for not turning up to a pb. They attack you for attacking other nations to hide in battlescreans, but they have no issues doing it to you. THEY laugh at you, for asking for non aggression pb windows but in the past they asked for the same thing and BEGGED UNTIL THEY GPT THERE PWN WAY.
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